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Apps: emulators, DVDxDV, With It, AddressBookToCSV...

06/21, 11:00pm

Emulators, DVDxDV

    OwlView 1.2 ($35) offers improved map color schemes, custom classification categories, more options for the display of place names and outlines, and full AppleScript support. OwlView allows a user to combine data from a spreadsheet, database or text file with geographic boundaries to produce maps which visually display patterns of spatial distribution within the data. [624KB]
    DVDxDV allows users to extract video from DVDs. It can now export video from a DVD directly into iMovie, allowing users to import video longer than 8 min (about 2GB) by breaking up a long DVD video into small enough segments for iMovie import. DVDxDV Pro allows you to extract multi-channel audio into individual 24-bit AIFF files (one file for each channel). Demos of DVDxDV 1.083 ($25) and DVDxDV Pro 1.022 ($80) are available online. [DVDxDV, DVDxDV Pro]
    xBack 3.2 ($10) updates Gideon Softwork's utiilty that can replace the desktop with a screen saver or xPak. Users can quickly start/stop the screen saver or desktop, configure the screen saver preferences, preview screensavers, and more directly from the menubar. Version 3.2 supports Mac OS X 10.2. [764KB]
    DVD Database X 1.2 is a full-featured database program designed to help you keep track of any size DVD collection. It offers movie lookup from the IMDB, DVD label and jacket printing, and more. Version 1.2 offers automatic upgrading of IMDB html parsing routines, international character support, custom highlighting of playable and loaned DVD's, Hide/show/reorder fields, movie runtime info, etc. [1.7MB]
    With It 1.2 ($12) is a contextual menu plug-in for the Finder that adds the ability to open a document using an application other than the one that created the document. In addition, documents and folders can be handed off to applications for processing, such as DropStuff for compression or BatChmod for changing permissions. [292KB]
    AddressBookToCSV 1.0 (free) is a "one trick pony" whose purpose in (artificial) life is to export contacts from the Mac OS X Address Book to a form gmail can import. That form is called CSV, comma separated value format. If you want anything more from it, well, you've got the source (or you can ask me)." [40KB]
    Richard Bannister has updated all 25 of his game system emulators, which include Amstrad, Nintendo GameBoy (Advance), Commodore 64, Sega Genesis, Atari, Nintendo NES, and more. They feature new Mach-O builds, support for emulation pauses when active user is switched, new AltiVec code for better performance on G4/G5 machines, OpenGL enhancements, better preference handling, network play, and an updated Emulator enhancer.

Digital audio plugins updated, introduced

06/21, 10:35pm

Digital audio plugins

Levelground Media today updated two of its digital audio plug-ins for Mac OS X as well as introduced another. Each of the $35 plugins are compatible with any AudioUnit environment, offering the ability to add user-tunable vintage-style 'coloration' with Vintasion 2.0, 'fattening' ability with Fattenizer 2.0, and configurable 10-band equalization with CrunchEQ 1.0. Special features include 64-bit internal processing, a multi-processing core containing multiple distinct processing engines--each with configurable settings and distinct processing algorithms--and chained or parallel processing routing options available to provide an unlimited set of processing effects. They can be purchased in a LgMThermal Pack bundle for $60.

US Army builds another G5-based supercomputer

06/21, 8:10pm

Another G5 supercomputer

COLSA today announced the purchase of 1566 dual processor 1U rack-mount 64-bit Xserve G5 servers from Apple to build a new supercomputer, which it expects to be one of the fastest in the world. The supercomputer, named MACH 5, is expected to deliver a peak performance capability of more than 25 TFlops/second at a cost of $5.8 million and will be used to model the complex aero-thermodynamics of hypersonic flight for the US Army. The Xserve G5 supercluster system is expected to be on-line and working for the Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center (AMRDEC) division of the US Army Research and Development Command by late Fall.

Briefly: Adobe, Desert Dolphin, Cinema Displays,...

