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Toon Boom announces OPUS, Concerto animation apps

06/28, 11:50pm

OPUS, Concerto for OS X

Toon Boom Animation today announced that it would bring its advanced solutions for the production of traditional and digital animation to Mac OS X. OPUS is designed to handle projects of any size or level of complexity, offering video animation tools in a configurable user interface, including an integrated workflow, powerful sceneplanning, sophisticated effects, compositing tools and seamless 2D and 3D integration. Concerto offers "increased productivity, raises the animation quality and eliminates file management issues" as well as brings advanced keyframing, sound scrubbing and the ability to draw directly in 3D sceneplanning. Both are scheduled to ship in September 2004.

Briefly: AppleScript at MW, SaveTheiPod, XML blessing

06/28, 11:40pm

SaveTheiPod, XML blessing

In Brief: Macworld Expo will feature an "AppleScript - Getting Started in About an Hour" session for all registered Pro Conference attendees on Thursday, July 15th, 2004 from 9:00 - 10:15 AM; is looking to rally support against a new Senate bill ("The INDUCE Act") that would make businesses liable for customers who use their product--such as the iPod--to make unauthorized copies; eWEEK says that Apple's blessing of XML syndication will help bring the technology to the masses and help bolster adoption; one developer looks at hits and misses of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, saying that "most of the changes were under the hood and most of them showed a company that seems to be on the defensive."

New Spotlight search resembles Mac OS 8 technology

06/28, 11:35pm

Tiger\'s Spotlight search

Apple's Spotlight search technology, announced as a feature of Mac OS X Tiger, works contextually within Apple applications as well as third-party ones via a new SDK and will automatically mine each file on-the-fly to make them instantly searchable by keyword, but also resembles older Mac OS 8 technology, according to eWEEK: "In some respects, Spotlight resembles a capability originally planned for Mac OS 8 under the name "Live Folders." Like that earlier Apple project, it lets users create "smart folders" based on a query against a metadata index of all the mounted drives on a Tiger system."

Apple posts WWDC Keynote, photo gallery

06/28, 10:30pm

Jobs WWDC Keynote

Apple has posted a QuickTime stream of Jobs WWDC Keynote from Monday morning, where he introduced new displays and Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. A WWDC Photo gallery is also available on Apple's Website.

Apple accused of stealing ideas from developers again

06/28, 7:15pm

Apple stealing ideas?

Developer Arlo Rose says that Apple is stealing ideas from its developers. At WWDC today, Steve Jobs introduced Dashboard, a configuration utility that allows users to control and manage "widgets," small application that can perform any number of system, Internet, or other tasks. "While Redmond is stealing ideas from Cupertino, it seems Cupertino is stealing ideas from its third party developers. Konfabulator, the first utility to allow users skinable easy to create desk accessory-like objects written in JavaScript, has served as the template for Apple's new feature Dashboard."

NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra to ship in late August

06/28, 6:50pm

NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra

Apple today released a new Apple-OEM version of the NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra DDL, which it says "delivers the industry's first 16-pipe superscalar architecture and support for the world's fastest DDR3 memory... Using over 220 million transistors it supports a 256-bit interface for an effective memory bandwidth of 35.2 GB per second which delivers 600 million vertices, 6.4 billion textured pixels per second. The GPU is built on an AGP 8X board and includes 256MB of DDR3 memory." Apple says that it is the first card available to support the DVI standard dual link digital signal specification using the two built-in DVI ports (required its new 30-inch display). Apple says the card will block the adjacent PCI slot, reducing the number of available PCI slots. The $600 GPU is expected to ship in late August.

MacTech announces revamped MacTech X magazine

06/28, 6:40pm

New MacTech X magazine

MacTech Magazine today announced MacTech X, a revamped version of its magazine with a broader focus. Due to be released at the end of the summer, it will sport a new look and content on a larger variety Mac tech topics, including content for developers. The company says that readers should expect to see a number of new authors, columns and more product reviews. New categories include network administration, to scripting, to hacks to web sites, and "all interesting tech information."

