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Labels testing technology to limit CD burning

06/02, 10:05pm

CD burning limitations?

Apple's iTunes and other music services may soon be embroiled in a controversy over user CD burning rights as their "short-term" agreements with record labels expire and the recording industry tests new technology that would prevent consumers from making copies of CD "burns," according to CNET "Tools under review by the major labels would limit the number of backups that could be made from ordinary compact discs and prevent copied, or 'burned,' versions from being used to create further copies....Digital download services say they aren't yet feeling pressure to add the 'secure burning' feature, however. Some said the labels had spent more time discussing the issue as much as six months ago but that it hadn't been a priority recently."

Panther, iTunes named among PC World\'s \'Best of 2004\'

06/02, 9:45pm

PC World credits iTunes

PC World has named Apple's iTunes for Windows "Software Newcomer of the Year," while Mac OS X 10.3 was credited as the top operating systems released in the last year. In its commentary, the magazine says, "Apple makes Windows apps about as often as Microsoft ships bug-free products, and if iTunes for Windows is any indication, that's a crying shame." The 2004 Product of the Year was the AMD Athlon 64 FX processor series and IBM ThinkPad Series was named as the first recipient of the "Hall of Fame" category, which was created to recognize products that have consistently shown "World Class" qualities year after year.

APC Magazine reviews iPod knockoff: \"CoCoPod\"

06/02, 9:20pm

CoCoPod vs. iPod

S-Media's iPod knockoff, the CoCoPod, sells for the same price as the 20GB iPod, but offers more functionality: "Weighing in at 158g (including the built-in, rechargeable Lithium-ion battery) and measuring 11.1 x 6.9 x 2.2cm, the unit is a comfortable pocket companion for day-to-day use. It doesn't match the build quality of the iPod, and navigating with the roll-and-click type scroll wheel isn't anywhere near as elegant as the iPod's circular touchpad, but it works well. Support is provided for MP3, WMA and WAV files, as well as the ability to record on-the-fly and from the FM receiver in the MP3 format. The unit also includes an SD/MMC reader, a built-in microphone for voice notes, and a line-in connection for recording from sources such as a stereo system or mixing deck," according to APC Magazine.

Microsoft granted \'double-click\' patent

06/02, 9:00pm

MS patents \'double-click\'

Microsoft has been granted a patent for double clicking and for different functions based on the time a user presses a (mouse) button, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. US Patent No. 6,727,830, granted on April 27, 2004, is being protested by the New York-based Public Patent Foundation, as Microsoft last year said said "it would be seeking to improve earnings from technology which it claims it invented and would be using its patent portfolio to do so."

Mac OS X is a \"breath of badly needed fresh air\"

06/02, 7:30pm

Mac OS X vs. Windows

Seattle Weekly columnist Jeff Reifman says that addiction to Windows revenue, mediocre products, and missed that opportunities could doom Microsoft: "Over the past year, my frustration with Windows grew, as did my envy of Apple's cool new products. Finally, last month I went out and bought an G5 [with Mac OS X]. It had been years since I'd used a Macintosh. Until recently, I dismissed those who did as impractical, elitist hipsters, and I mocked the Mac 'switch' ads on TV. But in the first five minutes on my new Mac, I was surfing the Internet, sending e-mail, and ripping a CD. OS X has been a breath of badly needed fresh air after Windows."

\"Degunking Your Mac\" addresses sluggish performance

06/02, 6:30pm

\"Degunking Your Mac\"

Paraglyph Press announced today that it has published "Degunking Your Mac" ($25). Written by bestselling author and Mac expert Joli Ballew, "Degunking Your Mac" shows Mac users where operational slow-downs happen and why. It also covers all the known 'glitches' in Apple's Panther operating system, OS X 10.3.3, as well as prior versions going back to OS 9. "Even though many long-time Mac aficionados might not realize their computers can get gunked up, all Macs slow down after months or years of use simply because of all of the gunk that builds up--unused applications, bloated fonts, unread emails, and so on."