06/21, 7:55pm

Adobe, Desert Dolphin

In Brief: Adobe today announced that it is collaborating with the IPTC to extend the capabilities of IPTC metadata through use of the open-standard, Adobe XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform); Desert Dolphin announced it has doubled the number of images available from its stock photography website, which also features Flash-driven navigation, custom lightboxes, browse by color and more; Apple will completely overhaul its family of Cinema display LCD flat-screen monitors, according to AppleInsider. At NECC, Adobe introduced the Adobe Acrobat for Educators program and expanded the Adobe Master Teachers and the Adobe Digital Kids Club programs.

Stone updates Stone Studio with PDF features

06/21, 4:35pm

Stone Studio

Stone Design today announced a new version of Stone Studio, its $300 suite of graphics applications. It now includes a new look for both Create, its three-in-one illustration, page layout and web authoring application and PStill, which converts PS to PDF, combines files, shrinks PDF and much more. Create 12.0 ($150) offers a customizable toolbar and the new Table tool as well now embeds the native Create file format into PDF files, supports drag & drop for MS Word files, offers the ability to outline plain text, adds text completion, and other enhancements. PStill 3.4.1 ($70) can now create CMYK and Spot Color separation plates and also now includes an additional expert module for creating a composite PDF out of individual separated plates.

Hash debuts Animation:Master for Mac OS X

06/21, 4:15pm

Animation:Master for OS X

Hash next week will announce Animation:Master for Mac OS X. It combines "advanced 3D modeling and animation tools with a world-class renderer, into a thoughtfully designed environment tailored for an artist's sensibility." The complete 3D character animation studio in one application includes modeling, texturing, animation, and rendering tools--including a "unique spline-mesh modeling that gives artists a level of smoothness and control that is hard to match with other technologies. Animating characters and objects is very tactile, and can be done in full real-time shading using OpenGL hardware acceleration." It runs on Mac OS X 10.3 Panther, is available for $300, and requires the CD to run. Upgrades are $100.

Apple launches \"iPod your BMW\", posts TV ad

06/21, 2:45pm

\"iPod your BMW\"

Apple today quietly launched its "iPod your BMW" campaign, which users to integrate an iPod with newer BMW models: "Connect with music like never before behind the wheel of your BMW 3 Series, and X3 and X5 SAV, Z4 Roadster or MINI. With the installation of an integrated adapter developed by Apple and BMW, you can now control your iPod or iPod mini through the existing audio system and multi-function steering wheel. Which means no loss of power. No loss of sound quality. No loss of control." The BMW iPod adapter can be installed in 2002 or later 3 Series, X3 and X5 SAVs, Z4 Roadsters and MINIs with compatible audio configurations. Apple has also posted a QuickTime version of its "iPod Your BMW" TV ad.

Apps: Peek-a-Boo, JaSFtp, WitiNews, Athenaeums, ...

06/21, 2:25pm

Peek-a-Boo, JaSFtp, ...

    Peek-a-Boo 2.0 ($20) is a utility to monitor and manage all of the processes running on your Macintosh. Completely rewritten for Mac OS X, it can hide, bring to front, reveal, kill, and modify the priority of any process as well display a large variety of information. It includes a log generation, graphing, and a range of user preferences. [568KB]
    JaSFtp 6.07 is an secure ftp (SFTP) client designed to transfer files automatically. Users can automate SFtp transfers., schedule ftp of files between your PC and the server; automatically rename the files based on current month, day or time; rename and delete based on wildcards; transfer multiple files at once; transfer entire subdirectories; email notification on error; monitor remote or local directories for changes; zip files, etc. [2.2MB]
    WitiNews 1.0 ($20) is a small application designed to send newsletters. It features an integrated message editor to manage pictures, a database for your contacts, and an e-mail delivery program to manage customers and send personalized e-mail newsletters, letters, alerts, and more over the Internet. It runs on Mac OS X 10.2.3 or later. [2.5MB]
    Aspyr's Raven Shield Mac 1.0.1 ($50) adds changes specific to the PC 1.4.1 version of Raven Shield. Changes include properly synchronized firing, better performance during bandwidth limited and heavy fire fights, a new spam filter, drawing tool accessibility between rounds, automatic switch to the primary weapon after the last grenade, etc. [6.2MB]
    Athenaeums 1.3.0 for Mac OS 9/X is an EIMS filter for archiving of standard EIMS log documents, specifically the error log, mail log, sending error log, and console log. This latest release of Athenaeums adds email notification and hierarchical archiving support. Pricing starts at $30 for a 2-CPU license (with $15/year renewals). [624KB]
    OsiriX 1.2 (donationware) updates the 3D image processing software for medical images; it offers DICOM/PACS support and a new plug-in architecture designed (with its own SDK). The navigation and visualization solution offers a mult-dimentional viewer (2D, 3D, 4D, and 5D) with modern rendering 3D modes, such as MPR, Surface Rendering, Volume Rendering and MIP. [21MB]