Yowstar offers \"G\" audio editing app with 16 modules

06/28, 6:35pm

\"G\" audio editing app

Yowstar today announced "G" audio manipulation environment. "With an emphasis on instant, interactive control over sound and video playback, G unifies diverse digital sound sources and controls." The collection of up to 16 modules, which include stereo sources (Looper, fmTone, VST instrument, Audio input, DJ player) and stereo effects (pitch, volume, granulator, ringmod, distortion, downsample, delay, two multimode filters, and up to four VST effects). It also offers an integrated Quicktime movie sampler for simultaneous control of movie playback, can mix sound oon up to 24 speakers, supports multi-track recording, includes dozens of effects, and supports keyboard mappings. It is available for $111.

Veredus 2.0 offers XML-based help creation tool

06/28, 6:25pm

Veredus 2.0 for Mac OS X

Rascal Software today released Veredus 2.0, a new help authoring documentation tool that allows users to take advantage of the power of XML without having to know how to code and enables content to be quickly created once for multiple deliverables, according to the company. It offers better support for importing legacy Microsoft Word and Adobe Frame Maker documents, creating single-source content for PDF or other formats, generates output to Apple Help (both Jaguar and Panther), imports chm and hlp projects, and enables remote collaboration via a workgroup module that serves as a networked repository and supports check-in and check-out. A Mac version is expected in the third quarter for $900 (single client) and $900 for the workgroup module.

Apple, HP launch new \"Great-looking deal\" promo

06/28, 6:15pm

Apple, HP printer promo

Apple today launched a new printer promotion in conjunction with Hewlett-Packard. "Great-looking deal" offers up to $99 back when a user purchases an HP DeskJet printer (or all-in-one) along with a Mac. The promotion, which runs from June 27, 2004 through September 25, offers a $99 mail-in rebate when the products are purchased from Apple or any authorized dealer. Users will receive a $89 mail-in rebate for HP DeskJet 5150 and $99 mail-in rebate for all other HP DeskJet printers, any HP Photosmart printer ($149 or higher), and any HP all-in-one product ($129 or higher).

Sun releases Sun Java Studio Creator for Mac OS X

06/28, 4:45pm

Sun Java Studio Creator

Sun today released its visual development environment, Sun Java Studio Creator, with new Mac OS X support. Java Studio Creator, available for free under the new developer subscription program ($100/year), is a comprehensive develop/debug/deploy solution that includes Sun Java System Application Server 8 as a target development and deployment platform. It also includes the Java 2 Platform Standard Edition Software Development Kit (SDK). The application includes perpetual license and access for one year to product updates and upgrades. An Early Access release is available now and is available via free download under a Sun Developer Network subscription that is included with the purchase of an Apple 15- or 17-inch PowerBook.

Apple\'s debuts Mac OS X Tiger Server

06/28, 4:30pm

Mac OS X Tiger Server

Apple today also previewed Mac OS X Server 10.4 "Tiger" Server, which it says has over 200 new features including native support for 64-bit applications; a new Weblog Server that makes hosting a weblog as simple as checking a box; iChat Server to deploy private, encrypted communications within an organization; and migration tools for upgrading legacy Windows servers to Mac OS X Server. Other new features include mobile home directories for central access/management of preferences and files, an updated Software Update Server to manage updates and deployment to clients, an Internet Gateway Setup Assistant, Xrid 1.0 clustering software, and more. It will be available for $500 (10-clients) or $1000 (unlimited clients).

Elgato announces EyeTV 500 HDTV solution

06/28, 4:15pm

EyeTV 500 HDTV solution

Elgato today announced the release of EyeTV 500, "the first" high-definition television (HDTV) solution for Mac OS X. EyeTV 500 allows users to watch, record, timeshift, edit and archive free over-the-air HDTV and digital standard-definition television (SDTV) on the Mac. EyeTV 500 is a FireWire-powered, completely digital, fully HD capable solution, based on Elgato's EyeTV 400 technology. It allows users to watch free digital terrestrial television (ATSC) on their Mac; pause, rewind, or fast-forward through television as they are watching, record via manual, Internet, or EPG guide control; edit content using a built-in editor, and archive programs to DVD or VideoCD. It is available for $350.

