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Apps: All Thumbs, iTunes Alarm. SSHKeychain, KGA Golf

06/24, 10:50pm

All Thumbs, iTunes Alarm

    All Thumbs 1.3 ($8) is a powerful thumbnail/thumbnail website creation system. It can create thumbnails from user-defined portions of an image or it can create thumbnails in the typical manner of reducing the size of an image by a certain percentage or to a certain size. It adds a more convenient interface, shadow/solid border options, new template commands, and more. [1.0MB]
    iTunes Alarm 0.4 allows users to set the time, playlist, volume, and other settings to turn iTunes into a powerful musical alarm. It includes features like a user-controllable fade up or down and a sleep alarm and adds menu items to reset settings, help, and check for update. [346KB]
    SSHKeychain 0.6 (free) acts as a gateway between you and the agent by automatically adding SSH keys when you need them. It integrates with the Apple Keychain and offers options to automatically removed keys when your computer goes to sleep, when the Apple Keychain is locked, or when the screensaver starts. Version 0.6 adds tunnel support, allowing users to forward local ports over a ssh connection. [377KB]
    Bugdget X 4.4 ($30) updates the personal finance manager. It now offers integration with Mac OS X Addrees Book and Apple's iCal, adds new reports for balance sheet and profit/loss along with user-selectable date ranges, better bill payment options (new "weekly" option), better navigation, new German and Polish localizations, and more. [3.2MB]
    Simple Rotate 1.2 ($2) is an iMovie plugin that rotates any part of or the entire clip. Users can set start and end rotation, and the plug will animate the frames in-between. It includes options to set the area of the effect, opacity, start/end of the rotation, and background color. [890KB]
    KGA Golf 1.2.3 ($15) updates KB Productions' top-down golf game with a new sounds effects toggle (on/off), a smarter camera to follow the action, improved ball/terrain display, and "out of bounds" to help beginners. It features 13 different courses, a hole/course editor, "target golf", and more. [Classic, OSX]
    El iPodo v1.1 (freeware) is a small freeware utility who let you browse your Apple's iPod and copy files to your harddisk. It adds the possibility to copy more than one file at time (ADD) and show the Artist and Track title in list. [1.1MB]

Tech: Tiny fuel cell; AOL arrest; MS open-source

06/24, 6:25pm

Toshiba tiny fuel cell

Evening tech news: Security researchers warned of new Web server compromises--sometimes on sites of large corporations--that install malicious programs on a Windows PC using two flaws in Internet Explorer that Microsoft has not yet fixed; Japanese electronics giant Toshiba has developed a tiny prototype fuel cell the size of a thumb; a software engineer at America Online was arrested yesterday on federal charges that he hacked into the company's computers to steal 92 million e-mail addresses that were later sold and used to bombard AOL members with spam; Microsoft says it is looking to turn over more of its programs to open-source software developers, playing a greater role in a process that the company has criticized strongly at times in the past. [updated]

Briefly: AirPort Express, color iPod?, WiFi hot zone

06/24, 5:40pm

AP Express, color iPod...

In Brief: BRU Server data protection software for Linux and Mac OS X server systems has been qualified across Qualstar's RLS and TLS-Series of tape libraries; Tiawanese manufacturer Hon Hai, Apple's largest contract manufacturer of desktop computers (both the eMac and Power Mac series), has acquired contract orders for producing Apple's AirPort Express WiFi device; A "Memo to Steve Jobs" says while the "sleek iPod is cruising along as the leading digital music player," Apple will need to add a color screen to the iPod to continue its success; and a new "WiFi hot zone" in downtown Spokane (WA) offers 100 blocks of wireless internet access for both government and limited free public use (up to two hours per day).

Apple conducts surface-to-air videoconference

06/24, 5:35pm

Air videoconference

Two Apple product managers recently conducted what might have been the first in-air commercial videoconference, the company says. Apple product manager Kurt Knight, on the ground in Cupertino, hooked up over iChat AV with product line manager Eric Zelenka, returning to San Francisco from Munich, by leveraging Lufthansa's new wireless high-speed broadband connection service. "The video quality was great and scaled well all the way up to full screen," says Knight. "I think we made history as the first people to have an in-air video conference, not counting Air Force One or other ultra-expensive solutions. Very, very cool."

Apple No. 2 in education market behind Dell

06/24, 5:05pm

Apple No. 2 in edu sales

Apple was No. 2 in educational market sales in the US--well behind market leader Dell--in the first quarter of 2004, according to a report by American City Business Journals: "Dell's share of the U.S. education market in the first quarter of 2004 - 44 percent - was roughly three times that of its nearest competitor, one-time leader Apple Computer Inc., with 14 percent. Hewlett-Packard Co. had 11.3 percent, Gateway Inc. 6.2 percent and IBM 3.7 percent." Dell is reportedly trying to garner even more marketshare by cutting prices and selling more "beyond the box" technology, including bundling computers with projectors, cameras, interactive whiteboards and tablet PCs.