Eclipse 3.0 brings enhancements to developer tool

06/21, 12:25pm

Eclipse 3.0 dev tool

The Eclipse Foundation today announced its royalty-free 3.0 release of the Eclipse Platform. Eclipse is an universal platform for tools integration, software modeling and testing. Version 3.0 extends the sophisticated object-oriented development technologies to support a rich-client platform (RCP) that enables construction of desktop applications. Specific features include improved installation, improved menu/toolbar customization, role- and experience-based approaches, and improved multi-threading. It will be available on June 30th.

FileMaker debuts FileMaker Work Requests

06/21, 12:15pm

FileMaker Work Requests

FileMaker today introduced FileMaker Work Requests, a new business application that streamlines an organization's work order process from the initial request through completion of the work order. FileMaker Work Requests automates the work order process by consolidating work order information in a single, centralized location for easy and instant access by members of the organization, minimizing phone calls, data entry and paper work. The ready-to-use, work order management application can create, track and report on work orders using a flexible submission and tracking system, customizable reports, pre-defined security access levels, re-usable templates and additional tools. It will ship in July for $120 (requires FileMaker Pro 7).

Analyst issues \'neutral\' rating, raises estimates

06/21, 12:05pm

AAPL \'neutral\' rating

Analysts at First Albany today issued a "neutral" rating on Apple, while raising their estimates for the company. Newratings notes that a First Albany's research note published this morning says that Apple is likely "to witness re-accelerated momentum in iPod's unit growth by the September quarter" and that it is "poised for robust near term unit growth in its iPod Mini and iTunes products in the European market" as well as the summer launch of the HPod product. However, because of supply constraints--expected to be relieved by the fourth quarter--the analysts expect only modest sequential gains in iPod shipments. The EPS estimates for FY04 and FY05 have been raised from $0.61 to $0.65 and from $0.72 to $0.88, respectively.

Aspyr ships James Bond 007: Nightfire

06/21, 12:00pm

Aspyr ships James Bond

Aspyr is now shipping James Bond 007: Nightfire: "The ultimate secret agent is back in his most dangerous adventure yet in James Bond 007: NightFire. Featuring Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, players operate in the snow capped Austrian Alps and outer space as well as underwater in the depths of the South Pacific to defeat the evil criminal mastermind Rafael Drake who is secretly bent on world domination." NightFire features an original single player storyline borrowing from the 007 legacy that spans 40 years and supports online battles with up to 32 people, challenging Al enemies in more than 15 exotic locations, and nine single-player missions. It will be in stores on June 25.

Hemera launches high-res picture downloads

06/21, 11:50am

Hemera Image Express

Hemera today launched Hemera Image Express Premium, which offers higher resolution file sizes--up to 15MB--to its existing image portal. The high-res images support professional quality printing up to 9 x 6 inches at 300 DPI. The Premium subscription lets users download images on a pay-as-you-go basis or offers full access to the entire collection of 500,000 royalty-free images (75,000 images at 15 MB) via monthly or yearly subscription. Standard pricing for files sizes up to 1MB is $5, $50, and $100, while Premium pricing is $50, $100, $300 for single image, monthly-, and yearly- subscription, respectively.

FileMaker offers FileMaker Mobile 7

06/21, 11:40am

FileMaker Mobile 7

FileMaker today announced FileMaker Mobile 7, a simplified companion version of FileMaker Pro 7 designed specifically for Palm OS and Pocket PC handheld devices. The popular mobile solution has now been updated for compatibility with FileMaker Pro 7 and is being shown for the first time here at the 2004 National Educational Computing Conference (Booth No. 2000). It adds synchronizing multiple devices with the same desktop database, synchronizing with runtime applications created with FileMaker Developer 7, the ability create/execute scripts before/after sync, sync without FileMaker Pro running, and wide screen viewing on Dana by AlphaSmart. It is priced at $70 with a $25 rebate for current users of FileMaker Mobile 2.x.

