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In brief: Alias 3D tour, RAE, SanDisk 6-in-1...

05/25, 9:00pm

In brief: Alias, RAE, SanD

In brief: Alias announced today the launch of its Maya 6 Evolution of 3D tour with sponsors HP and NVIDIA, visiting Montreal, New York, San Francisco and Hollywood; RAE Internet has been selected as the primary Northeast vendor for Sophos Small Business Suite, which provides full protection against virus and spam threats; SanDisk today introduced the world's first 6-in-1 PC Card Adapter, giving notebook computer users the largest number of card formats for moving files to and from flash memory devices.

Readers: iPod/iTunes 4.5 problems

05/25, 7:00pm

iPod/iTunes 4.5 problems

A MacNN reader let us know about a widespread problem for many iPod users with iTunes 4.5. The update is apparently causing some users' iPods to fail to connect to the computer. The problem has been reported by multiple readers.

Tech: anti-spam; ID theft, music player batteries...

05/25, 4:40pm

Tech: anti-spam...

Tech news: The backers of two anti-spam proposals said on Tuesday they would work together to provide a single standard that would make it easier for Internet providers to block unwanted junk e-mail; when it comes to choosing a portable music player, the power of a device's battery is an important factor to consider, as many shoppers have discovered; with identity theft rampant, users need to be cautious with their personal information, but consumer advocates say there's something else they ought to be vigilant about: expensive services for identity theft protection.

LaCie announces d2 DVD±RW Double Layer Drives

05/25, 2:50pm

LaCie double layer drives

LaCie has announced that it will ship its LaCie d2 DVD±RW Double Layer Drives with new double layer DVD recording technology next month. The new technology offers users almost twice the capacity of current recordable DVDs on a single-sided disc. LaCie's new drives also feature "the fastest speeds available" with 8x DVD±R and 4x DVD±RW for high-speed, dual-format recording. The drives will begin shipping next month starting at $250 with FireWire and Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interfaces as well as Toast 6.0. LaCie d2 DVD±RW Double Layer Drives are also available with Roxio Toast 6.0 Titanium software or CaptyDVD 2.0.

Apps: Paranoid Android, SQL4X Manager, ProjectForum..

05/25, 1:45pm

Paranoid Android, ...

    Paranoid Android 1.2 updates the free application designed to protect Mac users from the recently discovered URI security flaws in Mac OS X (and not completely addressed by Apple's latest security patch). Version 1.2 adds a new "whitelist" (and configuration) of acceptable ("safe") URI commands ('http', 'https', and 'mailto') and display of the application that will be used to open a URI. [810KB]
    Apple Xcode 1.2, released last month, is a complete "installation of the Xcode development tools. It includes an enhanced version of the Xcode IDE with improved stability and improvements to the user experience and build system. It also includes updates to several additional development tools, documentation and SDKs." It is available from the ADC Website and now from the Mac OS X Software Update.
    SQL4X Manager J v2.8 ($60) updates the database management tool that offers more than 80 assistants and tools, including table/user management, SQL queries with syntax coloring, data transfer, reporting, etc. It offers an improved UI, support for Oracle 10g, enhanced DB2 support, better MS SQL Server support, and support for a new PostgreSQL JDBC driver. [3.7MB]
    CourseForum 3.6 ($90) and ProjectForum 3.6 ($230) are updates to the professional and easy-to-use web software for business and educational collaboration. Version 3.6 provides numerous enhancements in the area of user access control, including multiple improvements in the recently introduced Campus and Enterprise licensing options. [CF, PF]
    HomeProject 1.1 ($30) is personal project management utility for Mac OS X. Version 1.1 offers better stability and performance, calendar display improvements, better export functions, support for more currencies, and bug fixes. The software integrates with iCal and Mac OS X AddressBook, offering Gantt charts to display project details in custom timelines. [1.5MB]
    Forty-TwoDVD-MPPlus 2.0 ($15) supports transcoding DVDs or DVD-Folders to common MPEG formats such as VCD,SVCD and CVD and offers the added ability to use the chapter marks from the DVD, automatically--even across mulitple output disks. Version 2.0 offes a new Setup Assistant, a new interface, multithreading support, and chapter support on SVCD, VCD, etc. [7.7MB]

Apple debuts at No. 3 on \"Wired 40\"

05/25, 12:55pm

Apple No. 3 on \'Wired 40\'

Apple debuted on this year's "Wired 40" list by Wired Magazine at No.3 by creating "the kind of platform-and-content synergy that gadget makers dream of. Having sold 5 million iPods, Apple owns 55 percent of the music-player market. Its iTunes has coaxed the Big Five record labels into a single online store and persuaded fans to download -- legally -- more than 60 million songs." Google, Amazon, Apple, Genentech, eBay, Samsung, Yahoo!, Electronic Arts, Pixar, and Cisco were among the Top 10. The 40 companies are ranked on the basis of five criteria: innovation, technology, strategic vision, global reach and networked communication. "The Wired 40" feature appears in the magazine's June issue (on newsstands on May 25th) and will be online the following day (last year's list is currently online).

Daystar, XLR8 deliver 600MHz G4 ZIF upgrade w/cache

05/25, 12:40pm

600MHz G4 ZIF upgrade

Daystar Technology has enhanced XLR8's upgrade technology to deliver new "value-priced", high-performance upgrades for Power Mac G3 owners: "the new upgrade utilizes the proven performance of the backside cache, to turbocharge its MAChSpeed G4 ZIF upgrade. The resulting upgrade delivers a 600 MHz upgrade that rivals the Power Macintosh G4 'QuickSilver' 733 system. Power Macintosh G3 speed improvements range for 2.5x in normal applications, to 8x in Mac OS X-optimized applications." The new MAChSpeed G4 ZIF 500/600 with 250MHz of backside cache is available for $200. (It also works with Power Mac G4 PCI systems.)

