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Newsweek cover shows off new iPod

07/17, 9:45pm

Newsweek shows new iPod?

Steve Jobs is holding a new iPod, due for release Monday, on the cover of the July 26th issue of Newsweek. The new version of the iPod features a similar click-wheel to the iPod mini, 12 hours of battery life -- achieved through better conservation of power rather than a larger battery -- and multiple on-the-go playlists, among other features detailed in the cover story. The 20GB model replaces the 15GB for $300, while the 40GB model drops $100 to $400. There's no word on whether a rumored 60GB version will be announced or available at a later date. [updated]

Apps: Galerie, FontCatalog, CutX, Hue GO!, ...

07/17, 8:10pm

Galerie, FontCatalog, ...

    Galerie 3.4 (free) updates the application that generates media gallery web pages from a iPhoto selection or from any set of pictures and/or QuickTime media files. Version 3.4 support HTML tags in comments (for creating hyperlinks), can regenerate the HTML associated with the gallery if the images are not changed, better image pre-loading while browsing, better vertical/horizontal spacing, and more. [1.0MB]
    FontCatalog 1.5 ($30) updates the font management tool with better speed and stability as well as adds a new window for viewing of uninstalled fonts. FontCatalog shows your fonts grouped by families, offers font activation, can preview text in different fonts, and also groups fonts categories (and sub-categories). [Classic, OSX]
    iTunes Music Alarm Clock is a background script application that transforms iTunes into a music alarm. Version 3.5 features file track management utilities that make it function not only as a dependable music alarm, but also a playlist switcher, track browser, track editor and music sampler. [Download - 30KB]
    CutX 1.0b1 ($20) is a preview of the Safari webbrowser extension that will automatically hide adult-oriented media while browsing, offering protection for kids or limited web access for employees. A custom keyword list is used to automatically block photos on a website if a particular word is found. It runs on Mac OS X 10.3 and is available in French or English. [427KB]
    Hue GO! 1.01 allows users to automatically select colors from anywhere on your screen and copy the html HEX code with ease. "Easy to use, just open Hue GO! and press the escape key to begin sampling. Point to the color you want to sample and press escape again. Press Apple-c to copy the code." [876KB]
    Ejector 0.6 (free) will allow you to eject any removable disk: iPod, CD, DVD, USB Key, .dmg from Mac OS X menu bar. Separate downloads are available for Jaguar and Panther. [Jaguar, Panther]


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