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FireWire Depot adds clustering to eRAID

06/15, 10:30pm

FWD eRAID updated

FireWire Depot has announced the addition of clustering to its eRAID RAID system. The eRAID System provides RAID levels 0, 1, 0+1, 3 and 5 or JBOD configurations featuring 1394a, 1394b, USB2.0 and Serial ATA connectivity on the rear of the enclosure. The eRAID system utilizes high-performance 64bit RISC processor, 64bit memory architecure, built-in 64MB SDRAM cache buffer and 66MHz/32bit path at burst rate upto 266MB/sec to control five hot-swapt ATA-133 drives. The eRAID can accept 5 IDE hard drives of any capacity. The eRAID system is $1500.

Apps: CourseWizard, OnSync, Dock-It, Kidwidget, ...

06/15, 8:55pm

CourseWizard, OnSync, ...

    CourseWizard 5.1 is a staff development tool that allows Administrators of professional development programs to organize and manage curriculum and business processes. It adds XML export, the ability to generate automatic or status change emails, custom grading categories, user-initiated account generation, descriptions for offerings, and PDF report generation.
    OnSync 1.6 ($10) is a contacts synchronizer for mobile phones and Mac OS X. It offers better support for Motorola and GSM mobiles in hierarchic mode, verified compatibility with Entourage (Office 2004), new preferences (exclude selected numbers, address book format, default number), and better support for Motorola phones. [1.3MB]
    Dock-It 2.0 ($10) is a multifunctional dock and Finder enhancer for Mac OS X. Users can create more than one dock with custom colors and/or background images.. Version 2.0 adds support for docklings that extend functionality and applets (clcok, clipping, "shelf" for pausing Finder operations, preferences, etc.). [2.0MB]
    CaminoKnight 2.3.2 and FireFix 1.01 automatically downlaod and update the Mozilla browsers with the latest nightly builds from the servers. [CK, FF]
    PasswordVault 3.1 ($20) is a password manager which securely stores website usernames and passwords, Internet banking data and software registration details. Lava Software is now offering customized versions of PC-Mac PasswordVault to universities, companies, organizations and OEM licensees (such as USB flash drive manufacturers). [Classic, OSX]
    Kidwidget 1.1 ($24) includes a variety of easy-to-use tools (Draw, Paint, Write, Flashcards, Make Music, Games, Notes, and Dictionary) in a protected environment for children K-8. Version 1.1 disables Mac OS X "Expose", offers new icons/cursors/graphics, adds new "Paint" backgruonds and an "Eraser" tool, brings more kid-friendly error messages, and more. [4.2MB]

Tech: Gmail/Hotmail; do-not-spam; Akamai attack...

06/15, 5:20pm

Hotmail shuns Gmail

Evening tech news: Users of Google's soon-to-be launched Gmail service say they can't get messages through to users of the rival Microsoft Hotmail service; the U.S. administration will not immediately create a national do-not-spam registry to discourage unwanted e-mails, saying using current technology to do so might generate even more unsolicited sales pitches across the Internet; a hacker attack on Internet services company Akamai disrupted access to large Web sites including those run by Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft for up to 2 hours early this morning.

Briefly: IF 200th Set, penny jukebox, Akamai outage

06/15, 1:30pm

IF 200th Set, penny music

In Brief: OD2 has rolled out a new streaming service in France, Germany, Italy, and the UK that will allow listeners to pay just 0.01 euro (1 cent) per song, without being billed a monthly subscriber fee; The IconFactory's IF 200th Set is its 200th icon set and features system replacement icons and some Iconfactory-themed desktop pictures; A DNS service disruption at Akamai cut off access to some of the Internet's major Web sites Tuesday, including, and; Dell plans to expand its flat-panel television line to include plasma-based models and will also open more sales kiosks as it expands its consumer electronics line.

Vicomsoft offers SuperIntendent reporting module

06/15, 1:15pm

SuperIntendent reporting

Vicomsoft today introduced SuperIntendent, a new reporting module for Vicomsoft InterGate, the company's security and connection management tool for networks. SuperIntendent provides detailed and summary Internet usage reports to help businesses enforce an Acceptable Use Policy. Reports can be generated by protocol usage (Web, mail, etc.), destination usage (webs ites visited), content categorization (in conjunction with SurfControl), blocked access reports, and other system events such as attempted intrusions. A 5-user license is $100 and $350 for InterGate and SuperIntendent, respectively.

