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Briefly: Softphone for OS X, Mac OS X white paper, ..

updated 04:00 pm EDT, Fri June 18, 2004

Softphone for OS X coming

In Brief: Apple is among Forbe's " next week.

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  1. pdot

    Joined: Dec 1969



    "a healthy 3 million iPods"

    interesting use of the word. I guess that means that there weren't any product recalls? Good thing the bad batteries didn't turn into an epidemic.

  1. rkadowns

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Isn't that called the eMac?

  1. bobolicious

    Joined: Dec 1969


    LC 475

    was the only LC I ever liked - 40w power use (environmentally good) very compact, quiet & decent vram support - yeah I could see the benefits of a low end cube, for example...

    As far as Quicken for Mac, well that program needs a TON of work - things so basic like foreign exchange for the investment component don't seem to exist - a real shame as it seems to be the ONLY dual platform option in this category I know of...

    Ironically I would say Quicken (esp Home & Business) is actually one of the best reasons to buy a PC over a Mac as the PC version is sooo capable... Sadly...

  1. iJed

    Joined: Dec 1969


    RE: MacLC?

    The difference between eMac and LC style Mac is that the eMac has a built in screen. If Apple were to build an eMac (or probably even iMac) without the display I'd buy one tomorrow. Many people agree that this is one area that Apple totally lacks a product in. I bet this also prevents many PC users from switching.

  1. beeble

    Joined: Dec 1969


    LC is a good idea

    So long as they don't make it look like a pizza box. The LC's were a good form factor for their day but Apple is capable of much more now. I would think that something 10-12" high and 3-4" wide with a vertical slot loading combo drive would be good. Have one PCI slot and a full complement of FW, USB and on board video (probably DVI). It could be in a very nice, stylish plastic case which could be removed vertically to expose it's innards for service/upgrades.

    It has been frequently noted that many switchers have opted for cheap PC's because they don't want the expense of buying a monitor in an all-in-one when they already have a monitor. A friend of mine recently switched but it took him an extra year to save the money to buy a powerbook, the only Apple model he liked apart from the G5. If Apple made a product that was comparable to the old LC series then he would have bought that a long time ago.

    I know several other people who'd love to get a Mac and switch but an all-in-one is too much for them considering they don't need half of it. I can't see how this type of machine could be anything but good for Apple's sales.

  1. HeatherEcsedi

    Joined: Dec 1969


    LC no good

    How could Steve still get overpaid if Apple begins to sell low cost machines ? Steve has no desire whatsoever to make computers for the rest of us anymore. He just wants money but pretend I doesn't make any.

  1. eswinson

    Joined: Dec 1969


    headless iMac

    I think apple could make a headless mac with a slot loading drive in the same form factor as a LaCie bigger drive if not smaller. It may not be a G5 anytime soon but it could very well pack a few more Mhz than the current G4 offerings. With bluetooth for the keyboard and mouse and airport extreme card built in, you could have one with only a power and monitor cable going to it. Output your tunes and printing to an airport express and you won't even need to clutter your desk with printer and speaker cables.

  1. MichaelNH

    Joined: Dec 1969


    LC comments make no sense

    The whole "Apple could have sold another 800,000 units if they had another LC type unit" makes no sense what so ever. You are robbing Paul to pay Peter. You would be stealing away those people that would have bought an eMac, just to say another ~$100. Or whatever the cost difference would be. Apple should never compete below the sub $799 area. You don't think they could easy produce a 400MHz G4, with USB and Firewire 400... for like $299. BUT WHY in the world would they want to do that? That's what the used market is for. Emac has hit a sweet spot in the price range. If you watch the amount of PC's that leave retails like Best Buy, many/most are in the $799-$999 range, if not more. You'll get the people who will buy the emachines for email, but that's all they are good for. If Apple can't steal those customers that are buying the $799 PC's, then how would making a $599 mac help Apple in any way, shape or form? They would just get the more frugal mac customers to downgrade from an eMac. Once you start competing on prices alone, you then lose focus on quality. Something suffers when you compete on price. Usually service, tech support, and hardware quality. Those are all things that Apple has a good reputation for in the past.

  1. JimWall

    Joined: Dec 1969


    The LC's lost money

    If people remember it was the hayday of the performa and the LC that apple was losing its shirt.

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