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Apple\'s QuickTime 6.5.1 repairs security flaw

04/30, 11:05pm

QuickTime 6.5.1 fixes flaw

Apple today noted that is recent QuickTime 6.5.1 update resolves "CAN-2004-0431 where playing a malformed .mov (movie) file could cause QuickTime to terminate." eEye Digital Security said they reported the flaw back in February, according to CNET "Apple is downplaying the seriousness of the flaw in its advisory. A movie file could be created, the firm maintained, that would cause malicious code to execute when the user opened the file...Since movie files are not generally thought to carry code, the flaw could be used to disguise a virus or Trojan horse program and lure unsuspecting Mac users into running the program." The report notes that Apple didn't issue a security advisory until eEye discovered that Apple had patched the security flaw and asked Apple to do so.

Apps: oXygen, Hogwasher, Cheetah3D, FTPDroplet...

04/30, 5:10pm

oXygen, Hogwasher

    Adium X 0.53 updates the customizable and extensible AOL instant messaging client: "It features an all new, customizable message display, custom link titles, two new protocols (Yahoo! Japan and Novell GroupWise) and a ridiculously long list of improvements and fixes." [4.3MB]
    oXygen XML Editor 4.0 improves usability and adds a full featured XSLT debugger in the standalone version. Other features include several important enhancements to debugging, Emacs-like shortcuts, more font options, improved search/replace, new plugins, and outliner improvements. It is available for $75 (23% off) until the 15th of May. [14MB]
    Hogwasher 4 ($50) is a new version of Asar's Usenet Newsreader and Email client for the Mac. It offers multi-account article assembly, an optional multi-pane display, a completely rewritten database engine for improved stability and performance, improved online documentation, more powerful filtering, built-in spell-checking, and other features. Upgrades are $25. [4.3MB]
    Cheetah3D 1.5 ($60) now supports ngons (polygons with n edges) throughout the entire app from the polygon objects over the polygon tools too the file loaders and exporters. It also features "dramatically improved polygon tools." The 3D modeller and renderer for Mac OS X offers many tools from simple polygon editing over advanced subdivision modelling to boolean operations and Bezier splines. [6.9MB]
    FTPDroplet II v2.1 ($15) brings a more detailed interface with better progress indicators and also is now available in French, Spanish, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), and German. The drag & drop application quickly uploads files to specific destination; it runs on Mac OS X 10.2 or later. [1.6MB]
    StarCraft/Broodwar 1.11 corrects a handful of small issues with the popular real-time strategy game, while Nanosaur 2 1.0.5 brings a Dutch localization as well as improved localization and manuals for all other languages to the $25 action game.
    Mail Toolbox v1.1 ($21) adds SSL supported, an improved interface, message forwarding, printing, speed improvements, bug fixes, and both French and Spanish localization. The application helps manage email accounts by providing a client to browse mailboxes, delete spam, etc. It supports POP3, APOP, IMAP, and SMTP protocols. [2.9MB]
    .com Solutions Inc. has updated its FileMaker 7 AppleScript Reference with a new FileMaker 7 version of the file (16K download file), in addition to the PDF version. The guide provides a side by side quick reference for commonly used FileMaker 6 and FileMaker 7 AppleScript code examples. Each code example is stored within a FileMaker 7 database field for easy copying to the MacOS X Script Editor.

Forums: G4 max hard drive; Jobs on video iPod; ...

04/30, 3:50pm

Forums: Jobs on video iPod

Topics of discussion on the MacNN forums today include: The maximum hard drive size for a Power Mac G4; protective sleeves for PowerBook G4s; recent changes made by Apple to its iBook Repair Program; replacing a failing flat-panel iMac's hard drive; Apple CEO Steve Jobs' position on video features in future iPods; the merits of a 12" iBook as a desktop replacement.

Apple offers potential fix for iPod Updater problems

04/30, 1:05pm

iPod Updater solution?

Apple has a possible fix for users experiencing problems using the iPod Updater 2004-04-28, requiring users to delete the "iPodDriver.kext" driver file using the Terminal and reinstall iTunes. "iPod's disk icon appears in the Finder, but it does not appear in the iTunes Source list or in the iPod Updater. To resolve this issue, you'll need to delete one file and reinstall iTunes. Follow each of the steps below. (1) Open Terminal (/Applications/Utilities). (2) Type: sudo rm -R /System/Library/Extensions/iPodDriver.kext (3) Press Return. (4) Enter the administrator account password when prompted (5) Quit Terminal. [Restart, redownload iTunes, Reinstall iTunes]."

Wired: XP users mimick Mac OS X\'s Aqua interface

04/30, 11:35am

XP mimicks OS X interface?

