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iPod success, development history

updated 01:00 am EDT, Mon April 26, 2004

iPod success, development

CNET has published a short editorial on Apple's transition to services and gadgets, from the strict computer sales business of the past. "Gone are the posters and graphics accenting the company's sleek personal computers [at Apple's corporate HQ]. In their place, in the main lobby, is a striking, three-story-high billboard celebrating Steve Jobs's new by a 35-member team. The team was headed by Tony Fadell, an engineer who had worked at RealNetworks on a similar (but failed) project.

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  1. MacinMind

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Not all success

    The intuitive approach seems to work for him overall. But it is not a guarantee of success on every product--take the cube for instance. That's part of the chance of being a pioneer. Personally, I'm still waiting until I can record high-quality before I buy an iPod though.

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    Who sent this news in, Tony Fadell? LOL!!!!!

  1. himself

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    So, if real had any balls and vision, we'd all be buying the RealPod, instead of the iPod, were it not for Mr. Fadell?

    And the only reason the cube wasn't a "success" was due to its price, not its design. *Everyone* raved about the design, and many more copied it (much like the iPod).

  1. Stephane

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Ah ah...

    I know understand why Jobs was so adamant in refusing Real offer to partner : a firm that miss an opportunity like the iPod is not a good ally. Better to wait for their own errors and win the price than ally with suc losers.
    Besides, their products for Mac were rarely well designed : they ignored the Mac users and know it bites them back.

  1. JeffHarris

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    The Cube

    The Cube was/is a great machine, not a failure from a design standpoint. Had it been priced at $1299 instead of $1799, it would be a different world!

  1. LouZer

    Joined: Dec 1969



    You people all call the cube a failure, implying the iPod is some raving success. However, they have the same problem. They cost too much!! As I remember reading here 3 months ago with the mini, as well as 2.5 years ago when the iPod was released, no one is going to spend $300+ on a freaking MP3 player. When will you all figure this out. They should be half the price they are now. They would sell tons more of them. (Look how many eMacs sold for $25).

    It certainly can't be that the prognosticators were wrong (not here on MacNN), so by that logic, they're both complete failures.

  1. Artsy type

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    In my opinion...

    They should make "mix and match" computers and displays. The consumer should have the option to pick a computer (such as the Cube) and pick a flat panel display and attach and detach the two easily and at will. The articulated arm attached to the iMac is great. Trouble is you have to make one permanent decision at time of sale. Apple should have several computers and several displays that can be combined to give maximum choice to the consumer, both at the time of sale and further along in time just in case the person wants to change the configuration of monitor to computer.

  1. eswinson

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Cost too much?

    I guess those that say that say $499 is too much to pay for an mp3 player have no intention of spending the $10,000 it would cost to fill it with legally purchased music (either purchased online or ripped from store bought CDs it comes out about the same.) Seriously, if the iPod is too much, buy something cheaper, something that holds less music (Rio) or has a terrible operating system (Nomad Jukebox.) At the end of the day if you want an iPod just like if you want a Mercedes you are going to have to pay a premium to get it. Weather it is worth it or not is up to you.

  1. z10n

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Jobs: "We're getting a chance to see what Apple engineering and Apple design can really do once we get out from underneath the 5 percent Macintosh operating system share"

    Now this statement bothers the h*** out of me. I can see where, because the mac has such low market share, apple might eventually start thinking about putting their focus on something else. But the mac is the heart of apple, not the iPod.

    The iPod becoming the heart of apple tells me a few things about where apple's head is these days:

    1) Apple giving up on the mac gaining market share
    2) Apple putting all their hopes on a single product in a single industry, instead of focusing on a longterm plan
    3) Apple hoping that marketing will prevail (the "BMW effect" will drive sales, yet the iPod is expensive and competitors have better features)

    None of this really gives me a warm and fuzzy. I don't buy the fact that the mac is beyond hope- I think it's more that apple is unwilling to do things that are necessary to drive up marketshare (like cutting prices)

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