Tech: New WMP, wireless broadband, on-demand games

06/02, 5:25pm

Tech: wireless broadband

Evening tech news: Microsoft released the first test version of its new Windows Media Player software Wednesday, marking a significant upgrade aimed squarely at the expanding portable device market; U.S. mobile phone company Clearwire said Wednesday it was poised to launch a wireless broadband Internet service in the United States and several other countries; Comcast, the largest U.S. cable television operator, on Wednesday said it will offer subscribers to its high-speed data service a new bundle of on-demand video games.

Runtime Rev: chapters added to e-book; Rev conference

06/02, 4:25pm

Runtime Rev news

Runtime Revolution has announced the availability of the first two chapters of volume II in Dan Shafer's book and e-book series "Revolution: Software at the Speed of Thought". The e-book edition of the chapters are available immediately with the printed version to follow on completion of volume II. The new chapters are available for $5 each in electronic format. Additionally, the Autumn European Revolution Conference was announced today. It will be held November 14-16 in Malta, and is run by Techie Tours. Revolution is a multi-platform software development tool that enables developers to easily create applications for Mac OS X, classic Mac OS, Windows, Linux, and more.

Pixar\'s RenderMan R12 due in third quarter

06/02, 4:00pm

RenderMan R12 announced

Pixar Animation Studios today announced a new release of its RenderMan (PRMan) 3D rendering software used for film and video production. Release 12, now in beta, offers "3D Baking", improved volume rendering, reduced memory usage, geometry improvements, shading language improvements, arbritrary output variables, "Rif" filters, OpenEXR support, reduction of Ray Tracing Bias, and improved control over the camera and strategies used for dicing. The final release is expected in the third quarter of 2004.

Kodak debuts Digital GEM Airbrush Professional Plugin

06/02, 3:50pm

Kodak Airbrush plugin

Eastman Kodak has introduced its Digital GEM Airbrush Professional Plugin for Photoshop-compatible applications. It "gives users a quick and powerful way of smoothing skin and other surfaces without blurring or affecting details." Kodak's plug-in enables users to automatically achieve meticulous airbrush and retouching effects without tedious, time-consuming masking and manual softening. A free trial version (creating watermark-based images) is now available; registration ($100) removes the watermark.

Aspyr to ship Space Colony in mid-June

06/02, 1:40pm

Space Colony goes \'gold\'

Aspyr today announced that Space Colony has gone "gold" and will begin shipping June 14: "Imagine The Sims are sent to space, but they're dysfunctional!...Save the Colony! Your staff are brawling, the Harvester Robot is chain sawing its way through the oxygen supply and small furry aliens have taken over the disco. This is home!" The $30 title runs on Mac OS X 10.2.8 (or later) and features 20 unique personalities and over 100 buildings. It will be in stores nationwide by June 18.

Apps: PhoneDirector, Installer VISE, MacTheRipper, ..

06/02, 1:20pm

PhoneDirector, PhotoKit-EL

    PhoneDirector 1.0 ($30) is a complete solution for Nokia 6230 mobile phone with support for Phonebook, SMS, Gallery, Calendar and Wap management. Users can edit, upload, delete, backup, and export phone book numbers, download/upload multimedia items (pictures, sounds, videos), add/edit calendar entries, upload Java applications, and more. [2.9MB]
    Installer VISE 8.4 updates MindVision's product for creating full-featured installers for both Classic Mac OS and Mac OS X. It offers improved bundle detection and display, advanced drive detection, localization enhancements, additional Dock item support, better error reporting and prevention, etc. [23MB]
    MacTheRipper 2.0 (free) is a free "DVD ripper" (extractor) for Mac OS X that uses the open-sourced GPL libdvdread and libdvdcss libraries. It removes CSS encryption, Macrovision protection, and sets the disc's region code to '0' for region-free by default, and is capable of removing RCE region protection as well, making an unrestricted copy of any DVD movie you own. [861KB]
    Aqua Data Studio 3.7 ($90) provides enterprise and database administration features for all major relational databases. Users can now visually create and alter database schema objects and also can create explain plans and generate diagrams to quickly understand and analyze the operations of any query to optimize speed and performance. [13MB]
    PhotoKit-EL 1.0 ($40) toolkit for Photoshop Elements 2.0 offers accurate digital replications of traditional darkroom effects such as tone adjustment, color balance adjustment, and conversion to grayscale. It also offers effects such as sharpening to improve detail and graduated tone adjustments to improve specific areas in an image.
    Studycard Studio 2.2 is a study aid application that can create/print multimedia, multilingual flashcards, quizzes, picture/sound identification, etc. It offers automatic daily scheduling based on the Leitner cardfile system, allows users/educators to track progress over time, and more. The lite version is free, while a site-license is $250. Upgrades are $30. [3.5MB]
    Jon's Phone Tool 1.3 ($12) uses your Mac's modem or speakers to dial any touchtone phone. Users can enter a number manually or use the integrated search tools to find numbers in your Address Book, Microsoft Entourage, Now Contact, or Palm Desktop databases as well as search various websites and/or select a number in any application. [1.9MB]

