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Apps: iCook, CamSpinner, NovaMind, SonicMood, ...

updated 11:25 pm EDT, Tue June 1, 2004

iCook, CamSpinner, ...

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  • DoThisNow 1.2 ($20) adds several new actions to its action/script scheduling application. New actions include "Take Screenshot," "Repair Permissions," "Clear Internet Cache," "Run Unix command," "Open URL in Web browser," "Set iChat Status," and more--for a total of 20 different actions. It can be easily setup to run repetitive, time critical or other tasks. [2.5MB]

  • CamSpinner 1.0 ($10) lets users publish a web cam on a web site, grab still images and record QuickTime and MPEG movies using iSight or other QuickTime-compatible camera. It features automatic FTP upload, built-in page templates, custom online/offline messages, AppleScript support, integration with Keychain, a history log, and support for Salling Clicker. [368KB]

  • APOD Viewer v1.0 ($5) is a Sherlock 3 channel that provides easy access to the images and data on NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day website and also provides a search tool and results area as well as allowing selected favourites to be saved for easy access at a later date. [subscribe]

  • eSuite4X 2.8 - Web Developer Edition offers functions for developing database driven web sites quickly, including the ability to setup a local web server (Apache 2, PHP 4.3, WebDAV, MySQL 4). Other features include instant publishing of sites to a remote server, PHP code generation, report generation, improved database backups, a new preference pane, SQL4X Manager J 2.8, etc. [28MB]

  • NovaMind's Branch Proposal System (BPS) is available as a free plug-in for its "mind-mapping" NovaMind 2.1 ($80) application. BPS works to suggest words and phrases related to information on the existing Mind Map branches, offering the ability to insert multiple words with a click of the button. Version 2.1 also adds the ability to export to Microsoft's PowerPoint file format.

  • Surf Shop Cart 7.3.725 ($170) is a Perl based e-commerce solution for Mac OS X. It adds batch importing of categories and items (as well as manual entry), unlimited categories/subcategories, IP address logging, better MySQL integration, QuickBooks integration, XML order output, tiered pricing, gift certificate support, and other enhancements.

  • Barcode Automator 2.2 ($500) is a specialized barcoding suite specially designed for bulk generation and AppleScript automation. Barcode Automator supports 9 different symbologies, includes vectorized EPS, TIFF, and JPEG export capabilities, and comes bundled with OCR typography. Version 2.2 improves the barcode value editor, better compatibility, PostScript name matching, etc. [1.6MB]

  • SonicMood 1.0 ($10) plays soothing harmonies while you work: " SonicMood bathes you in gentle tones played by selected instruments to calm and relax you while you work on your computer. You may select from 21 different 'Moods' - combinations of instruments, note scales, and timings." [Classic, OSX]

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