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Restoring classic movies with 600 Power Mac G5s

04/18, 7:25pm

G5s create DVD masters

Sunday's New York Times (free registration required) carries a story on Lowry Digital, which is using 600 Power Mac G5 systems and a $300,000 film scanner to create 4,000-line restorations of classic movies. The result is a copy that's nearly as sharp and detailed as a 35-millimeter film print, with four times the horizontal resolution of a DVD. Apple featured Lowry on its site last year, prior to the company's implementation of its 4K restoration system.

Latest PowerBook SuperDrive firmware hack

04/18, 7:10pm

Latest PB firmware hack

MacNN reader "cynikal" has posted his latest PowerBook SuperDrive firmware hack, allowing PowerBook users with the newer UJ-816 mechanism (in all PowerBooks shipped since September 2003) is now available for download: "Although the drive is already capable of the higher speeds that the UJ-815 wasn't (until I released the non-crippled firmware), region-free capability has been greatly desired by many people, and I'm now able to accomodate them."

DMOD announces WorkSpace 3.2 for Mac OS X

04/18, 7:05pm

DMOD WorkSpace 3.2

DMOD today announced the release of DMOD WorkSpace 3.2 for Mac OS X, its secure digital media collaboration and distribution application. Version 3.2 will also feature Web-based browser support including Safari, Email notification, group support, optimized encryption algorithms for improved performance, folder upload and download via drag and drop, progress indicators, and streamlined address book support. DMOD WorkSpace offers patented asset protection technology, allowing userss to securely share, review, and approve media files.

Synthetik showcases Studio Artist 3.02 at NAB

04/18, 6:30pm

Studio Artist 3.02

Synthetik Software today announced Studio Artist 3.02, its $380 graphics and video synthesizer. Version 3.02, expected early this summer as a free update, brings additional speed optimizations for G5 machines, dual processor support, a faster Vectorizer, additional image processing and paint synthesizer functionality. Version 3 ($180 upgrade) featured a new Vectorizer raster-to-vector synthesizer with EPS output, MSG Modular Synthesized Graphics plug-in architecture, live video processing, enhanced animation, expanded image processing, and improved Paint Synthesizer functions.

Apple releases Cinema Tools 2.2, Compressor 1.2

04/18, 6:20pm

Cinema Tools, Compressor

Apple today also released Cinema Tools 2.2,an update to to its advanced tools suite for film and 24P HD video. Version 2.2 brings performance enhancements, extended support in Final Cut Pro HD for editing 24 @ 25 PAL video, and a fix for timecode when conforming from 24 fps to 25 fps. Apple also released Compressor 1.2, which brings support for MPEG-1 output files, pixel aspect ratio setting for filters, saved batches, preview window improvements, improved high definition to standard definition transcoding, and new timecode settings for QuickTime output files. Both are available via the software update in Mac OS X.

Apple releases LiveType 1.2 with new effects

04/18, 6:10pm

Apple updates LiveType

Apple today released LiveType 1.2, an update to its sophisticated, professional-quality titles. It adds new effects and templates, improves workflow integration with Final Cut Pro HD, and addresses Timeline behavior issues. It includes 41 new effects, PAL templates, keyboard shortcuts for timeline zooming and fit-to-window views, timeline zooming centered on selection, more responsive timeline snapping, new effects handling modes (ripple, moving in groups, moving between tracks), and Final Cut export without pre-rendering.

Apple unveils Final Cut Pro HD 4.5

04/18, 3:45pm

Final Cut Pro HD

Apple today unveiled Final Cut Pro HD, the latest version of Apple's Emmy award-winning editing software, now with the real-time performance of high-quality native DVCPRO HD in addition to real-time support for DV and SD. Final Cut Pro HD delivers the ability to capture, edit and output broadcast-quality high definition (HD) video over a single FireWire cable, without requiring any additional hardware--an industry first. Final Cut Pro HD supports native DVCPRO HD editing with no recompression or image degradation and enables HD preview monitoring on an Apple Cinema HD Display.

Apple introduces Motion

04/18, 3:45pm

Apple introduces Motion

Apple today introduced Motion, a revolutionary new application that redefines motion graphics by giving artists the creative freedom and power to deliver stunning professional quality results faster and more intuitively than ever before at a breakthrough price of $300. Motion features interactive animation of text, graphics and video, with instant previewing of multiple filters and particle effects, and introduces "Behaviors" that allow artists to add natural looking movement to type and graphics, such as gravity and wind, without the use of complex keyframes.

Apple announces Shake 3.5

04/18, 3:40pm

Apple announces Shake 3.5

Apple today announced Shake 3.5, featuring new shape-based morphing and warping tools for advanced compositing and new "shape shifting" special effects. Designed for major motion picture studios and leading visual effects houses, Shake has been used in the production of every Oscar-winning film for Best Visual Effects over the past seven years, including this year's winner "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King."

Apple announces DVD Studio Pro 3

04/18, 3:40pm

DVD Studio Pro 3

Apple today announced DVD Studio Pro 3, the latest version of Apple's professional DVD authoring application that gives users a complete set of tools for modern DVD design and authoring. DVD Studio Pro 3 features revolutionary new Alpha Transitions to create stylish DVDs and an innovative new Graphical View for easy visualization of a project's entire flow. DVD Studio Pro 3 also includes Compressor 1.2, the latest version of Apple's revolutionary digital media encoding and compression tool that provides high-quality HD to MPEG-2 encoding.

Apple introduces Xsan storage file system

04/18, 3:40pm

Apple introduces Xsan

Apple today introduced Xsan, a high-performance, enterprise-class Storage Area Network (SAN) file system priced at the industry's most aggressive price point of $1000 per system. Xsan software combines breakthrough performance with Apple's legendary ease-of-use for customers who require scalable, high-speed access to centralized shared data for video workflow and storage consolidation, and is the perfect complement to Apple's award-winning Xserve and Xserve RAID hardware.

Panasonic, Apple partner to bring HD over FireWire

04/18, 3:40pm

HD over FireWire

Panasonic and Apple today announced the world's first implementation of IEEE 1394 FireWire with 100 Mbps DV-HD (the native video compression of Panasonic DVCPRO HD recording systems) to bring unmatched capabilities and dramatically lower price points to high definition (HD) post-production and content distribution. The two companies will be bringing HD over FireWire capabilities to desktop and mobile editing with Panasonic's new AJ-HD1200A, the first HD production VTR to offer a FireWire interface, and Apple's newly-announced Final Cut Pro HD professional video editing software, enabling mass adoption of HD resolution images on the desktop, and even on PowerBooks.


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