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\'Uneven illumuniation\' problems plague PowerBooks

updated 01:30 pm EDT, Mon May 3, 2004

\'Uneven illumuniation\'

Apple's ])

by MacNN Staff





  1. z10n

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Hate to say it

    Time and again people tout apple's expensive design decisions with "you get what you pay for" and "apple = BMW". c***, I say. You don't see BMW's having major design flaws anywhere near as much as you hear stories about iPod dead batteries, white spots on powerbooks, or windtunnel sounding G5s. You're telling me this is apple's "perfect" design?

    Quite frankly, I don't have any problem if apple wants to market themselves as being "elite". If that's their angle, I'm all for it. But put up or shut up. Don't keep marketing yourselves as "elite" if you can't back up your claims with superior, flawless design.

    I long for the day when the quality of apple's QC department is in line with their concept drawings.

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    iBooks too?

    I have an iBook G4 that has a couple of small shadowy patches on the left hand edge near the bottom corner. Is this a manifestation of the same problem? Will it worsen?

  1. ipod21

    Joined: Dec 1969


    dear god

    dear god, the world is coming to an end... the sky is falling! Look out!!!

    Given my new Dell laptop at work has a trackpad that does work (have to consistantly plug in an external mouse - dell tech support told us to reinstall windows), has a cd-rw bay that doesn't connect properly and does not recognize non CD-R/RW disc, the docking station I use has no sound output from the audio out jack (dell says it's 'checking into the problem', still hasn't gotten back to us after months of asking).

    Oh, and to top it offer my computer got the "Sasser Virus" this morning - which I eventually got fixed by downloading another patch for MS.

    I know Apple isn't perfect, but it's definatly the lesser of two evils.

  1. mbryda

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    Apparently you have not eard of the numerous electrical problems plaguing the new BMW 7 series. Or the complaints about iDrive.

    Or the M3 engines that would blow up a couple years ago.

    Even BMW does have its quality problems.

  1. outZider

    Joined: Dec 1969



    I was going to bring up the same thing as 'mbryda'. It's all in how the company deals with it. As far as I can tell, Apple is dealing with it on a case by case basis, which is all you could ask. Maybe they'll offer a trade up program, but I can tell you flat out that BMW never would. :)

  1. Deal

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Many Many Many

    I have seen many, many Powerbooks as am the IT person for several departments where I work. I have not seen this issue.

    I have seen PC laptops with patchy dim areas, but then again, PC users by definition don't mind stuff like that. They are used to clicking on error messages and avoiding doing things that just don't work right.

    I don't think this is a common issue. Either way, Apple will take care of it. I think this kind of thread comes up and half of the testimony is legitimate and the rest is PC Trolls just trying to badmouth Apple. Haven't seen too many testimonies about this one. The Trolls must be still trying to get MS patches from Microsoft's slow as molasses web site and fixing sasser.

  1. z10n

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re: dear god

    "I know Apple isn't perfect, but it's definately the lesser of two evils."

    Agreed. I suppose as well that a lot of us hold apple to an unrealistically high standard. But the reality is, apple pretty much draws all this critism on themselves by what they do. THEY are the ones that hype up their products, they are the ones making outrageous designs and keep pushing the whole "different" motif, they are the ones putting their stores in upscale districts and selling their products in fashion magazines. They've POSITIONED themselves as a "BMW" company. And so my feeling is, they deserve the excess critism they get when they make a mistake, because they are the ones that have been trying to make everyone think like they can't make a mistake.

    I'm sure apple takes it in stride though. The guy at the top is always the most visable target. The frustrating thing is, when apple really DOES need change, it tends to not happen. When you get beaten by a stick enough times, you just come to expect it, instead of simply getting your a** out of the way.

  1. hayesk

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Uneven illumination

    Mine has some dark areas that go away within a few seconds of me turning the PB off. There is a dark corner about one square centimetre, but not really much to get concerned of.

    And z10n, people always blow Apple's problems out of proportion. For some reason, every little glitch makes the news, yet the many PC problems encountered by Dell, Toshiba, IBM, etc. are ignored. Nobody ever claimed 100% of Apple's products are 100% free. Nobody is expecting you to hold them to that impossible standard.

  1. aer

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    As a generalization, most Mac users are whiny Pre-madonnas. They appreciate good design and want things to look nice and even. "Deal" had a great response above. Most PC users don't care so much about uneven screens, pincushioned CRT's and the everyday annoyance. They aren't looking at the details- obviously. Look at the PC cases and how ugly and ridiculous they look (with the exception of maybe Sony..). Come to think of it, most people aren't as picky and whiny about minor issues as the typical Mac user. It's just a given that Macs will always be scrutinized more than PC's because the Mac user is so often perched atop a high chair, holding his or her prized Mac.

  1. klinux

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    I see how it goes.. Dell laptops have problems and so do BMWs - so that makes it OK for Apple to have problems and makes it not OK for people to critcize Apple becase Apple, by default, is above reproach. :rolleyes:

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