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AirPort Express: Europe delays, notes, \"mini-review\"

updated 02:35 am EDT, Fri July 16, 2004

AirPort Express details

Apple has delayed shipments of AirPort Express to customers in the UK and other parts of Europe, according to a note sent to customers on Thursday. AirPort Express, which began . One reader also offered a few "first impressions" of the device.

"The Fit & Finish is 'Standard Apple'... meaning near flawless, the packaging is similar to the iPod's with an external "sheath" which slides off and inside packaging that opens like a book to reveal the actual unit which is wrapped in plastic 'cling wrap'.

"Making a complicated product isn't difficult, making a complicated product simple to use is an art form that Apple has perfected and the Airport Express is no exception.

"In an enclosure about the size of a deck of cards Apple has crammed in not only a wireless access point, but wireless USB Printing and a Wireless Audio.

"In the audio end of things you are given a choice of analog or digital audio via one jack. A standard 3.5mm audio jack provides analog audio-out and the same jack has also has a Mini-Optical connector in it!

"The signal strength of the unit is comparable to the other Apple Airport products I've owned (Graphite, Snow, & Extreme base stations) but because of the design (as shipped) there is less flexibility in positioning the antenna. Apple anticipated this and there is a power cord accessory (not included) that allows for more flexible positioning if required."

Thanks to Nik Hammarberg of Base Station Rescue.

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  1. red_wedge

    Joined: Dec 1969


    airport delay

    airport is delayed europe-wide, not just UK. same old same old.

  1. macgyvr64

    Joined: Dec 1969


    In the U.S., too?

    It may be delayed a little in the U.S., too. I ordered one on 6/13, and it was supposed to ship several hours ago (on 7/15), but they emailed me and pushed the date to 7/23.

  1. Will C

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Will Apple..

    ..ever ship new products on time?

    Why don't they announce things with pessimistic ship dates and then they could sometimes surprise customers with early shipments?

    Ho-hum flames awaited................

  1. jaxxe

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Japan delayed too...

    Not too thrilled about this. Ordered mine beginning of June, looked forward to receiving it this week. Bummer...

  1. amonitzer

    Joined: Dec 1969


    second-class customer?

    You can't stop feeling as a second-class customer at Apple when you're living in Europe... No wonder their market share is in a steep decline here (starting from a very low position).

  1. finknottle

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re:second-class customer?

    Can't agree more. I have an Apple desktop factory on my backdoor but most the people in the town haven't the foggiest what a mac is .
    Apple doesn't care about Europeans. These sort of delivery problems really help its reputation.

  1. cyboc

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Exactly on time....

    I pre-ordered mine the day after it was announced. I was pretty excited about it so I also sprang for the overnight shipping for some reason...The Reality Distortion Field again....

    Anyway I got an email shipping confirmation yesterday and when i checked the FEDEX tracking status the thing had just arrrived at their Taiwan shipping center. Unbelievably, I got it this afternoon EXACTLY MID JULY as advertised at the release....

    BTW, it completely rocks and was effortless to set up as an extension of my existing airport network with a connection to my HK Creature powered speakers..


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