SwiftData 200 expands G5 internal drive storage

06/15, 1:00pm

SwiftData 200 expands G5

Trans Intl today announced its SwiftData 200, which expands the storage capacity of a Power Mac G5; it allows users to add up to three additional internal Serial ATA (SATA) hard disk drives in a Power Mac G5--for a total of five internal drives (the Power Mac G5 already supports up to two internal drives). The drives can be configured as a RAID Type 0 array for archival backup and security, a RAID Type 1 for improved disk speed or as individual drives for expanded storage options. Each connected SATA drive offers up to 50MB/sec transfer speeds or up to 200MB/sec in a RAID configuration--fast enough to capture 10-bit uncompressed video from an NLE. The two-drive solution (with a single Firmtek PCI card) is $370, while the 3-drive solution (with 2 Firmtek PCI cards) is $440. SATA drives are available in capacities up to 400GB ($440).

Crucial updates Gizmo! Hi-Speed USB flash drive

06/15, 11:00am

Gizmo! USB 2.0 flash drive

Crucial Technology today introduced the Crucial Gizmo! Hi-Speed USB flash drive, a faster, slimmer version of its original USB flash drive. Offering data transfer rates of up to 480Mpbs (USB 2.0), the updated dark gray case is 66.5mm x 16.5mm x 8mm--small enough to allow multiple drives to simultaneously plug into neighboring USB ports. It also features a hole in the base to fit snugly on a key chain and a green LED to indicate data transfer. It ships with a key ring, lanyard, multilingual user guide, limited lifetime warranty, free second-day shipping in the US (for a limited time only). It is available in capacities of 64MB ($30), 128MB ($40), 256MB ($60), 512MB ($100), and 1GB ($230).

PGP Desktop 8.1 offers improved support

06/15, 10:30am

PGP Desktop 8.1

PGP Corporation today released PGP Desktop 8.1, the newest version of its security product line that includes PGP Disk to create encrypted volumes/disks, PGP Mail for encrypting/signing email/attachments/instant messages, PGP Admin for deploying/configuring installations, and PGP Keyserver to provide a central repository for storing company keys. Version 8.1 brings enhanced user interface and functionality for Apple's email application. It also adds improved compatibility with international character sets; automatic update notification, Novell GroupWise 6.5.1 support, FIPS 140-2 validation, and a new German Language version.

Apps: Firefox, EAGLE, Confluence, USBVision, ...

06/15, 10:15am

Firefox, EAGLE, Confluence

    Firefox 0.9 is a preview of Mozilla's next generation browser. It offers a new default theme, data migration from Netscape and Opera (with import from Safari, OmniWeb, etc. coming in a future version), a new extension and theme management system, and many bug fixes. (The Mozilla Thunderbird 0.7a mail client is also available.) [7.9MB]
    CadSoft is beta testing a Mac OS X version of its EAGLE Layout Editor, an "easy-to-use, yet powerful tool for designing printed circuit boards (PCBs). The name EAGLE is an acronym, which stands for Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor. The program consists of three main modules: Layout Editor, Schematic Editor, and Autorouter" via a single interface.
    Mac OS X Server Admin Tools 10.3.4 (free) contains administration software and tools that you can install on a computer other than your server. These tools require Mac OS X version 10.3 or later and allow users to configure service settings, monitor server activity, view log information, and check the state of each service. [272MB]
    Confluence 1.1 is an update to the knowledge management product; the professional J2EE wiki is faster, more reliable, and includes improved macro management, better attachment searching, attachment versioning, page locking, more robust PDF exports, better administration capabilities and more. Pricing starts at $1,200 for 25 users. [form]
    USBVision 1.1.1 ($25) updates the software for video digitizing devices including the XLR8 InterView, Belkin VideoBus and others. Version 1.1.1 restores the ability to play sound in the background, no longer interferes with iChat/iSight, releases unused USB bandwidth properly, and fixes problems with Internet version checking. [843KB]
    Splendid City Lite v3.5 (free) can now import CSV schedules produced by third-party software and create Splendid City projects (for publishing, XML export, etc.). It adds the ability to publish navigation tournament bracket views (Pro version) and the ability to track and resolve conflicts. The team sports scheduling software can organize team sport or game events. [3.3MB]
    Forty-TwoDVD-MPPlus 2.1 ($15) supports transcoding DVDs or DVD-Folders to common MPEG formats such as VCD,SVCD and CVD as ewll as offers the added ability to use the chapter marks from the DVD--even across mulitple output disks. Forty-TwoDVD-VXPlus 2.1 ($15) supports transcoding DVDs, DVD-Folders and many media files to common formats such as AVI, MOV (3ivX via DiVA), and audio. Version 2.1 offers dramatically increased speed with new supprt files and an easier setup assistant. [MPPlus, VXPlus]

CORE: Mac data server for digital content creators

06/15, 10:10am

CORE Storage Server

Storage Elements today announced CORE, a comprehensive all-in-one Macintosh data storage server software for digital content creators. The CORE Storage Server is an iSCSI/FC/NAS storage server that provides file level access (NAS appliance) and block level access (SAN appliance), offering "everything from virtualization, provisioning, management, snapshot, striping, backup and archiving capabilities.... Not only does CORE support NAS/SAN and virtualized storage, but it is also capable of archiving to tape without a third-party backup package." Designed for the prepress, broadcast, computer animation, audio/video, graphics and Internet markets, CORE will be launched at Macworld in Boston, July 2004 and will ship in September 2004 for $15,000 for "virtually unlimited users within the storage network."