Boris FX ships Continuum Complete 3

06/02, 12:35pm

Continuum Complete 3

Boris FX today announced that Continuum Complete 3 is now shipping. Continuum Complete 3 is a suite of native plug-in filters and transitions designed for Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro and Boris Red systems. Continuum allows users create high-end visual effects with over 50 new powerful filters. Other new features include an integrated PixelChooser, the ability to load/save presets for custom effects, integrated motion tracking, Z-space fitlers for 3D compositing, grain matching and grain removal technology, auto-animating 3D and 3D particle steps, OpenGL-based generators, new film effects, 8- and 16-bit color image processing, and more. Upgrades are $250, while the full version is $800.

New barcode scanner features Bluetooth technology

06/02, 10:45am

Bluetooth barcode scanner

Intelli Innovations today unveiled IntelliScanner Cordless Collector, a new Bluetooth-enabled wireless device enables users to automatically organize books, movies, games, music, etc. Cordless Collector features an innovative 250 count store-and-forward memory system, allowing users to use the device beyond the traditional Bluetooth wireless range. The package also includes Collection companion software for Mac OS X 10.3, offering features such as autofill (from Internet data sources) as well sharing items (checkout system, personal ratings, location tracking, HTML export, email notification of availability, etc.). The Bluetooth scanner package is $300, while the original USB-based version is $200.

CourseMill 3.5 learning system supports Mac OS X

06/02, 10:05am

CourseMill 3.5 LMS

Trivantis has announced a Mac OS X-compatible version of its learning management system (LMS) for Mac OS X: CourseMill 3.5 can deliver and manage e-learning initiatives online using a centralized environment for content, such as courses, lessons, assessments, quizzes, and surveys (including content that meets SCORM 1.3 e-learning standards). It also offers a customizable GUI, custom student data fields, unlimited reporting, automated self- and bulk-registration, real-time chat, forum-based discussions, an administration toolkit, and multiple levels of security. Pricing starts at $30,000; it supports an unlimited number of courses and students.

Strata ships Strata 3D CX, offers free bundle

06/02, 9:55am

Strata ships Strata 3D CX

Strata today announced that it is shipping Strata 3D CX, a major upgrade to its design, illustration, and animation. It offers integration with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, including "live-links" to Photoshop files/layers, Photoshop-compatible transparency export, and native Illustrator CS, PDF and EPS file support. Strata 3D CX also adds powerful new modeling tools with Polysplines and Meld, support for HDRI (High Dynamic Range Images), and an improved Raydiosity renderer. The $700 will be bundled for a limited time (through end of July 2004) with Strata 3D Vector, which allows the user to output Flash- and Illustrator-based line and region vector art versions of their 3D scenes. Version upgrades are $170, while competitive upgrades are $450.

Optibase completes Media 100 acquisition

06/02, 9:30am

Media 100 acquisition

Optibase today announced that it has completed the purchase of substantially all of the assets of Media 100 for $2.5 million: "With the addition of Media 100's 844/X, Media 100 HD, Media 100 i and other content design products to the Company's product portfolio, Optibase now offers a broader selection of high quality professional video products, from digital editing and compositing to encoding and delivery."

