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Mossberg: iLife beats its closest Windows competitor

updated 08:05 am EDT, Fri June 25, 2004

Mossberg: iLife wins

Technology columnist Walter Mossberg says that ]

by MacNN Staff





  1. macbuzz

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    We Rock

    We Apple users know it, we rock!

  1. hayesk

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    The problem is...

    The average PC user only looks at the specs and features, not how well they work.

  1. rkadowns

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    "Screens and functions launched slowly, occasionally froze or quit unexpectedly. Worse, it took three tries to create a multimedia DVD that actually played."

    Used to be that software that had those type problems wouldn't even make it to market until perfect. My how the times have changed. Companies just throw together a bunch of junk, hype it up , and then sit back and hope it sells. Who do they think they are, the movie industry? Then if it sells the people of the company pat themselves on the back and congratulated each other on a job well done.

    Very few companies actually perform real R&D. Phillips, Siemens, IBM, and Apple are just of the few that I can think of off the top of my head that usually get it right the first time.

  1. JeffHarris

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    Poor b*******!

    I mean… suckers.

    Seriously, you'd think PC people would read these reviews and articles, which seem to appear with increased frequency, from tech press leaders like Mossberg, and switch to the Mac in DROVES.

    In my experience, people don't really GET the Macintosh advantages (and they are myriad) until they actually see Macs do real things... like burn DVDs, transfer and edit photos, get up and running and stay running, etc. Evangelizing is counter-productive and annoying turn-off. So PC people just seeing real work get done, with ease and PLEASURE with Macs makes a difference.

    My girlfriend was a PC user. Macs weren't even on the radar screen. She saw how I worked and what I did with my PowerBook over time and managed to get an iMac purchased for her for her office. It wasn't long before she'd replaced her old home Dell box with an iBook. (Then I got her an iPod mini for her birthday.) Now she tells all her PC saddled friends to get Macs. AND she lists plenty of logical reasons. And quite a few will be getting Macs when it's time to upgrade.

    Why Apple refuses to augment the high-style advertising with some down and dirty see-what-I-can-do-and-look-how-easy-it-is-and-how-much-fun-I'm-having commercials completely eludes me.

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