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DOT-POD offers instant song publishing from any iPod

updated 11:00 am EDT, Thu April 29, 2004

DOT-POD shares songs

"was conceived by a group of professional musicians who use their iPods for transporting their own copyright music and recordings and who wanted to be able to easily demonstrate their work to clients and to share 'works in progress' and other original compositions with others...It contains a built in webserver which you can easily start and stop whenever you like. You can also create usernames and passwords so that only authorised users can listen and download your original music." Users can also customize the design of the html pages generated by DOT-POD.

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  1. Faizon318

    Joined: Dec 1969


    stupid question

    First off .. This is cool as h*** .

    how do I broacast my music from my cable modem connection at home behind a router ? my ip is an interanl one and my friends cant access my music :(

  1. SomeToast

    Joined: Dec 1969


    re: stupid question

    how do I broacast my music from my cable modem connection at home behind a router ? my ip is an interanl one and my friends cant access my music :(

    It may be possible, but it's not meant for that. As the site says, DOT-POD is for you to shuttle your orignal music using your iPod to a friend's/client's location for them to access over the local network.

    If you're trying to broadcast from home over the internet, there's better options than using the iPod as a web server (pity your poor 'Pod's hard drive).

  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re: stupid question

    You need to get into your router (using the configration utilities, not actually crawl in there), and turn on packet forwarding (or some such thing, no router near me at this point in time). Most routers have the ability to shuttle inbound traffic to a specific computer behind the router. Do this (read the manual to find out how), make sure you know what ports and protocols you need to pass-through, and make sure your firewall on the router and the Mac have the correct ports open.

    I fairly simply got my router to allow web traffic in on port 80, to my internal web server. However, I had issues and never got file sharing to work. But I didn't try really hard.

  1. DOT-POD

    Joined: Dec 1969


    DOT-POD Developer Note:

    Hi all,

    Jeff here from DOT-POD.

    I stumbled across the discussion and though I'd make a couple of comments.

    Great to hear you are enjoying DOT-POD Faizon318 :-)

    DOT-POD is most defiantly designed for you to share tracks outside your local network. That is the single purpose for the development of the software.

    Faizon318, if you could send me an email to and let me know the brand of your router, I'll get the info you need to port forward to your local computer.

    Finally, just to let you know ...

    We actually have a whole line up of applications we are about to release:

    DOT-POD - iPod Web Server - Serves the audio files on an iPod - Available Now
    DOT-TUNES - iTunes Web Server - Serves the audio files from iTunes - Available Now
    DOT-PHOTO - iPhoto Web Server - Serves the images from iPhoto Albums or any other images - Available with 24-48 hours :-)
    DOT-MOVIES - iMovie Web Server - Serves the movies from iMovie or any other movies - Available approx 1 week
    DOT-ADDRESSBOOK - AddressBook Web Server - Serves and allows authorised users to update the content of any OSX AddressBook - Available approx 2 weeks
    DOT-CAL - iCal Web Server - Serves and allows authorised users to update the content of any iCal Calendar - Available approx 2 weeks
    DOT-DOCUMENTS - Documents Web Server - Serve selected documents from your OSX Documents folder or files from anywhere else on your computer - Available approx 2 week

    And then ... drum roll ... the Super App which will contain all modules in one big application.

    One question some people may wonder is ... Why? There are already web servers on the market which could serve your images, audio, documents etc. Virtually all web servers on the market are designed by Technical people for Technical people and our series of DOT-APPLICATIONS removes the technical complexities (apart from Router issues :-)) often associated with web serving. Web pages are automatically generated, thumbnail images are built on-the-fly and the entire process can be performed with a very basic skill level.

    Please email me at with any questions or comments.

    With best regards,

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