Alias announces Maya Unlimited 6 for Mac OS X

06/28, 4:10pm

Maya Unlimited for OS X

Alias today announced Maya Unlimited for the Mac OS X, as noted in our earlier WWDC keynote coverage. The company said it would porting the entire Maya Unlimited feature set to Mac OS X, including all tools that are available to artists with Maya Unlimited 6. "Due to overwhelming, consistent demand from the Mac community we're thrilled to announce Maya Unlimited will soon be available for Mac OS X," says Bob Bennett, general manager, product management at Alias. "Combining Maya's most sophisticated 3D and special effects tools with Apple's advanced technology will allow Mac artists to integrate Maya Unlimited into their pipelines for endless creative possibilities." Alias said that Maya Unlimited 6 for Mac OS X would be be available by late summer 2004.

Ensign unveils POS•IM \'Diamond\' specifically for OS X

06/28, 4:10pm

POS•IM Diamond for OS X

Ensign Systems today announced the Diamond Version of POS[bullet]IM, designed to take full advantage of Mac OS X. "POS[bullet]IM Diamond is faster and even more dynamic, providing retailers with the best possible solution for their Point of Sale and Inventory Management needs." POS[bullet]IM is a point of sale and inventory management suite for the "independently minded" retailer. POS[bullet]IM has been installed in over 5,000 retail stores during the past 15 years, according to the developer.

Tiger shows its claws at WWDC

06/28, 4:05pm

Mac OS X Tiger at WWDC

Apple previewed Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger for the first time at WWDC today, as well as Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger Server. Slated to ship in the first half of 2005, Tiger includes over 150 new features, including a new search technology dubbed Spotlight, an RSS-specific version of Safari, improvements to iChat AV that allow one to video conference with three other users, and expanded 64-bit support. Additionally a new feature called Dashboard allows users to view various information widgets at the push of a button while Automator allows users to easily write actions that perform repetitive tasks. Mac OS X Server 10.4 Tiger offers more than 200 new features, including iChat and Weblog server services and full Xgrid support for building clusters.

Apple revamps displays, debuts 30-inch Cinema HD

06/28, 4:00pm

New Apple displays

Apple today unveiled a redesigned line of displays, including a new 30" Cinema HD offering. The new displays feature a sleek aluminum enclosure that suspends the display and matches the Power Mac G5 and PowerBook G4. A new combination cable does away with Apple's ADC connector, replacing it with a single cable that branches off into DVI, FireWire 400, USB 2.0, and power cables. Each display features two FireWire 400 ports and two USB 2.0 ports, as well as a magnetic mount for attaching an iSight video camera. The displays also feature VESA-compliant mount, allowing them to be attached to a variety of mounting solutions. The new 30-inch display features a 2560x1600 resolution, about 75 percent greater than the 23-inch model, and makes use of dual DVI connectors, requiring a new NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra DDL graphics card, which will sell for $600. The 20-inch and 23-inch displays will ship in July for $1,300 and $2,000, respectively, while 30-inch model will ship in August for $3,200.

Apple previews Xcode 2, expected to ship with Tiger

06/28, 3:50pm

Xcode 2 to ship with Tiger

Apple today previewed the next major release of Xcode, Apple's suite of developer tools for Mac OS X. Xcode 2 brings support for 64-bit application development and "even faster turnaround times for creating applications for Mac OS X. Building on high performance technologies including Fix and Continue, Zero Link and Distributed Build along with Xcode's groundbreaking user interface, Xcode 2 further advances developer productivity with new features such as Dead Code Stripping and Visual Modeling and Design." Dead Code Stripping will remove unused executable code from compiled applications to produce small applicaton sizes, while Visual Modeling and Design brings a clear visual representation of the application structure.

Apps: NetWare Client, AB Manipulator, Proteus...

06/28, 3:15pm

NetWare Client, Proteus...

