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BIAS offers Peak 4.1 bundle with SoundSoap, SuperFreq

07/25, 11:55pm

BIAS Peak 4.1 bundle

BIAS has released a special bundled edition of Peak 4.1 that includes its SoundSoap Pro universal restoration plug-in and SuperFreq 10-band mastering equalizer. The bundle saves nearly $300 off the combined list prices of each application, if purchased separately. Peak 4.1 ($500) features fast editing, a customizable brushed-metal interface, support for VST and Audio Units plug-ins, and powerful processing tools including ImpulseVerb (Convolution Reverb), Sqweez (Compressor Limiter), Harmonic Rotate, Batch Processing, Vbox effects matrix, etc. It also includes Roxio's Jam 6. The "Mastering & Restoration Edition" is available for $900.

Ableton ships Live 4 music production application

07/25, 11:40pm

Ableton ships Live 4

Ableton has begun shipping a final version of Live 4, its realtime music production suite. First announced in early June, Ableton says the application offers MIDI sequencing, pattern recording, drag-and-drop sampling, virtual instruments and MIDI hardware support. Version 4 brings a swing/groove for audio and MIDI clips, a new channel-routing scheme, simplified recording, sample reverse, and more. The full version is $500, while (electronic) upgrades will be $120 from any previous version or $50 for purchases after May 15th. It runs on Mac OS 9/X.

Newsweek editor discusses iPod in live chat

07/25, 11:30pm

Newsweek iPod chat

A live chat transcript with Newsweek Senior Editor Stephen Levy on the iPod notes that the Newsweek's breaking iPod story was a planned early announcement (and not a leak or snafu) as well as discusses the possibility of a 60GB iPod, third-party iPod software development, the pending US Anti-Copyright legislation ("The Induce Act"), the iPod's battery, future compatibility issues, pricing issues, iTunes Music Store compression, the HP iPod, and more: "The point of our story, I guess, is that the iPod indeed has by virtue of its technology and style become the definitive device for digital music. It would be great if others tried to match its innovation and value and created a great competition in this field (then I bet we would see compatibility between devices sooner, as consumers would demand it)."

RealNetworks\' Harmony technology plays files on iPod

07/25, 11:05pm

RealNetworks plays on iPod

RealNetworks says it has created technology that allows songs purchased through its online music services to be played on Apple's iPod: Harmony Technology will allow users to securely transfer music bought using RealNetworks' music download services to an iPod or virtually any other portable music player. A test version of Harmony will be available on Tuesday: "Glaser said the new the system works by essentially translating the various anti-piracy technologies, to make the players' systems compatible with RealNetworks' system. RealNetworks said it was not concerned that the system would be illegal."

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