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Briefly: Playlist, BasaOne classes, AirPort WDS

07/08, 2:00pm

Playlist, BasaOne classes,

In Brief: Playlist is a new London club expected to open this summer (August 7) that allows users to bring in a 15-minute playlist on an iPod (or other digital music player); Basasoft has released a set of free classes for BasaOne, which enable users to build application using the web application development environment by dropping them into new or existing projects; Apple describes how to set up two to five base stations as a unified network that shares one Internet connection using the wireless distribution system (WDS) feature on AirPort Extreme and Express devices; IQTVRA, the organizer of the Summit in Sedona interactive media conference (October 25-29, 2004), has released the conference schedule and announces a final early registration discount.

FontDoctor 6.1 adds new options to font repair tool

07/08, 1:55pm

FontDoctor 6.1

Morrison SoftDesign's FontDoctor 6.1 updates its font problem diagnosis and repair. Users can locate and eliminate font problems on local hard drives or over a network, including missing Postscript fonts, missing bitmaps, corrupt/damaged fonts, font ID conflicts, extra fonts sizes, mixed fonts types, and lots more. Additionally, FontDoctor can convert font files (TrueType and DataFork fonts). Version 6.1 adds a "Diagnose Only" option, the ability to export/import settings, a new "Diagnose PS font filenames' option, and performance improvements. FontDoctor supports TrueType (Mac and Windows), PostScript Type 1, PostScript Type 3, Multiple Master fonts, OpenType fonts, DataFork fonts, and bitmap fonts. It is available for $70. [Classic, OSX]

MS Word, PDF browser plugins updated

07/08, 1:05pm

MSWord, PDF browser plugin

Manfred Schubert has released an updated version of his Word Browser Plugin 2.0, which allows users to preview Microsoft Word documents in any browser window. The free plugin will also allow users to save the document to the Finder, printing functions, and embeds the URL in the Finder's comment area. Version 2.0 features a new toolbar, the ability to change font sizes, and improved stability. PDF Browser Plugin 2.02, which allows users to preview PDF files directly within a browser window, has also been updated, offering bug fixes and improved stability. PDF Browser Plugin is $70 for a site license and is free for private and educational use. [Word, PDF]

4D enhances spam filtering with WebSTAR 5.3.3

07/08, 12:55pm

WebSTAR 5.3.3 update

4D today announced the release of 4D WebSTAR V v5.3.3, a free update to 4D WebSTAR Server Suite, which includes 4D Mail. This update enhances 4D Mail's spam filtering capabilities with IP address whitelisting, and the ability to filter messages pre-tagged with SpamAssassin headers. Among other new features, 4D WebMail Pro v2.0.3 now enables 4D Mail users to change their passwords. The 5.3.3 release includes numerous other improvements to the Web, Mail and FTP servers. It is available as free update for registered users.

BusinessWeek offers \'Six-Step Plan for Apple\'

07/08, 12:40pm

Six-Step Plan for Apple

Alex Salkever's Six-Step Plan for Apple includes reducing pricing ("price trumps style in the computer market", abandoning the all-in-one concept of the iMac, PC trade-ins to encourage Mac purchases, a new "try-and-buy program" to allow customers to try out hardware without any risk, and using Mac OS X's strong security selling points to help Mac sales: "The latest round of attacks on Microsoft software is terrifying. If using a Mac means servers in Russia are less likely to harvest my passwords and offer my identity to the highest bidder, I think that's an offer I'd like to hear more about."

Digital Print World returns in London

07/08, 10:55am

Digital Print World 2004

Digital Print World 2004 is being held October 26-28 in London. This year's show is more than double the size of last year's, and exhibitors include Canon, Epson, Hewlett Packard, Konica Minolta, Screen, and Xeretec Group. Visitors can register now to receive free passes to the show.

Imation ships 1GB flash drive

07/08, 10:35am

Imation 1GB flash drive

Imation has started shipping a 1GB version of its USB 2.0 Swivel Flash Drive. The device features a "never-lose" swivel cap design and weighs less than one ounce. The 1GB drive sells for $360; 128MB, 256MB, and 512MB versions are also available.

