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Macworld Boston: a shadow of its former self?

updated 12:25 am EDT, Mon July 12, 2004

MW Boston expectations

The three-day Macworld Expo Boston this week with dramatic reductions in both attendance and exhibitors expected--which is directly linked to Apple's absence from the semi-annual tradeshow: "it will be a very different Macworld than the big Boston shows of the 1990s. Before Apple bailed, the Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau predicted that Macworld's return to Boston would draw 40,000 attendees and pump $42 million into the region's economy. Instead, IDG expects 10,000 attendees, and the visitors bureau has scaled back its economic impact estimate to just $8.3 million. By contrast, the 1997 event generated an estimated $65 million in visitor spending."

by MacNN Staff




  1. Loren

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Self-fulfilling prophecy

    Just come in and see what there is, there's always something new. BIG MIDI/Music focus. I think just a visit to the new Expo Center (the Empire State Building on its side!!) is worth a trip.

    So what if it's a dress rehearsal for next year. So what if you can cover the floor in a day. The faithful should just come. Show Steve he doesn't rule the world, only Apple.

  1. donwarnersaklad

    Joined: Dec 1969


    MacWorld Expo Boston

    Where would there be any passes available for MacWorld Expo Boston ?...

    If you would, please let me know, email

  1. calamar1

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Why not?

    I'm planning on going, as I had a day off to waste anyway. The last one that Steve was at wasn't any good either, seeing as how NY had become too expensive for the likes of Adobe; how quickly it's been forgotten that there were good reasons to move the show. But still, it might be entertaining. Failing that, there's apparently free wireless access; anybody up for some Halo?

    In other news, that area's on my usual bicycling route, and i noticed a mobile billboard driving around the seaport area with a 'Boycott Macworld' sign, in order to avoid supporting a company that outsources American jobs. What company and what jobs, I don't know, but i figured it was somewhat interesting.

  1. Stephen.S.

    Joined: Dec 1969


    re: Why not?

    Same here. I plan on attending to show my support for those vendors who elected to attend despite Apple's unwillingness to do so. There are a lot of software and hardware products that do not carry the Apple logo on them. Those are the people I go to see. So while the attendance may be small, I'm sure I'll have a great time just the same.

  1. Charles Reader

    Joined: Dec 1969


    You miss the point...

    The need for these big trade shows doesn't exist anymore. Note that Comdex, for example, will not be meeting because it's much easier-and cheaper-to get information about new products online. In addition, holding back on announcements until the next show isn't always in a companies best interest IMHO. I have fond memories of Macworld Boston-Bill Gates appearing with Steve Jobs is one-but it's time for people to move on because there's nothing much to see there anymore.

  1. DeathToWindows

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Might be going

    Depending on how crazed work is, I might go.

  1. msconvert

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re: Why not?

    Your second point first. Apple could very well be the culprit of the sign. Apple just closed their california plant that make eMacs and moved it with the rest of their production lines in Taiwan. Although, apple isn't shown so maybe they are just misinformed about that.

    Along those lines. I don't think Apple isn't showing up because they wanted it in NYC. It is most likely because Apple has become expected to make GREAT product releases at these conventions and IDG doesn't schedule according to Apples production schedules. Apple stock would take a huge drop when ever there was no new products or disappointing upgrades. Having your stock price depend on other companies gives to much influence from outside sources and is bad for Apple overall.

  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Sorry, NY was better

    NY made more sense. Apple's big industries are in publishing and audio/video. There's a lot more potential customers in NY than in Boston, those who could maybe take half a day off from work and check out the expo, but can't make it to Boston.

    Plus, they really just wanted out of the summer show. They've been trying to get away from doing big intros at the shows because their fixed schedules s**** up timetables (for example, you want to announce a new mac, but you just realized the enclosure you have blows - you can't push back MWB two months. So you either announce it without shipping it - and get whined to death about how they can't announce anything and have it available - or wait, leaving the MacWorld show with just a couple of speed bumps - and get whined to death about how it was such a disappointment. Plus, everyone's always expecting big things. These kind of no-win situations leads to the "We don't want to do it anymore!" phenomonom).

    BTW, to top it off, Apple also gets whined to death for announcing a product that available immediately "How come they didn't tell us sooner!". Basically, I don't there's a situation where Apple could make or not make an announcement where the general Mac 'fanboys' aren't whining of one thing or another.

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