    NetWare Client 1.2.2 is the latest version of the $150 utility that allows Macs to connect to NetWare 5 and 6 servers without installing additional software on the server. Version 1.2.2 adds the ability to save a Mount-Root volume as an NDS alias, detect unmount failures during logout, automatically clear the last user name used during login, and more. [Download - 2.1MB]
    Address Book Manipulator provides a fast two-way data exchange between FileMaker Pro and Apple's Address Book using simple script steps. No AppleScript or XML programming is required. Registration is $60. [Download - 438KB]
    QTVR recorder ($20) converts QTVR-movies into DV-video. The utility can be used to import DV-video into iMovie or FinalCut projects or compress directly it into Web-ready video. [Download - 2.3MB]
    Proteus 4.04 is the latest version of the instant messaging client for most major IM services. The update fixes MSN File Transfer problems, auto update problems, and addresses bugs. [Download - 4.2MB]
    theConcept Preview 2 is a powerful language processor that reads and analyzes electronic documents and reports back with an index of prevailing ideas in their content. The new preview allows creation of an index of up to 100 sites or 250,000 words, as well a redesigned interface, an improved language processing engine, and a citation report generator. [Download - 1.3MB]
    Tunes Menu provides a simple and easy way to search online music stores via a system-wide menu. The program is fully integrated with iTunes and allows rapid searching of selected local online music stores. Clicking the store name in the menu takes the user to the store. [Download - 163KB]
    Dossier 1.1 is the latest version of the $25 organization utility. Version 1.1 adds improved smart folders to provide full boolean search and result limits, new editing functionality including scalable text views and numerous smaller enhancements and bug fixes. [Download - 1.0MB]

Karelia Software announces sale of Watson

06/28, 2:00pm

Karelia sells Watson

Karelia Software has announced that it is selling the technology behind its popular Watson utility to a "large [unnamed] company." Karelia will no longer support Watson after October 5, 2004 when Watson reaches it's "End of Life." The future of the search utility is nor clear. ""A large company has made an agreement with Karelia Software for the technology in Watson. Unfortunately, we cannot disclose the terms of the agreement (hence the lack of the company's name here, just to keep the lawyers happy). If you are at the JavaOne Conference in San Francisco, you can see demonstrations of this technology at the Java Pavilion. No formal announcement by this company of any committed product has been made as of this writing."

Notes from Steve Jobs WWDC keynote

06/28, 1:30pm

Steve Jobs WWDC keynote

Steve Jobs this morning kicked off Apple's annual WWDC Conference by noting that more than 3,500 developers were attending the San Francisco event, an increase of 17 percent over last year. After reviewing recent announements--iTunes, iTunes Music Store Europe, the iPod and BMW partnership, new Power Mac G5s, and AirPort Express--Jobs introduced new displays and demonstrated Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger with over 150 new features, due to ship in the first half of 2005.

Apple posts \"Redmond\" banners at WWDC

06/28, 1:25pm

\"Redmond\" banners at WWDC

Apple at WWDC took a jab at Microsoft with large banners that read "Redmond, we have a problem," and "This should keep Redmond busy," along with a pictures of Mac OS X "Tiger" CD, the next major version of Mac OS X expected to demostrated this morning at Jobs' keynote (starts at 10 am PT) and discussed at technical sessions throughout the conference.

Piper Jaffray analyst upgrades AAPL, raises estimates

06/28, 12:05pm

Analyst upgrades AAPL

Analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray has upgraded AAPL to "outperform," and raised his price target from $32 to $40 as well as his EPS estimates for FY05 and FY06, according to NewRatings: "According to Piper Jaffray's research note published this morning, Apple Computer is poised to benefit considerably in the long term from its significant leverage to the digital convergence trends. The analyst mentions that the company is likely to witness robust demand growth for its Mac products, boosted by continued near-term digital convergence momentum. Apple's specialist resellers in the US have expressed their optimism regarding the robust near-term sales growth potential of the company's products, with significant strength in the PowerBook products, Piper Jaffray says. The analyst expects Apple Computer to report its June quarter sales ahead of the consensus estimates."

Dauger Research debuts Pooch Pro 1.5

06/28, 11:45am

Pooch Pro 1.5

Dauger Research today announced Pooch Pro 1.5, an enhanced version of the Parallel OperatiOn and Control Heuristic application. Pooch Pro offers new supercomputer-level capabilities to administrate and control cluster resources. Pooch Pro provides powerful management and maintenance of cluster resources with a modern, drag-and-drop, graphical user interface as well as intuitive dynamic job queue and scheduling system.