Apple announces Remote Desktop 2

06/21, 8:55am

Apple Remote Desktop 2

Apple today announced Remote Desktop 2, the second generation of Apple's asset management, software distribution and help desk support software. Version 2 offers "dramatic" improvements in screen sharing performance as well as more than 50 new features for centrally managing Mac OS X systems. Remote Desktop 2 includes a wide range of desktop management tasks such as installing operating system and application software, running hardware and software inventory reports and executing commands on remote Macs. It will be available in July for $300 (up to 10 systems) or $500 (unlimited systems). Special education pricing is also available.

RadTech offers MiniSleevz, hard PowerBook case, more

06/21, 8:45am

New RadTech products

RadTech today announced several new products, including a new cover for the iPod mini, a new aluminum PowerBook case, a Bluetooth high-resolution mouse, a new line of soft luggage cases designed for Apple notebooks and iPods, etc. The MiniSleevz for iPod mini is constructed from a unique Optex fabric, providing full, wrap-around protection along with full control directly through the case, while still allowing the miniSleevz-clad iPod to fit perfectly into the Apple-supplied belt clip and armband mounts. It is available in six colors for $18 each.

\"Big Mac\" not listed among top 10 supercomputers

06/21, 8:20am

Top 10 supercomputers

"Big Mac", the cluster of 1,100 G5 desktops built by Virginia Polytechnic Institute, was not among the latest top 10 supercomputers because it was out of service for hardware upgrades, according to IDG News Service: "Two prototype versions of IBM Corp.'s Blue Gene supercomputer have made the top 10 and the authors of the ranking say they expect the final version of the computer to become the No. 1 machine by this time next year or possibly late this year.... Blue Gene will deliver an awesome amount of processing power. The first system will be installed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and is expected by IBM to operate at a peak performance of about 360 teraflops -- or nine times the NEC machine's peak performance of 40T flops."

Link Aggregation networking software for Macs updated

06/21, 8:15am

Link Aggregation for Macs

Small Tree Communications today released version 1.4 of its IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation networking software. Version 1.4 offers higher stability and improved performance for a wider range of network switches over the initial 802.3ad product introduction. Link Aggregation enables true enterprise class network solutions by bonding or trunking multiple Ethernet ports on a single computer into one virtual interface for higher bandwidth and higher availability.

Briefly: LAFCPUG, DV Graphics icons, dincTYPE fonts

06/21, 7:50am

LAFCPUG, DV Graphics icons

In Brief: Digital Vision Graphics has posted three new free icon sets and desktops pictures as well as discounted its "Iconize Me!" packages by $5; dincTYPE has completed its site redesign and is offering 35 free limited edition fonts; The Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group (lafcpug) will celebrate its fourth birthday on Wednesday, June 23 (6:45PM) at the LA Film School in Hollywood with several guest speakers. The iPod Garage User Group will hold its monthly online meeting today (Monday, June 21st at 8:00 PM ET via IM) to discuss iTunes Europe, and AirPort Express with AirTunes.

Apps: FotoTrafiX, iLocalize, Impression, Book2Pod...

06/21, 7:35am

FotoTrafiX, iLocalize, ...

