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LimeWire 4.0 due later this month with new features

updated 10:45 pm EDT, Fri May 7, 2004

LimeWire 4.0 due May 18

Lime Wire today announced the release of , a major update to its Java-based file sharing application that offers users faster and more successful downloads, improved searches for rare content, and a sleek new interface. LimeWire 4.0 includes a guarantee that "users will get no bundled software when they download this new version, and as always, Lime Wire continues its tradition of not utilizing spyware. LimeWire 4.0 will be available to Pro customers and available for free download on May 18th.

Version 4.0 features better search results, a listing of "What's new?" for recent content additions, better results display, faster connections on startup, proxy support, internet connection detection/notification, non-US language support for searching, improved downloads, and other changes. Other standard features include an integrated audio player, interchangeable color schemes ("skins"), integrated chat, ability to browse specific hosts, iTunes integration, and support for MAGNET links from the Web.

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  1. Zaren

    Joined: Dec 1969



    On limewire's site, they say "LimeWire current version: 3.8.10"

  1. Toyin

    Joined: Dec 1969


    re: Strange

    "LimeWire 4.0 will be available to Pro customers and available for free download on May 18th."

  1. jmelrose

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Isn't Limewire spyware? I thought I read someplace it was fairly disreputable for that reason... ?

  1. Joined:


    Re: Spyware?

    No, it's disreputable for being sufficiently bloated to bring your system to its knees without even needing any spyware. ;)

    It's never been shipped with spyware that I'm aware of. It does have an ad pane, or did last time I looked - I use Poisoned/GiFT for Gnutella now, when I bother using that network at all. Much better to use BitTorrent, Soulseek (Nicotine), and some mlDonkey.

  1. tannehills

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Limewire is MUCH better

    Limewire used to suck. Lately, however, it has gotten so much better that I find myself using it more than any other P2P app.
    No more ad pane, it's free, the "spyware" was called Limeshop and is gone, huge numbers of hits on searches and super speedy downloads. With enough results on fast servers, I regularly hit download speeds that would rival a regual ftp transfer.
    As for being bloated, it has been slimmed down. I have been running it for a couple of hours now and am currently conducting a search and it using less memory than Safari is (suprises me, actually!).
    I'd say that it's time to take a look at Limewire again. I used to make fun of it and would not even consider it. However, it is a new beast these days.

  1. madhater

    Joined: Dec 1969



    ...more like plain old s***

  1. MichaelNH

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Pro customer?

    Pro pirater the same thing? Odd how a company can gain profits off potential illegal activities. And before I get a bashing, I know there are "some" people who probably use it for the correct purpose, but I highly doubt there are many. :)

  1. njahnke

    Joined: Dec 1969


    reminds me of

    acquisition's startup nag message implying you improve your karma by paying for software that helps people steal.

  1. bashar

    Joined: Dec 1969



    what you guys forget to mention is that limewire is an open source project and most of the other clients are based on limewire code, it has been great lately, and the pro version is very well worth it, in fact I am using beta 3.9.9 very nice and smooth, not to mention that the app is updated every 2 weeks or so,,,,,

  1. Joined:


    Re: Limewire is better

    Gave it a look based on this recommendation. Still seems to be the same old bloated, slow app it always was, bringing my machine (iBook G4) to a crawl. It's not because it's Java, either - Azureus is bloated too, but it's much better than this, and other non-bloated Java apps are quite snappy.

    It gives no better or more hits than any other Gnutella peer app, and in fact less since I can execute the same search on Fasttrack and Gnutella simultaneously using Poisoned (or another GiFT interface - and then I can also quit the GUI and leave the slim daemon doing the work in the background). So why would I bother with Limewire? It has a couple of mildly interesting options, but hardly enough to warrant putting up with the slowdown. Trashed already.

    btw it appears that the adware (Limeshop) is still included; it's just Windows-only.

    As for the "stealing" comments - get over yourselves. It's none of your business how other people use their computers. Also, "unlicensed copying" is not the same as "stealing". At least as far as the law is concerned - your own personal morality may differ (and that's precisely why you have nothing to say about anyone else's).

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