Wired News talks about how Windows XP users are mimicking Mac OS X: "although the machine is running Windows XP, the interface is almost indistinguishable from an OS X machine. Notice the dock, desktop background, menus, system font and icons for applications and folders. Even the keyboard shortcuts belong to the Mac OS X. The system belongs to Kurt871, who won the latest monthly screenshot contest at AquaXP, a site devoted to turning XP boxes into faux Macs. AquaXP has 9,000 members. The site is named after Apple Computer's distinctive Aqua Mac OS X interface. A similar site,, has 16,000 members. And there are a dozen or more sites like them..."

iTunes 4.5 troubleshooting guide

04/30, 10:55am

iTunes 4.5 guide has published a free iTunes 4.5 guide (119KB PDF) that provides answers and suggestions for 15 problems users have reported with iTunes 4.5, QuickTime, and updating their iPod.

Forbes: Suggestions for iTunes

04/30, 10:45am

Forbes: iTunes suggestions

Forbes' Arik Hesseldahl offers some suggestions for improving iTunes in his Ten O'Clock Tech column today. Hesseldahl would like to see Apple include more than just cover art with the music he buys from the iTunes Music Store, something more akin to liner notes that have traditionally accompanied albums, and he feels Apple should use an album's original release date and not its re-issue date in the music's information tags. Also, rather than the weekly new music emails that Apple sends out to customers, Hesseldahl suggests Apple create custom emails based on a customer's prior purchases. "Overall, iTunes is off to a great start, and as yet the competition isn't even close. But the online music game is just getting started," he concludes.

APC introduces ergonomic laptop stands

04/30, 9:25am

APC ergonomic laptop stand

American Power Conversion, best known for it USP products, recently announced three ergonomic stands for laptops. Deigned to improve comfort and posture with varying levels of adjustability for a laptop's screen, each stand elevates the laptop and improves cooling and can be rotated 360-degrees. One stand features a minimal 5-degree tilt, while another features a 4-port USB 2.0 hub. Prices range from $20-$100.

Nova Media brings UTMS support to Mac OS X

04/30, 8:40am

UTMS support on Mac OS X

Nova Media today released Mobile High Speed 3G, the first Mac OS X software to support online connections using the UMTS protocol. Currently available in Europe, UTMS supports download/upload speeds of up to 384/64kbps. The software features support for Vodafone's Mobile Connect Card 3G/GPRS datacard for UMTS connections on all Vodafone UMTS networks, a well as Novatel Merlin UMTS card and Siemens U15, and Motorola A385, Samsung SGH-Z100, SGH-Z105 mobile phones. The 3G edition of the software also supports 200 network settings for most mobile network carriers worldwide and supports more than 87 phones and PC Card modems. Mobile High Speed 3G sells for €75 (US$91.50).

Piper Jaffray initiates Apple coverage

04/30, 8:00am

Piper Jaffray covers Apple

Brokerage house Piper Jaffray has initiated coverage on Apple with a "market perform" (hold) rating, notes CBS Marketwatch. No further notes regarding the coverage were released.

Steve Jobs \"proud of being an a**hole\"

04/30, 7:40am

Steve Jobs an \"a**hole\"

Robert X. Cringely, one of Apple's first employees back in 1977 and author of Accidental Empires, a history of the personal computer industry, says Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs "is proud of being an a**hole." The remark came in an interview published in today's Sydney Morning Herald. It's unclear whether Cringely was referring to Jobs 25 years ago, today, or both. He also explains that Microsoft founder Bill Gates "doesn't mind his actions being described but he doesn't like people to characterize him (say why he does what he does)." Cringely also says that innovation has been stunted since the development of the World Wide Web and that growth will remain confined largely to processors and system software, since that's where the money is.

CPC updates MacCaption 2.0 closed captioning app

04/30, 3:25am

CPC updates MacCaption 2.0

CPC has introduced MacCaption 2.0, a new version of its closed captioning software that can now automatically break and accurately time closed captions at the click of button. MacCaption (with subtitle option) subtitles a multitude of video formats without the need for a hardware character generator; it can import text, automatically format the text into basic captions, and can perform (manual) caption formatting, positioning and timing. Other features include multi-language capability, border around characters, translucent backgrounds, proportionally spaced fonts, kerning, and line spacing. Pricing starts at $4,000.

Jiiva SuperScrubber 1.5 now available in 3 editions

04/30, 3:15am

Jiiva SuperScrubber 1.5

Jiiva today announced SuperScrubber 1.5, an update to its powerful disk erasing solution. Version 1.5 now includes three distinct editions: SuperScrubber G3, SuperScrubber G4, and SuperScrubber G5. The separation offers support for legacy machines such as beige PowerMac G3s. Version 1.5 also includes improved support for Unix file systems, enhanced support for USB and FireWire hubs, as well as an updated list of built-in configurations. Each edition is $30, while the three bundled editions are $50. A limited non-functional demo is available.

Creo launches Six Degrees 2.0

04/30, 1:20am

Six Degrees 2.0

Creo has released Six Degrees 2.0, the latest version of its $100 desktop search engine designed to quickly find e-mail messages, file attachments, and people. Version 2.0 boasts a new, browser-based user interface that delivers ranked search results. The new full text and advanced search features aid users in quickly finding desired information. It also includes a powerful dynamic Projects feature, in addition to the new search functions, to-do lists, and QuickFilters that capture information in categories.


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