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Apps: GB Midi Import, OD4Contact, SQL4X Manager, ...

07/03, 8:25am

GB Midi Import, OD4Contact

    GB Midi Import for GarageBand ($15) facilitates the import of MIDI information from a standard midi file into GarageBand. It copies the actual MIDI data into GarageBand which can be rendered using its internal software instruments. GB Midi Import creates Apple MIDI Loop information which GarageBand natively understands, offering a simple drag & drop interface to move MIDI data between applications. [104KB]
    OD4Contact 1.1 ($30) updates the iTunes-like contact relation management solution. Version 1.1 offers better stability/performance, files/URL attachments to tasks, alarm notification, better iCal import/export, copy/paste for mailing labels, and more. It also offers Rendezvous support, multi-country yellow page listings, unlimited groups and sub-groups, labels for quicker sorting, printing, iPod sync, ad realtime sync with Address Book. [5MB]
    PictureSnooper PE 0.9b ($45) automatically searches, downloads, and decodes binary files from Usenet Newsgroups. It supports previews, filters, auto-detection of formats, etc; it adds Unix Sockets (for Internet connections), Unix Threads (better window response), PAR and PAR2 Decoding (along with improved RAR decoding), automatic MPEG4 encoding of DivX, VCD, etc., and a new Cocoa-based UI. [5.3MB]
    SQL4X Manager J 2.9 updates the database tool with support for FrontBase, GUI enhancements, better access MS SQL Server 6.5/7/2000 and Sybase 10, and an improved Connection Assistant to automatically install/configure your JDBC driver. It offers more than 80 assistants and tools, including table/user management, SQL queries with syntax coloring, data transfer, and reporting as well as supports all major database servers. Pricing starts at $60. [3.6MB]
    iSynCal 4.1 ($20) can synchronize events and todo from iCal calendars between two or more Mac computers using standard Apple File Sharing (does not require FTP or WebDav server nor a .Mac account). Version 4.1 adds a scheduler, allowing users to schedule the synchronization of any MultiSync document. It runs on Mac OS X 10.2.3 or later. [860KB]
    Speed Freak 2.1 (donationware) will automatically reprioritize front and background processes to a specified setting at a specified interval (i.e., automatic renicer). Version 2.1 adds an option to save password in Keychain and an option to activate on launch. Control Freak 1.3 (donationware) also adds Keychain integration to the handy system utility that offers control over system/cache maintenance as well as hidden dock and Finder options. [SF, CF]

FireWire Depot offers updated Oxford, Initio firmware

07/03, 7:40am

Oxford, Initio firmware

FireWire Depot has released new firmware releases from both Oxford and Initio as well as a new flash utility for Mac OS 10.3.3 from Oxford. Initio has introduced 2 new firmware versions which can be used with any bridgeboard using the Initio 2430 1394b chip: (1) V2.28 Dual firmware supports Master only or Master/Slave (can be installed with Mac or Windows installer); (2) V8.06 RAID firmware supports 2- and 4- drive Span, 2- and 4- drive Stripe and 2 drive Mirror (works on both 1- and 2-IDE channel boards). This firmware can only be installed using a special Windows version of the installer.


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