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CatScan application finds images, NIBs, and more

07/11, 10:45pm


Mike Matas today announced a new Mac OS X application that automatically finds any images, NIB files, and HTML files inside any folder or application. CatScan will search for these files and then display them as thumbnails in an easy-to-read grid layout. "Using CatScan you can explore applications and discover how they were created, looking at icons and nibs used to create the interface." CatScan allow users to explore the scanned items using its innovative "Lens" that magnifies the thumbnail under your cursor as well as displays its size, format, creation date, and location. A demo is limited to the viewing 24 items. The $10 shareware runs on Mac OS X.

Briefly: Woz on hacking, eyeSignal FAQ, \"Nerds\"

07/11, 10:35pm

Woz on hacking, \"Nerds\"

In Brief: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak offered "Shop Talk, a Warning, and Advice," to self-declared "hackers" in his keynote address for HOPE; Lamp Express has posted a new FAQ covering its new eyeSignal Personal Notifaction Device that offers visual notification of computer events; Several companies (Intel, Google, eBay, Sun, Yahoo, Verizon, but not Apple) have joined the fight to prevent Congress from passing the "Inducing Infringement of Copyright Act," which could hold companies criminally liable for producing devices/software that could be used for copyright infringement. Microsoft's Internet Explorer has seen 1 percent decline in web browser market share, the first noticeable decline since 1999. A new musical satire called "Nerds", based on the lives Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, will be performed this week at Vassar College.

Stairways Software acquires Keyboard Maestro

07/11, 10:20pm

Keyboard Maestro update

Stairways Software today announced that has acquired Keyboard Maestro from Michael Kamprath. Keyboard Maestro is a macro program for Mac OS X that allows users to design their own macros and activate them at any time, with support for selecting menus, opening files or applications, controlling iTunes, pasting text, etc. Originally developed as a part-time hobby, Kamprath said that he didn't currently have the resources to continue its development; beta testing for the next version, Keyboard Maestro 2.0, had been stretched out for over a year. Stairways said it will release a final version within the next three months and that it would target its informal one-paid upgrade per year policy. It is offering free upgrades to all new purchases ($20) after June 30th and a "nominal fee" upgrade path to other registered users.

Edirol launches new USB computer audio devices

07/11, 9:40pm

Edirol USB audio devices

Edirol today announced new two new cross-platform computer audio devices, the UA-25 and PCR-M1, which are expected to be available later this year. The UA-25 ($300) is a compact audio interface for mobile computer-based audio recording; it is packaged in a durable metal casing, is bus-powered and transports both audio and MIDI signals--through a single USB connection. The new PCR-M1 ($320) is a MIDI-only version of the PCR-1 compact USB Keyboard controller--a 25-Key MIDI controller in a small and light form factor.

Ableton offers beta of Live 4 music suite

07/11, 9:25pm

Private beta of Live 4

Ableton is now offering registered users a private beta of Live 4, its realtime music production suite and says that a public beta for all users is "coming soon." The company announced the new version of Live 4 in early June, saying that it the release was expected at the end of July. Live offers MIDI sequencing, pattern recording, drag-and-drop sampling, virtual instruments and MIDI hardware support. Version 4 brings a swing/groove for audio and MIDI clips, a new channel-routing scheme, simplified recording, sample reverse, and more. Ableton is offering a $50 upgrade for all new purchases of Live 3 ($400), a savings of $50 off of the $500 price expected tage expected for new version.

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