Caldera RIPs support Canon W6200 printers

07/08, 10:15am

Calera RIPs support Canon

Caldera Graphics, a leading software editor for imaging solutions, today announced support for the Canon's W6200 printers. Caldera's CopyPRINT-PS, a desktop RIP software solution, can now drive Canon W6200 printers as well as other medium format inkjet printers (up to 24-inches). Based on the 'green button' concept, the company says the software's interface is highly user-oriented and can raster, PS, EPS and PDF files with advanced functions such as fast preflight or step and repeat. In addition, it has added similar support to VisualPRINT, its professional RIP server for processing and printing middle format color productions, offering several screening techniques (offset, rosettes, Adaptative Error Diffusion,etc...).

Apps: Xserve RAID Admin, Informator, Nine Figures,...

07/08, 10:05am

Xserve RAID, Informator,..

    Apple's Xserve RAID Admin Tools 1.3.1 simplifies setup and monitoring of storage volumes. The Java-based application provides an interface for creating protected storage volumes, logging events, managing preferences, and monitoring storage hardware. Version 1.3.1 offers bug fixes and improves stabilty. [4.9MB]
    Informator 1.8 ($30) works like the known Finder Get info, but offers much more information, preview, editing functions and more. It shows detailed image information, IPTC Data, Exif Digital camera data, and QuickTime Movie annotations as well as offer batch processing functions for multiple files. Informator works directly in the Finder as well as Quark XPress, Ragtime or Adobe Indesign. [4.1MB]
    Nine Figures (free) is an application that displays the number of tracks sold on the iTunes Music Store in the menubar as well as displaying the top ten most sold tracks, complete with album art. "This can offer help to those aiming to get that 100-millionth download or anybody interested in the store." [36KB]
    REAL SQL v1.0 (free) is a new tool for REALbasic developers which allows the creation, viewing, and modification of REAL Databases for use in REALbasic projects in version 5.5 and later. It offers full table and field schema modification, the ability to view/query/edit date, indexing support, conversion from legacy RB format, and XML/CSV import/export functions. [Classic, OSX]
    Readerware 2.9 ($40) is an application designed to catalog books, music and videos. It adds support for duplicate ISBNs and UPCs, new sort options, improved disc/track handling, a new loan tracker, list field enhancements, better Mac OS X integration, and more. Readerware versions are available for books, CDs and videos. A Palm Edition is $50 (includes desktop version), while a client/server version is $90.
    Chameleon 1.0.1 ($20) update the innovative application for transforming ordinary digital photographs into works of art. "Starting from a single photograph, Chameleon can generate a wide variety of images in a range of artistic styles. Chameleon comes with 18 effects including Oil Painting, Chalk Drawing, Halftone, Mosaic, and Stubble Brush." [2.2MB]
    iCash 2.0 ($25) updates the personal finance and money manager designed to track incomes, expenses, credits, debts and banks transactions. It adds new chart types, transaction splits, enhanced transactions/queries printing, a new Mac OS X toolbar, a new preference panel, statistics, profit/loss summary reports, and tax handling/reporting. [Classic, OSX]

Jim Heid updates The Macintosh iLife \'04

07/08, 12:55am

The Macintosh iLife \'04

Peachpit Press today announced an updated version of Jim Heid's iLife book. The best-selling book/DVD is dedicated to helping users understand iLife, and now covers Apple's GarageBand 1.1, the latest iTunes Music Store enhancements, and the iPod family. The Macintosh iLife '04: An Interactive Guide to iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, and GarageBand (0-321-24671-3, $30) combines the printed page and video instruction; The book's companion DVD is completely new and contains two hours of video instruction--with book references--on all five iLife '04 applications. The DVD also includes software, GarageBand loops, example songs, sample video footage fully functional iDVD themes and iMovie plug-ins, and more.

Concepts Unlimited 2.0: CAD design app for Mac OS X

07/08, 12:40am

Concepts Unlimited 2.0

CSi today announced Concepts Unlimited 2.0, the second generation of CSI's flagship product for conceptual computer aided design. Concepts Unlimited offers functions for modeling, drafting, photo rendering, and performance. The latest release of Concepts Unlimited incorporates a variety of new tools, including 600 new textures and 300 new decals, new extreme modeling tools for twisting and stretching shapes, Pro/E Reader for parts and assemblies, significantly reduced file sizes with advanced compression algorithms, automated creation of design books, and over 145 user requested changes and enhancements. It runs on Mac OS X.


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