Aspyr ships Battlefield 1942 Deluxe Edition

06/28, 11:20am

Battlefield 1942 ships

Aspyr today began shipping Battlefield 1942 for the Mac, its game title that presents the four main theaters of World War II: the Pacific, Eastern and Western Europe and Northern Africa as well as includes The Road To Rome (TRR) expansion pack: "Battlefield 1942 takes players to battle at land, sea and air, allowing them to choose from 16 famous battle sites, including Omaha Beach, Stalingrad and Wake Island. With the ability to control more than 35 authentic Axis and Allied vehicles and select from five distinct character classes, players are faced with incredible choices in their plan of action." TRR focuses exclusively on the Italian and Sicilian campaigns and includes more maps, more vehicles, and more fighting forces. It is available now for $50 and requires Mac OS X 10.2.8.

Tech: EU MS order on hold; cell phone damage; ...

06/28, 11:20am

EU MS order on hold

Morning tech news: An EU order requiring Microsoft to sell Windows without media player software has been put on hold; fertility experts today dismissed a study that said Mobile cellular devices may damage men's sperm; Britain's first official chart of the most popular music tracks downloaded legally from the Internet will be launched in September, the Official UK Chart Company (OCC) said on Monday.

Avail Solutions showcases Integrity at WWDC

06/28, 11:10am

Avail Solutions Integrity

Avail Solutions is demonstrating its Integrity 2.0 backup and recovery software solution for Mac OS X at the Apple World Wide Developers Conference. Using Integrity, Mac servers such as the Xserve G5 and Xserve RAID can manage the data protection requirements of a complete Macintosh environment as well as a heterogeneous network. It supports hard disk-based storage, single tape drives, autoloaders, and larger tape libraries with multiple tape drives. Avail will showcase the Integrity functionality at this year's MacWorld Expo to be held in Boston on July 13th.

Epson announces Expression 10000XL flatbed scanner

06/28, 10:55am

Epson Expression 10000XL

Epson today announced the Expression 10000XL large format, A3+ color flatbed scanner, its successor to the Expression 1640XL that features ColorTrue II Imaging System, 3.8 optical density (Dmax), 48-bit color, 2400x4800 dpi hardware resolution, and both USB 2.0 and FireWire connectivity. The Graphic Arts ($2,500) configuration includes the Epson TWAIN Pro scanner driver; MonacoEZcolor for color management and monitor/printer calibration; Photoshop Elements 2.0 for image editing; and ABBYY FineReader Sprint OCR. The Photo Model ($3,000) is equipped with a full-size (11.4" x 16.5") transparency unit and also adds LaserSoft Imaging SilverFast SE 6, high-end scanning software. An optional network card is $350. Both models will ship next month.

Briefly: IBM delays; Ive 2nd influential; MacHack

06/28, 10:30am

Ive 2nd most influential

In Brief: Optimistik Animation has lowered its prices on all of it LiveFont packages (Handwritten Vol. 1 for $50; Grunge Vol. 1 for $50; the Handwritten/Grunge MultiPak for $75); ADHOC/MacHack has made the last call for sessions for the Advanced Developers Hands-On Conference; eWeek has published a look at IBM's chip manufacturing problems, affecting Apple and Nvidia; Jonathan Ive, designer of many Apple products including the iPod, has beaten Sir Paul McCartney, Bono and Bob Dylan in vote of the most powerful people in music.

Near-Time Flow help produce, manage online content

06/28, 10:25am

Near-Time Flow for Panther

Near-Time today announced the commercial availability of its flagship product, Flow, its peer-to-peer collaborative content and knowledge manager for Mac OS X Panther: "Standards enable Flow users to access, manage, and repurpose content across the spectrum of private and public information. For instance, users can repurpose a Web log or news feed for an internal project, or a group of individuals can collaborate on content to be published on the Internet. Some of the supported standards include XML, HTML, FTP, WebDav, SMTP, iDisk, RSS, and Web logs (via Atom)." It offers functions for authoring, gathering, organizing, and collaborating to the publishing of content. Pricing is $100 or $900 for 10-licenses.