    FotoTrafiX 1.1 ($500) is a new image management application, offering four different interactive modes (grid, list, edit and full). It offers functions for data archiving, image rotation, manual/automatic image transfers, watch folders with automatic (filter-based) transitions, templates, custom IPTC fields, and other advanced features. [form]
    iLocalize 2.0 is a powerful and intuitive application designed to help developers localize applications. It handles multiple languages in the same project, offers custom glossaries and has features to help incremental localization. It runs on Mac OS X 10.3.2 and is available in Lite ($20), Shareware ($50), and Pro ($150) versions. [4.6MB]
    Impression 2.6b (beta) offers a substantial update to the backup application for OS X. This revision provides a new hfspax-based restorable archive format which improves archiving and restoration speeds most noticeably as well as full Unicode support for all catalog, log and session files. [635KB]
    Book2Pod 1.2 (free) is a utility to format large text documents so they can be read on an iPod using the built in Note Reader software. It supports documents larger than the 4KB per note limit of Note Reader and works around the 1000 note limit. It requires Mac OS X 10.3. [294KB]
    Control Freak 1.2 (donationware) offers a GUI-based interface for several terminal commands, including configuring the Dock and Finder (beyond the standaard options), run Unix Maintenance Scripts, clear browser/font caches, optimize your network buffer, renice (re-prioritize) user processes, save "unsavable" QuickTime movies, remove .DS_Store files, and more. [324KB]
    myJournal 1.5 ($10) offers advanced functions for a personal diary, including password-protection, drag & drop of photos/movies, thumbnail generation, multiple journals, font/background customization, keyboard shortcuts for formatting, context-based search results, and more. [1.1MB]
    MacCVSClient 1.9 (free) is a CVS client running on System 7.1 and later. It offers easy viewing of diffs, logs and annotations as well as a mechanism to ensure you resolve conflicts before committing changes. It adds new commands, updated documentation, and a Sandbox Inspector window for the display of file details, editors and watchers lists. [Classic, OSX]

Mac School 6.0 offers Mac OS X support

06/21, 7:15am

Mac School 6.0

Chancery Software today released Mac School 6.0 for Mac OS X, an update to its student management system for schools and school districts. Mac School 6.0 provides K-12 administrators and teachers with an enhanced user interface, improved security roles and functions, and improved software setup. "From initial set-up through use of demographics, scheduling, grading, attendance, to the report manager and more, this release reflects our desire to support the evolving needs of school administrators using the best technology of the day." It offers features for collecting/organizing student demographics, discipline records, attendance, grades, and timetables. It runs on Mac OS 9/X and is compatible with many school management solutions.

Apple expands iBook repair extension program (again)

06/21, 7:05am

iBook repair extension

Apple has again extended its iBook repair extension program to include more models, according to an updated FAQ on its Website (as noted by PC Pro): "The Expanded iBook Logic Board Repair Extension Program is a worldwide program covering repair or replacement of the logic board in iBook models manufactured between May 2001 and October 2003 that are experiencing specific component failures." The new program includes iBooks with serial numbers UV117XXXXXX to UV342XXXXXX.

SendStation offers new PocketDocks for iPod

06/21, 6:50am

PocketDocks for iPod

SendStation Systems today released two new models in its PocketDock product line of adapters that allow users to connect their iPods with a standard FireWire cable. The new PocketDock Combo ($23) offers both USB and FireWire ports in a single adapter, while the new PocketDock Line Out ($30) offers a FireWire connector as well as a 3.5 mm (1/8") stereo jack for high-quality audio output. The stereo jack connects directly to the iPod's line level circuitry, bypassing the iPod's headphone amplifier for optimal sound quality when connecting to an external amplifier or stereo system. It includes two 6f ultralight white audio cables.

Apple loses trademark appeal case in China

06/21, 6:40am

Apple loses trademark case

Apple has lost a court appeal against a decision that rejected its application to have its trademark logo extended to cover clothing and other items in China, according to a report by Channel NewsAsia: "The verdict by the Beijing No.1 Intermediate People's Court means that Apple cannot claim that its logo is protected under law for those goods, Xinhua news agency said. Xinhua said the trademark appraisal committee of China's State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) had previously rejected Apple's application from April 2000 to have its trademark logo extended to cover clothing, hats and shoes."

Power Mac G5 supply problems expected in Australia

06/21, 6:35am

G5 supply issues

Apple resellers in Australia are expecting supply problems following the recent dual Power Mac G5 announcment, according to ARNnet: "Director of Apple Centre Taylor Square, Ben Morgan, said there was always a problem with supplying customer demand because Apple never manufactured enough of a given line.... South Yarra Apple Centre supervisor, Damien Finn, agreed the supply of new G5 lines would be vulnerable to the vendor's ongoing inability to ship enough stock. 'With Apple we take it for granted that it will be delayed,' Finn said. 'Apple said June or July, but it's anyone's guess.'"


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