Kano offers portable FireWire 800 80GB drive

06/15, 9:55am

FireWire 800 80GB drive

Kano today debuted SureFIRE800, a portable external hard drive ("fits in your pocket") that can store up to 80GB of data. It measures just 3.25" x 5.25" x 0.75" and features a high-performance 5400RPM drive with a 8MB cache. It offers both FireWire 800/400 and USB 2.0 connectivity. It ships with Dantz Retrospect Express backup software, featuring full-image backup, specific-file backup and a backup scheduler. SureFIRE800 is available in four models: a 20GB drive for $250; a 40GB drive for $290; a 60GB drive for $340; and an 80GB drive for $400.

Briefly: software patents, Yahoo! mail upgrade, ...

06/15, 9:40am

Yahoo! mail upgrade, ...

In Brief: A U.K. company claims to own a number of patents that relate to the process of downloading software and virus-protection updates over the Internet. Yahoo began offering on Tuesday 100MB of storage to people who use its free e-mail service and also upgraded Mail Plus paid users (now $20/year) to 2GB of storage; On Thursday, June 17th at 5pm Apple's Bill Foster will demo Apple's Pro video applications in a free video seminar at MacForce (Portland, OR); Mad Penguin has a review of FireFox 0.9, which was released today.

AOL teams up with Apple to promote iTunes in Europe

06/15, 9:15am

iTunes works with AOL

AOL toay announced it has teamed up with Apple to integrate the iTunes Music Store throughout AOL Music channels in the UK, France and Germany, providing AOL Members with instant, one-click registration to the popular online music store in each of the three countries. AOL members will be able to use their AOL screennames and passwords to access the iTunes Music Store where they can search, preview and buy music as well as browse exclusive AOL/iTunes programming pages in the iTunes Music Store. Special offers from AOL for free iTunes downloads and iPods giveaways will be available to AOL Members as well. For more information, AOL members can go to AOL Keyword: iTunes.

Linksys to unveil wireless drive sharing device

06/15, 7:40am

Wireless drive sharing

Linksys and Maxtor are expected to announce a $100 drive sharing device designed to allow an external hard drive to connect to a wireless router, according to CNET "The Linksys Network Storage Link connects to an external hard drive through one of two USB ports and includes a file management system, the companies said. It is designed to work with a wired or wireless network, and to work with other external drives apart from Maxtor products."

Apple launches iTunes in Germany, France, UK

06/15, 6:45am

iTunes for some of Europe

As expected, Steve Jobs this morning introduced the iTunes Music Store in Germany, France, and the UK at the London Music Event. Apple says it has 700,000 songs from all five labels, including 12,000 classic tracks, "dozens of Indies", and exclusive tracks. Apple will offer music song for purchase (via download) for 0.99 in Germany and France and 79 pence in the UK, while full albums will be priced at 9.99 (France and Germany) and 7.99 pounds in the UK. Apple says it expects to launch iTunes in the rest of Europe in October of this year. Jobs also noted that the iPod (mini) has a 50 percent marketshare (in Europe?) and said that future announcements are expected for iPod car installation announcements (a BMW logo was visible). Jobs also noted that AirPort Express will be available in Europe starting next month for 149. []

MindFortress 1.3 offers better security, improved UI

06/15, 1:05am

MindFortress 1.3

Web IS today released MindFortress 1.3 for Mac OS X, an update to its multimedia knowledgebase application that features 28 built in templates for creating your own digital wallet, password organizer, idea organizer, and image/movie/music archive. It also includes an easy-to-use template editor to create your own templates. Version 1.3 improves the security of the software, offers an updated user interface, and allows you to update current cards from template changes. A 7-day demo of the $25 application for Mac OS X 10.3 is available.

Tenon mail packages: Post.Office 3.6, WebMAIL 6

06/15, 1:00am

Post.Office 3.6, WebMAIL 6

Tenon today released new version of its mail packages for Mac OS X: Post.Office 3.6 updates the mail server and list server and WEBmail 3.6 is a new version of the web-based mail client developed by EMUmail. Post.Office 3.6 adds a new a new plug-in for virus scanning (using latest ClamAV, a muti-threaded virus scanner designed for mail attachment scanning). WEBmail 6 supports both POP and IMAP and multiple domains as well as SPAM filtering and SMTP Authentication. Version 6 features an integrated web calendar that lets you share your calendar in a group environment to coordinate meetings. Post.Office is $300 for a 100 mailbox license (and 10 lists). WebMAIL is available as an add-on package for $500.


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