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Briefly: widget:widget, EveryMac, Tiger vs. Panther

updated 01:25 pm EDT, Mon July 12, 2004

Tiger vs. Panther

In Brief: Macintosh icon/GUI site .

by MacNN Staff





  1. GORDYmac

    Joined: Dec 1969



    So that's why the G5 only has one bay. Those case knock-offs look horrible!

  1. slipperfrog

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Knock off?

    I wouldn't call that a "knock off". I haven't seen a G5 with 19 drive bays. The front is completely different and it's on casters.

    And it's not really "ugly" either, as if looks mattered for servers.

  1. Simon

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re: slipperfrog

    you're right, it's not ugly it's fugly. i loathe it after taking a five second look already.

  1. Person Man

    Joined: Dec 1969


    This is why...

    ...Apple doesn't want the developer prerelease software to be used by nondevelopers who aren't under NDA with Apple.

    Why the h*** would ANYONE run benchmarks on PRERELEASE software??? Especially when it will change by the final release. You will have less-informed users saying "why should I upgrade to Tiger if the GUI is going to be slower?" No matter what the final release will do, this report has the potential to influence people's opinions.

    This is just like features (like Jaguar's Minimize-in-Place) that were tried out in prerelease versions and then removed before final release because it either didn't work out/caused too many problems, etc. People saw the prerelease versions and concluded that Jaguar was going to have minimize in place. Then, when it shipped without it, people screamed bloody murder.

    Apple never demonstrated the feature, or advertised it. People never would have known about MIP if the NDA was properly adhered to or if they hadn't pirated the prerelease builds.

    "What harm is there in using the prerelease build? I'm going to buy the software anyway when it comes out"

    Well, it definitely hurts the software company in the end, because there will always be people who take what is seen in a prerelease build as absolutely representative of what the final product will be. Not to mention people who use prerelease versions of the software in a production environment and then complain that "Apple sucks" when the PRERELEASE version trashes their hard drive or something. This further hurts Apple's image. As much as people want to believe that it doesn't, you'd better believe that it does.

  1. Person Man

    Joined: Dec 1969


    I forgot to mention...

    Though the article referenced above clearly states that they are aware of the Prerelease nature of Tiger, others will undoubtedly quote them and "conveniently" leave that bit out.

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