Apple waiting for Toshiba\'s 1.8-inch 60GB drive

06/02, 9:20am

60GB iPod drive coming

Toshiba is planning to launch a 60GB version of its 1.8-inch hard disk drive in the coming months and has already found a customer in Apple, according to IDG News Service: "The drive will enter mass-production during July or August and represents a jump in the storage density of Toshiba's 1.8-inch drives...Toshiba's current highest capacity drive, which is a 40GB model, includes two disc platters, each capable of holding 20GB of data. In the new drive, this capacity will be increased to 30GB per platter...Toshiba is currently shipping 350,000 of the 1.8-inch drives per month to Apple for use in the iPod."

Apricorn debuts 1.8-inch external USB 2.0 drive

06/02, 9:15am

EZ Bus Mini USB drive

Apricorn today introduced EZ Bus Mini, a new external 1.8-inch drive which it says is "the smallest external hard drive and disaster recovery system." The bus-powered compact drive (15mm x 75 mm x 101mm) will be available in 20GB and 40GB capacities and features a 4200RPM hard drive with an integrated USB cable (and a recessed compartment in the casing to store the cable). It includes a travel pouch, offers USB 2.0 connectivity, and will ship in mid-June for $200 (20GB model). [site not updated]

BW: Apple should partner on iPod, offer more choices

06/02, 9:10am

iPod partnerships needed

BusinessWeek's Peter Burrows says that Apple should "make friends" and consider adding more choices for consumers, including more iPod models and a subscription-based pricing model for music downloads: "Jobs needs to remember the prime lesson of the Mac: Make friends -- lots of friends. While the Mac was an early hit, Apple couldn't keep up against the investments of Microsoft, Intel, and a gang of rivals.... Jobs also should rethink his views on subscriptions. He has refused to offer them, saying music fans want to own rather than "rent" their favorite songs. But more than 1 million people now have online music subscriptions."

The MathWorks ships MATLAB 7

06/02, 8:05am


The MathWorks has released MATLAB 7, a major new release of the high-level technical computing language and interactive environment for analyzing data and developing algorithms and applications. It offers built-in support for integer and single-precision floating-point math, as well as language features for managing and analyzing larger data sets; optimizations across data types, operations, functions, and hardware; and an enhanced MATLAB Compiler that now supports the full MATLAB language. It is available immediately with prices starting at $1,900.

Apps: XML2Title, LinkRenamer XT, Live Dictionary, ...

06/02, 7:50am

XML2Title, LinkRenamer, ..

    Tactile Interrogator 1.0 ($50) is described as "the first graphical command shell designed for power users," offering colorized and dynamically-sized icons based on file permissions, dates and consumed disk space. Other features include keyboard-based navigation, directory size calculation, a built-in quick reference, and more. [6.6MB]
    LinkRenamer 1.0 ($200) is a Quark XTension that batch renames and automatically relinks picture links. "In just a few seconds, all picture links imported into a layout or document can be renamed with any custom naming scheme. LinkRenamer renames the actual picture files in the Finder and then updates the appropriate QuarkXPress links." [form]
    LiveDictionary 1.1.1 ($25) fixes a few bugs in the Safari extension (for Mac OS X 10.3) that adds fast, convenient dictionary lookups to the web: "point to a word with the mouse cursor, and its definition or translation appears in a popup window." Version 1.1 adds an English thesaurus, more Japanese dictionaries, etc. [11MB]
    A Better Finder Launcher 1.4 ($10) is a keyboard-based application launcher for Mac OS X that offers configurable indexing, instant listing of apps with "live filtering", full keyboard access, wildcard support, and more. Version 1.4 improves the preferences user interface, removes the nag-screen and has other bug fixes. [1.4MB]
    Cheetah3D 1.6 ($60) updates the 3D modeller and renderer for Mac OS X that offers tools from simple polygon editing over advanced subdivision modelling to boolean operations and Bezier splines. It adds updated documentation, .stl import/export, Mac OS X icon file export, a new shell polygon tool, a chain creator object, and more. [8.4MB]
    XML2Title 1.0 (45) uses Final Cut Pro's XML features to easily create subtitles from either markers or scenes. "[It] extracts either the clip/scene names with comments or the markers with comments for those markers. XML2Title puts those values into a new fx track with a 'Lower 3rd' text fx for each clip or marker." [form]

