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Apps: Arkaos VJ, Two Due, NetScrape ...

07/23, 2:10pm

Arkaos VJ, Two Due

    Arkaos VJ 3.0.2 is free upgrade to the $335 VJ authoring tool that adds many new video control features and several new effects. Many new file formats are supported thanks to three new media player interfaces. [Download - 80.0MB]
    Two Due 1.6 [site not updated] is a To-Do list manager that offers many helpful features. This latest release adds several refinements to an already powerful set of features. [Download - site not accessible at time of publication]
    Forms To Go 2.5 is a Web developer tool to create custom scripts in PHP, ASP or Perl to use the field values of your HTML forms for various automated tasks. New features in this version are the customized emails, field values dump to a MS Access database, support for multiple encodings, and more. [Download - 2.7MB]
    Lux 4.0 is a major update to the $20 "world domination game" that adds a built-in Plugin Manager which allows users to preview, install, and rate plugins. Also, the user interface has been further refined based on feedback from players, and more localizations are available. [Download - 3.8MB]
    NetScrape 1.5 ($15) is an update to the popular shareware image collector for Mac OS X. In this version, the user interface has been refined and streamlined, and speed improvements have been made across the board. [Download - 774KB]
    93 Photo Street allows users to create 'gorgeous photo maps' for the Web without learning HTML or a complicated graphics program. A photo map displays your images arranged by location instead of by time. [Download - 3.0MB]
    Peep 1.0 ($2 shareware) cracks open any file regardless of format and displays the contents as raw data or as text. This is a very useful utility when programming or when wishing to extract information from a file that you can't open otherwise. [Download - 45KB]
    Smultron 0.8 is a free open-source text editor written in Cocoa for Mac OS X Panther with "many of the features that you might need." Details of the update were not available. [Download - 594KB]

Forums: headless iMac, PBs in movies; 4G iPod pics...

07/23, 12:50pm

Headless iMac discussion

Topics of discussion on the MacNN forums today include: The possibility of a display-less ("headless") iMac, or similar offering; stories of PowerBooks being used in movies, by famous people, and by professionals; pictures comparing the fourth generation iPod to the third generation model; the need for full keyboard menu access in Mac OS X; the QEMU Intel emulator, now available for Mac OS X; the latest OS X themes and interface customizations.

Kyocera to offer iPod-matching cameras

07/23, 12:15pm

Kyocera cameras

Kyocera is preparing to launch a range of digital cameras that will ship in similar metallic pastel shades as Apple's iPod Mini digital music player, reports The Register. The Japanese company today unveiled the Finecam SL400R family in its home market, and said they cameras will only be made available in Apple's Ginza store and the Mac maker's online shop. Five models are available: in silver, gold, blue, pink and green. All five SL400Rs cost around 44,000 ($400).

Apple threatens legal action over Fuse silhouette ads

07/23, 9:25am

Silhouette ads irk Apple

Apple is threatening legal action over new advertisements by upstart music channel Fuse that resemble ads for the iPod/iTMS, according to the New York Post: "Apple lawyers have been calling Fuse and threatening to sue unless the ads -- which went up in outdoor locations in New York City on Monday -- are taken down. Not only do the ads resemble Apple's iPod ads, but they also are quite risque...Apparently, Apple has received numerous calls from iPod users who have expressed outrage over the advertisements, a source said."

Ex-Apple design guru: Apple should exit PC market

07/23, 8:35am

Apple: exit PC market?

Ex-Apple design guru says that "Apple should quit the mainstream PC market and concentrate instead on multimedia production and entertainment," according to TechWorld. "Noting that there were 'some things I can't say', Apple's design guru [...], Don Norman said that the computer company's corporate culture and over-emphasis on creativity was the reason behind the Mac failure to win the computer market, leaving the way open instead for Microsoft and IBM." Norman, who has worked for HP and is now advising Microsoft on the design of its upcoming Windows OS, Longhorn, says that compatibility is the key driving factor. Ironically, he also says that the typical static view of the file system will change to search-based dynamic view--very similar to Apple's Spotlight search technology showcased in Mac OS X Tiger at Apple's WWDC.

Apple sees \"staggering\" brand value growth

07/23, 8:15am

Apple #43 in brand value

Apple, bouyed by the recent success of its iPod, has gained a "staggering" 24 percent in brand value to $6.9 billion and rose seven places to No. 43, according to recently research by Interbrand. The top 10 in the 2004 Interbrand chart includes virtually the same companies as 2003, including Coca Cola, Microsoft, IBM, GE, Intel, Disney, McDonald's, Nokia, Toyota, and Marlboro. Coke, whose brand value is estimated at $67.4 billion, was down four percent since the 2003 rankings; No. 8 Nokia, falling two places since last year, saw a double-digit decline of 18 percent with a brand value of $24 billion, while Amazon saw a 22 percent rise in brand value to $4.2 billion, gaining eight places to No. 66.

BeLight Mail Factory 1.0 prints labels, envelopes

07/23, 7:30am

BeLight ships Mail Factory

BeLight Software today released Mail Factory 1.0, a Mac OS X software to design and print envelopes, shipping and address labels. Mail Factory integrates with data from Apple Address Book, Microsoft Entourage, Now Contact, Eudora; It supports most popular label paper, can print to DYMO label printers, can generate US Postal Service POSTNET barcodes to expedite delivery, offers automatic address formatting for more than 50 countries, and includes dozens of built-in templates as well as more than 500 supplied clipart images. It also features an internet-based image search. Mail Factory costs $30 and is available for Mac OS X 10.2 or later.


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