\'QuickTime Bug\' to capture imagery of America

06/28, 10:00am

QuickTime VW Bug

Famous immersive photographer Dennis Biela will capture imagery of America from the driver's seat of a specially-outfitted Volkswagen Bug using Apple technology (known as the 'QT Bug'). "The goals are to teach immersive photography skills, advantages of Apple QuickTime, digital imaging and demonstrate state-of-the-art equipment while documenting the natural beauty of the USA." All imagery is delivered via industry-standard Apple QuickTime including video, QTVR and photographic slide shows. An Apple X-Serve computer is installed inside the QT Bug. When the tour concludes in February 2005, all the imagery and selected sponsor hardware used during the tour will be donated to the collection of a major national museum for exhibit.

SlickEdit Plug-in v9, Visual SlickEdit 9 debut

06/28, 9:55am

SlickEdit Plug-in v9

SlickEdit Plug-in v9 is an editor plug-in that supports Eclipse 3.0 and allows developers to write more code faster and more accurately. The SlickEdit Plug-in provides developers with a set of timesaving features including advanced navigation, symbol analysis, recorded and programmable macros, editable dynamic differencing and merge as well as a range of custom options through the use of key bindings, a dialog box editor, 12 emulations, etc. New options include ten C++ refactorings, statement-level tagging, Surround With, word wrap on soft returns and background search as well as Java refactoring and Java real-time error notification. It is due next month for $230 with upgrades priced at $100.

ITMS among TIME\'s top Web sites

06/28, 9:50am

TIME recognizes ITMS

TIME magazine has named Apple's iTunes Music Store among the "50 Coolest Websites" under the "Lifestyle and Culture" category. "Despite several copycat efforts in recent months, this is still the best place to buy music, legally, and it's more popular than ever, selling 2.7 million songs a week." The iTunes Music Store is available for Mac OS X and Windows in the U.S. and Europe.

Apps: Pro Import, Budget, DropDV, Graphviz, ...

06/28, 9:45am

Pro Import, Budget, DropDV

    Actual ODBC Driver for Open Source Databases ($30) is an ODBC driver that lets Mac OS X users access MySQL and PostgreSQL databases from applications such as Excel and FileMaker Pro. It features a setup assistant, on-line help and diagnostic tools. Versions are available for SQL Server or OpenBase. [1.6MB]
    Budget 4.4 ($30) adds integration with Apple's Address Book and iCal applications, new report options, as well as German and Polish localizations to the personal finance tool for Mac OS X. Other new features include easier navigation, autocomplete, icons for envelopes (earmarked money holder), and more. [3.3MB]
    dbSuite WebBuilder for MySQL 1.5 ($40 for limited time) brings together MySQL and PHP in an integrated environment to administer your MySQL database servers and automatically generate PHP code for input forms, edit forms, list, etc. from your table definitions. It offers autom creation of input/edit forms (with PHP code), access tables/databases, tools for monitoring/administering databases, import/export of data, and more.
    DropDV 1.1 ($20) is a Mac OS X droplet which converts MPEG video into DV video streams that can be used in iMovie, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, or other DV editing systems. Version 1.1 adds VOB file support (for unencrypted DVDs), can optionally split DV files larger than 2GB (for iMovie compatiblity), and adds a mpg2dv unix command for use in shell scripts. [500KB]
    Graphviz 1.13 (donationware) is a Mac OS X port of the automated graph layout software, featuring a new document-based GUI, export to PDF and many more bitmap formats, full alpha transparency, native font support and anti-aliasing. "Using a simple file format called dot, just describe which nodes should connect to which other nodes. Then the sophisticated layout routines quickly render it into many different output formats." [2.0MB]
    Pro Import C3 ($500) is Automatic Duck's latest product release, allowing video professionals to import Avid, Final Cut Pro, and Premiere Pro timeline into Discreet combustion. It is now available and can be combined with other plugins for bundle savings.

WWDC: WorldSync demos SyncDeK Engines, Developer Kit

06/28, 8:40am

WorldSync at WWDC

WorldSync today began conducting live, hands-on demonstrations of its new SyncDeK Engines and SyncDeK Developer Kit. This event represents the company's first ever exhibit at an Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. SyncDeK is a powerful application and plug-in combination that provides the synchronization of specified fields between distributed FileMaker databases. SyncDeK Developer Kit simplifies the incorporation of SyncDeK technology into solutions and runtime apps. SyncDeK Engines power bi-directional asynchronous data replication for data in FileMaker databases.

