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Briefly: dev tutorial, Mac OS X 10.4, AppleScript

updated 09:25 am EDT, Fri June 4, 2004

Dev tutorial, OS X 10.4...

In Brief: Cocoa Dev Central has published a new , citing its "..innovative ways to view, analyze, and store Web pages. Opera's security options are strong and easy to configure."

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  1. z10n

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    The finder

    needs a complete and total re-write. It just sucks a**. Off the top of my head:

    1) Icon grid spacing is retarded. Why in the h*** can't they let us put icons next to each other without turning off the grid?

    2) The finder frequently doesn't update until you click in the window. What is this, 1990?

    3) Column view is confusing because left-to-write heirarchy is confusing. You loose sight of how far down you are in the heirarchy. The back button doesn't always move by heirarchy, and going to the bottom of the screen to move the scrollbar is unacceptable. You can't turn off previewing. You can't set a default size for the columns.

    4) Copy/move operations with large numbers of files are slow as h***. How is it that using terminal is 1000X faster then using the finder? Shouldn't they be making the same system calls?

    5) The finder annoyingly remembers every little "preference" you make when you open windows. There's no way to make all the windows look exactly the same without repeatedly pushing the "global" button in every single window. As such, any time you open a window, it's a crapshoot to where it shows up on screen, it's size, and what view you see. I don't know how many clicks I waste reseting windows to something I can actually use before I start working in them. It's insanely confusing to keep presenting the same object in different locations, because then you can't memorize anything about it. Thus all the cries for "spacial finder". The problem with that concept is: how many people remember exactly where a certain window should be? When you have thousands upon thousands of windows to describe your whole heirarchy?

    6) Apple poorly accounts for the fact that modern computers have hundreds of thousands of files and there's no easy way to organize them (simple folder heirarchy is no longer sufficent for grouping files). The find command should be built directly into the finder instead of being a seperate window. You should be able to save searches so you can recover groupings of files you repeatedly need to work on. You should be able to save groupings of windows for the exact same reason. You should be able to apply metadata easily to every file and group files together any way you want, regardless of heirarchy. In other words, Apple needs a true database file system.

    7) Be truely innovative with the finder. Finder tabs would totally rock for grouping a set of windows together for working on a particular project or task. The finder needs interactive history so you can easily pop up locations you were previously at, rather then pressing back, back, back which doesn't give you a familiar cue when you've arrived at your destination. Allow windows to be attached together so they can be moved around in groups. Add filters to the finder (embedded searches) which instantly show you groups of files like all apps, all apps tagged wi

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