Apple\'s store design reflects corporate philosophy

06/02, 7:25am

Apple\'s store architecture

Apple VP Ron Johnson says that the design of Apple's retail stores simply reflects its philosphy, according an article in the The Metropolis Observed that looks at the facade, stairs, and ventilation architecture of the Apple's San Francisco flagship store: "If the new Apple store in San Francisco looks like a Powerbook computer, it wasn't deliberate. According to Ron Johnson, Apple's senior vice president of retail, the store's design was simply a result of a consistent 'internal logic' that seeks 'to get everything out of the way and create the most pure thing possible.' The result is a branding koan: Apple's corporate philosophy is design, so its store design is a philosophy. 'There's no design aesthetic for our stores,' Johnson says. 'We tried to just make them what we love.'"

Piper Jaffray analyst boosts AAPL rating

06/02, 7:15am

AAPL target, EPS upped

Analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray has issued a "market perform" rating on Apple; although Munster raised the target price from $30 to $32 on future growth of Apple's iPod division and an increasing focus on consumer electronics, he said that Apple's dependence on the education, consumer and creative professional market spending trends was a cause for concern. "The analyst expresses his optimism regarding Apple Computer's accelerated iPod sales growth over the next few years. Moreover, the company is reportedly engaged in the development of several new products, including a 30-inch monitor, colour screen iPod and multi-colour desktops."

Griffin debuts iTrip mini FM Transmitter

06/02, 7:10am

iTrip mini FM Transmitter

Griffin Technology today announced the iTrip mini FM Transmitter for Apple's iPod mini. It brings the entire list of iTrip features to the iPod mini in a "new, beautifully form-fitting mini design." The iTrip mini can broadcast to any available frequency on the FM dial--selected directly from the iPod mini itself. It features digital tuning to fight drift and can reach a radio over 50 feet away. It does not require batteries, as it draws its power directly from the iPod mini and automatically shuts off after 60 seconds without music. It will ship in July for $40; pre-orders are available now.

Mac Design Conference, Apple, announce savings

06/02, 12:45am

Mac Design, Apple savings

The Mac Design Conference organizers and Apple have announced a special offer for attendees of the Mac Design Conference in Chicago, June 2-4. The Apple Store on North Michigan Avenue is giving Mac Design Conference attendees an exclusive 10% discount off anything at the store. The offer is valid only during the Mac Design Conference, beginning on Wednesday, June 2 through to Saturday, June 5. Only registered conference attendees, who paid and participated in conference training, are eligible. Apple will require conference attendees to show their Mac Design Conference badge to apply the 10% discount.

Dr. Bott debuts MoniSwitch Pro ADC KVM

06/02, 12:05am

MoniSwitch Pro ADC KVM

Dr. Bott today announced its MoniSwitch Pro ADC for sharing Apple LCD displays. MoniSwitch Pro ADC is a KVM switch that allows the sharing of Apple Flat Panels with ADC (Apple Display Connector) between four computers. It is compatible with Apple's Flat Panel Displays that incorporate the Apple Display Connector including the Apple 23" Cinema Display. DVI displays can also be used with an adapter like DVI Extractor II. Any computer with a built-in ADC connector or compatible DVI video card with a DVI to ADC adapter such as DVIator can also be used. It is available now for $400.

FileMaker posts free FileMaker 7.0v2 updaters

06/02, 12:05am

FileMaker 7.0v2 updaters

FileMaker has posted FileMaker 7.0v2, a free update to its desktop database application. Version 7.0v2 includes changes to font smoothing, field validation, merge fields, import and more. FileMaker 7.0v2 Developer is also available. FileMaker recently began shipping FileMaker 7 Server, its server software for hosting FileMaker database files.


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