FirewireDirect debuts 100GB 2.5-inch portable drives

06/24, 2:55pm

100GB 2.5\" hard drives

FirewireDirect today announced its largest 2.5-inch portable hard drives. The new 100GB capacity portable drives are available in three models: Mach IV ($440), Mach VII ($460) and Spark 800 ($470). The bus-powered drives use a 9.5mm drive mechanism in a case that is less than 5-inchs long and half-an-inch in height. Featuring a tiny, sleek Titanium-style form factor, the Mach VIII features a triple interface, including a 6-pin FireWire, 9-pin FireWire 800, and a mini USB 2.0/1.1 connector, while the Mach IV features a standard FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 connection. The Spark 800 features two FireWire 800 ports and a USB 2.0 port. All three models ship with 110-240V power adapters, cables, carrying case and available with Mac or Windows software ($15 extra for Mach drives).

Apps: Data Recycler, RapidWeaver, iRecordMusic, ...

06/24, 2:20pm

Data Recycler, RapidWeaver

    Data Recycler X v1.3 ($50) for Mac OS X updates Prosoft Engineering's system utility for tracking deleting files, securely erasing files, and preventing accidental file deletion. The update fixes compatibility issues with Mac OS X 10.3.3 as well as offers better support for relocated directories, new path/owner columns in the file browser, and improved permissions handling. [6.2MB]
    RapidWeaver Plus 1.0b1 ($40), now in public beta, is a web design package that allows users to design, create and publish web sites without knowledge of HTML, CSS or JavaScript. It includes standard page templates, an open plugin architecture, and more. Users of the "Lite" version can upgrade for $15. [1.2MB]
    iRecordMusic 1.3 ($20) brings localization in 8 languages: Catalan, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Spanish. iRecordMusic enables you to record Internet audio as MP3 and MP4-AAC, supporting RealAudio, WinMedia, and QuickTime as well as schedule recordings with iCal, record multiple sources simultaneously, etc. It runs on Mac OS X 10.2 or later. [2.2MB]
    Default Folder X 1.9.4 ($35) now offers the option to keep Open and Save dialogs "synchronized" so they always point to the same folder; gives users control of its folder sets via AppleScript; resolves several compatibility issues (Apple "Pro" applications, ShapeShifter, Windows file servers, etc.); and provides better support for Japanese and other non-Roman languages. [4.0MB]
    disclabel 2.1 ($30) updates SmileOnMyMac's CD labeling software with overall performance improvements, additional montage options, and more downloadable templates. It offers import from iTunes, iPhoto, iDVD, the Finder, and Toast as well as automation via AppleScript. It runs Mac OS X 10.2.5 or later. [6MB]
    BitPal 2.0 is an Address Book, Calendar, and a To Do task manager that is designed to be mobile. It offers a cross-platform database, Blowfish encryption, import from AddressBook and Microsoft Outlook, bundled icons that can be used for each contact, multiple calendars, reoccuring events, export, and more. [1.9MB]
    syncOtunes 0.9 (donationware) helps users synchronize iTunes libraries between two or more Macs. Users can now select songs by artist/album before sync and can perform copies from libraries which are not in home/music folder. [1.8MB]
    Bluetooth To Internet 2.3 (donationware) allows you to share an Internet connection from one Mac to up to 7 other Macs or Palm devices that have Bluetooth hardware. The utility starts a PPP server over a Bluetooth port. The client Mac or Palm then connects to the Mac using PPP. The server Mac then shares the Internet connection, using Apple's Internet Sharing. [2.5MB]

Techworld: \"Mac OS X security myth exposed\"

06/24, 1:50pm

Mac OS X Security redux

A Techworld article on security says that Mac OS X is no more secure than other operating systems when looking at the number of vulnerabilities posted to the Secunia database during 2003 and 2004: "Each product is broken down into pie charts demonstrating how many, what type and how significant security holes have been in each. One thing the hard figures have shown is that OS X's reputation as a relatively secure operating system is unwarranted, Secunia said. This year and last year Secunia tallied 36 advisories on security issues with the software, many of them allowing attackers to remotely take over the system - comparable to figures on operating systems such as Windows XP Professional and Red Hat Enterprise Server."

Briefly: Boinx contest, FrameMaker petition, pricing

06/24, 1:45pm

Boinx contest, FrameMaker

In Brief: Boinx Software, currently developing 'Untitled App' for creating professional slideshows, is holding a naming contest in which it is giving away an Apple iSight; An online petition has been created asking Adobe to continue to develop FrameMaker for the Mac as well as create a Mac OS X version; CMS Products has reduced the price on BounceBack Professional (for versioning, disaster recovery, sync and backup) to $80 ($70 electronic). Cocktail, a popular Mac OS X utility for system maintenance, can be purchased at 50% discount ($6) during Euro 2004 finals (until July 4th).