Two new business LCDs from ViewSonic

05/25, 11:20am

ViewSonic LCDs

ViewSonic today added two slim bezel displays to its business LCD lineup, including the 15-inch VX510 and 17-inch VX715. Featuring an elevated neck that provides a floating effect, both are framed by black bezels and stylish silver accents. The VX715 features ClearMotiv technology for displaying broadcast-quality video and compatibility with high-definition 720p and also includes OptiSync dual input technology for both digital (DVI) and analog (VGA) connectivity. The VX715 ($425) has 1280x1024 native resolution, 450:1 contrast ratio and 300 nits of brightness, while the VX510 ($525) provides 250 nits of brightness, a 450:1 contrast ratio and 1024x768 native resolution.

Sony launches two LCDs with Xbrite technology

05/25, 11:15am

Sony LCDs with Xbrite

Sony today launched two new flat panel computer displays featuring its new high-brightness Xbrite technology. The SDM-HS74P and SDM-HS94P, with 17-inch and 19-inch viewable image sizes respectively, feature a special LCD panel that allows the displays to deliver superior brightness and enhanced contrast even when placed in a sunlit room. They also feature Sony's ErgoBright technology, allowing users to adjust brightness settings in one touch, with minimal loss of contrast or color fidelity.

ClearOne debuts AccuMic PC echo-canceling microphone

05/25, 8:55am

ClearOne debuts AccuMic PC

ClearOne Communications today introduced AccuMic PC, an echo-canceling microphone for use with a personal computer in desktop videoconferencing and webconferencing applications. AccuMic PC uses audio technology from ClearOne's industry leading XAP conferencing systems to deliver high-quality sound and create a hands-free alternative to headset microphones. It has three microphone elements to provide 360-degree audio pickup for small group conferencing, and it can be linked with a second AccuMic PC for use in larger rooms with more participants. It uses a standard stereo (3.5 mm) connector. It will begin shipping this week for $650.

Apps: Applimiser, XMonitor, JIMZip, Radeon Enabler...

05/25, 7:35am

Applimiser, XMonitor, ...

    Applimiser 1.0 ($10) allows you to preview optimization results before any changes are made on your disk, offering a statistical analysis with the potential savings. It can remove unwanted language localization files and optimize embedded help files. [404KB]
    XMonitor 1.9.5 is a real-time system and email monitoring application for Mac OS X. It allows you to easily monitor your disk, cpu, ram and network usage, PPP status, IP address, email, and more. It no longer requires helper utilities and adds separate/combined monitoring of all network interfaces. [1.7MB]
    JIMZip 1.4.2 ($7) is an easy-to-use, yet powerful, zipping and unzipping interface for Mac OS X that can compress files by simply dragging files to the dock icon or application window. It is compatible with programs such as: WinZip, PowerArchiver, PKZip, ZipIt, Aladdin Expander, Stuffit DropZip, etc. [564KB]
    dincTYPE has posted six new free limited edition fonts: Fishboy, Truth, King Me, Starry, Howdy and Silicon Chip. It also debuted Cool Jerk, which it says will feature bitmap fonts that work well at very very small point sizes and also very large sizes. One of ten different fonts will be available for download at any given time.
    Print Magic 3.5 ($25) is a Mac OS X utility for collecting and printing information. Users can add notes and time stamps, instantly copy text using a hotkey, print using drag & drop, and more. Version 3.5 offers greater application compatibility, on-the-fly notes for drag & drop printing, code optimizations, etc. [1.3MB]
    UT2004 for MacOS X patch 3204 (free) is an unofficial patch from that keeps the game in sync with the PC version. It will apply cleanly to either a fresh install of UT2004/Mac (3186), or an installation with the interim patch (3186.1) (requiring install of the retail game, not the demo). [12MB]
    Radeon Enabler 1.01 (free) allows owners of the OEM versions of ATI's Radeon 9000 Pro, 9600 Pro, 9700 Pro and 9800 Pro video cards to use ATI's Radeon Displays 4.2.5 utility for Mac OS X 10.2.8, which offers features such as OpenGL override. Version 1.01 offers improved device tree parsing and recognition of more ATI chipsets. [1.2MB]

Indigo 1.5: home automation software updated

05/25, 7:15am

Indigo 1.5

Perceptive Automation today released Indigo 1.5, an update to the company's intelligent home control and automation server for Mac OS X. Indigo 1.5 now provides support for Smarthome's USB-based PowerLinc Controller (model 1132CU) home automation interface, allowing basic home control without leaving their Mac running. Other enhancements include improved AppleScript support, allowing users to customize and integrate home automation with other applications. For a limited time, Indigo 1.5 can purchase (through Smarthome) both a PowerLinc Controller and LampLinc for $70 ($16 savings). Indigo is available for Mac OS X 10.2.6 for $90.

Column: \"What do Macs and Islam have in common?\"

05/25, 12:20am

Column compares Macs/Islam has published an article by Asma Gull Hasan on the difficulties of being a Mac user, titled "What do Macs and Islam have in common?" Hasan writes, "Macs are seen as toys, not serious computers for serious people. [...] The choice to use a Mac or to be Muslim in today's world is not easily understood. In a world where the vast majority of computers are PC, where Islam is perceived as the enemy, why would someone choose to be a Mac user or a Muslim? [...] As every Mac user knows, suggesting a Mac product to a PC-using friend may end the friendship. I'd feel more comfortable encouraging a Christian friend to learn more about Islam [...] it's always open season on Macs."


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