Wired: Huge gaps remain in Europe\'s iTunes

06/28, 6:55am

Gaps in Euro iTunes

Wired News reports that there are "Huge Gaps in Europe's iTunes" because of a last-minute negotiations breakdown between Apple and independent labels: "Negotiations broke down on the eve of the debut, and Apple still hasn't been able to offer an online licensing deal deemed acceptable to the indies, which make up a quarter of all European music sales. The Association of Independent Music, which represents 820 U.K. labels, does not want its members to commit to the three-year, fixed-income deal it said is on the table."

Ex-Apple CFO nets $6M from Apple stock options

06/28, 6:45am

Ex-Apple CFO nets $6M

Ex-Apple CFO Fred Anderson made nearly $6 million in early June from exercising options and selling his Apple shares for a total of nearly $18 million in stock/option earning since April, according to the Mercury News: "Anderson, who joined the company in 1996, retired as Apple's chief financial officer June 1, but just days later joined the company's board. From June 2 to June 6, Anderson exercised options to buy 500,000 Apple shares for $17.31 each, according to Thomson Financial. He sold those shares over the same days for prices ranging from $29 to $29.95 each, for a gain of $5.9 million. Anderson's sales were also part of an automatic-sales plan established under rule 10b5-1 of the Securities and Exchange Commission. The program allows executives to sell shares in predetermined amounts over a specified period of time."

QuickerTek offers \"Whip Antenna\" for Power Mac G4s

06/28, 6:40am

\"Whip Antenna\" for PMG4

QuickerTek today announced "the first" external antennas for the Power Mac G4 computers, including the AGP Graphics, PCI Graphics, Digital Audio, FireWire 800, Gigabit Ethernet, Quicksilver and Mirrored models. The new 5dbi "Whip Antenna" doubles or triples (depending on the physical layout of the installation), according to the company. It works with all Airport cards: Extreme and PCMCIA (PC card) wireless networking hardware. It is sold as a user-installable kit ($80) that includes illustrated instructions and all necessary hardware.

Texas school grant includes Apple

06/28, 1:20am

Texas school grant

Six school districts in Texas, including Floydada ISD, Slaton ISD, and Post ISD will benefit from a technology immersion pilot grant involving Apple. The $350,000 grant will give each student and teacher at Floydada Junior High a laptop computer to use in the classroom. "Students are digital natives and teachers are sometimes digital immigrants and we have a need to authentically engage children of all ages in instruction and technology is one way to do that," said Wesley Fryer, Director of Distance Learning at Texas Tech.

RealNetworks debuts RealPlayer 10 for Mac OS X

06/28, 12:40am

RealPlayer 10 for Mac OS X

RealNetworks this week will release its free RealPlayer 10 for Mac OS X. Expected to be released as a beta download, it will allow Mac OS X users to "enjoy hundreds of hours of audio and video content in many of the major Internet media formats, including RealAudio, RealVideo, AAC, QuickTime and MPEG." Also included in the RealPlayer for Mac OS X beta are an integrated browser window, advanced video controls and graphic equalizer. The RealPlayer for Mac OS X beta will be available this Wednesday, June 30th. Additionally, RealNeworks today also released a final version of its Real Export Plug-in for Mac. The plugin, available as a free downlaod, enables Mac-based content creators to easily create RealAudio 10 and RealVideo 10 content from Mac OS X media applications, including Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Premiere, Avid Xpress rpo, and Discreet Cleaner.

Apple digital media training center opens in India

06/28, 12:30am

Video, animation in India

Apple Computer India and Hyderabad-based Padmalaya Telefilms have partnered to create a Padmalaya-ZICA Apple authorized center in India for digital media training, as Hollywood begins to look to outsource some of its visual and animation work: "this digital media centre aims to bridge the gap between demand and supply of qualified technicians - a problem that is quite common in the TV, film and broadcasting industry. This training facility, meant for both amateurs and professionals, will be located in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Kolkatta."


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