Vonage releases SoftPhone for Mac OS X

06/24, 10:10am

SoftPhone for Mac OS X

Vonage and Xten today announced that Vonage and Xten have completed interoperability testing of an OEM version of Xten's X-PRO SIP SoftPhone for Mac-based Vonage subscribers. Mac users can now download the Vonage X-PRO for the Mac OS X SoftPhone to start making and receiving telephone calls immediately on their computers. Road Warriors using the Vonage X-PRO SoftPhone for Mac OS X can access the Vonage service from almost any Internet connected personal computer, offering increased mobility of the Vonage service.

MacKiev adds direct-CD printing to The Print Shop

06/24, 8:35am

The Print Shop

Software MacKiev last week added support for label-free CD and DVD printing to Broderbund's The Print Shop for Mac. Offering support for some Epson Stylus Photo printers, the company says that The Print Shop becomes "first major consumer print productivity product for Mac OS X users to offer support for printing directly onto printable CDs and DVDs." The software already includes support for creating CD/DVD labels leveraging included project templates and integration with iTunes. The update provides direct-CD printing support for the Epson Stylus Photo 960, 900, R200, R300/R300M and R800. MacKiev is offering up to a $40 rebate on The Print Shop for Mac when purchased with direct-CD-enabled Epson printer. The promotion runs through July 15 and offers $20, $35, and $40 back on the R200, R300, and 900, respectively.

Tech: Yahoo! blocking, Hotmail expansion, Florida tax

06/24, 8:20am

Yahoo! blocking, FL tax

Early morning tech: Yahoo on Wednesday began blocking third-party messaging clients from using its services (affecting clients such as Adium), saying that it was an attempt to control "spim" (spam IMs); Hotmail is the latest provider to expand email storage (up to 250MB) for its free email account users and up to 2GB for its paying customers ($20/year); Florida is considering taxing home networks that have more than one computer using a 1985 state law; Computer trade show Comdex has been canceled this year because of the growing interest in shows emphasizing consumer electronics.

Briefly: Oracle 10g EA, .Mac benefits, 3D reviews...

06/24, 8:00am

Oracle 10g EA, .Mac, ...

In Brief: Oracle has released Oracle Database 10g Early Adopters Release 1 ( for Mac OS X Server 10.3.4 users; Apple is offering a discount on MacAddict magazine to .Mac members; Security Focus has a report that claims Capitol Records has "some sort of new copy protection system, that automatically, silently, installs 'helpful' copy protection software as soon as you insert the CD into default systems." Architosh has posted an in-depth look at form-Z 4.1 for Mac OS X and a review of SketchUp 3.1 for Mac OS X.

Miglia adds plugin architecture to AlchemyTV DVR

06/24, 7:30am


Miglia Technology today announced that its AlchemyTV DVR application now supports an open plug-in architecture, allowing third-party developers to extend the functionalities of the AlchemyTV DVR TV tuner/Video capture card by creating plug-ins. Miglia has released a SDK for the post-processing plug-in (and posted a plugins page): "Thanks to the newly available SDK, independent software developer Fabio Verna has created DivTV, a plug-in enabling the export to VCD (MPEG-1) and S-VCD (MPEG-2). Thanks to this plug-in, any movie recorded with AlchemyTV DVR can be exported to VCD/S-VCD from within the application." The software development team can be reached via e-mail ( for questions concerning plug-in development.

Mark/Space launches The Missing Sync 4.0

06/24, 7:15am

The Missing Sync 4.0

Mark/Space today announced The Missing Sync 4.0 (TMS) for Palm OS, which is designed to replace PalmSource's HotSync Manager (enables data exchange between a Palm OS handheld and a Mac). TMS offers a number of Mac-first features and will support Palm OS 4/5 handhelds as well as dozens of existing Palm conduits for the Mac, including conduits for Apple's iSync and Microsoft's Entourage. It will offer a brushed-metal interface; "Conduit Profiles" sets; Wi-Fi (802.11) and Bluetooh sync; desktop mounting of memory cards; iPhoto and iTunes integration, Internet connection sharing; and improved install and backup capabilities. It is due in August for $40 ($50 on CD). Upgrades will be $20.

DiskJockeyExpander helps users reclaim \"lost\" space

06/24, 7:00am

DiskJockeyExpander today announced DiskJockeyExpander, a software solution that allows users of the Disk Jockey drive copy device to reclaim "lost" space after cloning a smaller drive to larger one: "Based on the recently shipped SubRosaSoft VolumeWorks, DiskJockeyExpander solves a crucial problem previously facing many of Disk Jockey's Macintosh users where additional space left over after cloning a smaller hard disk drive onto a larger one was left unusable. With the easy-to-use DiskJockeyExpander, a user can recover all the unused space of the drive with just one click." DiskJockeyExpander is available for $25. Upgrades to the full VolumeWorks solution are $25 as well.


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