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Tech: Maryland anti-spam; Windows flaws; ...

04/13, 9:35pm

Tech: Maryland anti-spam

Evening tech news: A new Maryland law would make spamming a criminal offense, with penalties that could include up to 10 years of jail time; Microsoft today warned that three "critical"-rated flaws in the Windows operating system and other programs could allow hackers to sneak into personal computers and snoop on sensitive data; a California state senator on Monday said she was drafting legislation to block Google's free e-mail service "Gmail" because it would place advertising in personal messages after searching them for key words.

Apple shuts down manufacturing in Elk Grove

04/13, 8:30pm

Elk Grove manufacturing

The Sacramento Bee is reporting that Apple shut down its manufacturing operations in Elk Grove today, idling a reported 235 workers as it attempts to cut costs in the cut-throat computer-making business. Apple said that manufacturing will move to a third-party supplier in Southern California, but declined to provide further details.

KeynotePro announces Platform theme

04/13, 6:30pm

KeynotePro Platform

KeynotePro has announced the release of Platform ($20), a theme designed from the ground up to be "the easiest and fastest way to make a presentation entirely your own." Platform is designed with end-user customization in mind. "Based on extensive user feedback, we set out to design a theme that would allow user customization with little more than a background color change - enabling a world of options and stellar results for even novice  Keynote users." KeynotePro also recently announced the "Groove into Spring" Promotion: when you buy any Keynote Pro theme before May 31,  you are automatically entered to win a 20 GB iPod.

Apple may open second Stonestown store

04/13, 5:10pm

Stonestown stores

Apple has updated its job listings site with an Assistant Store Manager position for an Apple retail store in the Stonestown mall in San Francisco. This appears to confirm rumors that company would be opening a second San Francisco store at the mall, first reported by AppleInsider in February. The Apple Jobs Web site also indicates that at least three other stores are currently in the works. Positions are being offered for locations listed as 'Santa Rosa-Santa Rosa Place, CA', ' Rockaway-Rockaway, NJ', and 'Bridgewater, NJ.'

DigitalScores releases 3D-Matrix application

04/13, 4:35pm

3D-Matrix released

DigitalScores today announced the availability of 3D-Matrix 2004, a powerful environment for creating 3D models. 3D Matrix is targeted towards game developers and graphic designers starting out in 3D modeling. 3D Matrix is easier to use than other modeling packages. 3D Matrix 2004 delivers substantial upgrades from the earlier versions, offering an XML file formay, a flexible and memory-efficient model design, mirrored polygon groups that can be skewed and distorted, new polygon optimization tools, a multi-step undo and redo feature and more. The free Lite Edition of 3DMatrix 2004, limited by reduced polygon count, is available for download; the commercial Standard Edition is priced at $300.

The Pixel Farm debuts new products at NAB 2004

04/13, 1:15pm

The Pixel Farm at NAB 2004

The Pixel Farm today made several new announcements at NAB 2004, including new advanced optical flow analysis tools, a new post-production workflow application (PFSilo), a new turnkey digital daily and production review system (PFPlay), and PFTrack 1.6, and PFTrack 1.6 with new advanced optical flow functionality that offers analysis of per-pixel inter-frame motion.

Morgan Stanley raises AAPL estimates

04/13, 12:45pm

Raises AAPL estimates

Morgan Stanley increased estimates for Apple, citing better-than-expected sell-through in the fiscal second quarter (ended March '04) of iPods, Mac OS X Panther and iBooks, but noting a possible shortfall in G5 sales. According to Forbes, "The research firm raised expectations for the quarter to earnings of 10 cents per share on revenue of $1.82 billion, compared with an earlier estimate for earnings of 9 cents per share on revenue of $1.81 billion. Morgan Stanley raised fiscal 2004 estimates to earnings of 49 cents per share on revenue of $7.69 billion, compared with an earlier estimate for earnings of 45 cents on revenue of $.750 billion.... The firm lowered its second-quarter G5 unit forecast to 181,000 units from 212,000 units. For the remainder of fiscal 2004, Morgan Stanley increased its iPod unit estimates to 3.7 million from 2.8 million." Apple will release earnings Wednesday after the market closes.

iPod mini delays extend, free iPod upgrade offered

04/13, 12:45pm

Continued mini delays

Apple has reportedly informed buyers with iPod minis on back-order at the Apple Store that their orders are not expected to arrive for another three weeks, MacSlash notes. On account of the extended delays, Apple is offering customers who have already been waiting for a considerable time the option of replacing their order with a 15GB iPod model at no additional charge. "We apologize for any inconvenience. Your business is very important. If you would like an iPod sooner, we are offering to replace your iPod mini with a 15GB iPod at no additional charge. This model usually ships within 24 hours," an email from Apple says. Meanwhile, reseller sources inform MacNN that no iPod minis have shipped to the channel in the last two weeks. Apple continues to cite "incredible demand" for the delays.

Caldera \'Grand\' imaging line supports more printers

04/13, 12:10pm

Caldera \'Grand\' imaging

Caldera Graphics today added support for three more super wide printers from VUTEK to its line of imaging solutions for Mac OS X and Linux. Caldera has added support for VUTEK UltraVu2360, 3360 and 5330 wide printers to its three software solutions dedicated to grand format: GrandPRINT, an integrated desktop solution to drive grand format printers with support for raster, PostScript, EPS & PDF jobs; GrandRIP, a client/server solution for large format color productions, offers multi-tasking and multi-peripheral support along with a built-in PS and PDF RIP; and GrandRIP+ offers additional tiling features, spot colors management, a lay-out module, and Sign-Mark, a grommet positioning system.

IOGEAR launches 802.11g router with dual antennas

04/13, 11:40am

IOGEAR 802.11g router

IOGEAR today announced a low-cost, Wireless Broadband Router, featuring Super-Fi technology. The secure 802.11g wireless router has a built-in patch antenna, allowing users to focus signals directly toward a specific location: "Depending on how the patch antenna is positioned, the unidirectional broadcast can eliminate outside access into a user's network." The router also features an additional flip-up omni antenna that delivers 360-degree coverage. It is available now $130 and includes web-based administration, firewall technologies, and support for the latest wireless security.

Apps: CourseWizard, Summary, xBack, UpdateGenie...

04/13, 10:35am

CourseWizard, Summary...

    CourseWizard 5.0 is a database-independent, platform independent solution that helps create/organize professional development programs. It maintains course catalog info, course locations, course evaluations, transcripts, surveys, and offers separate logins for participants, instructors, administrators, and SuperAdmins. (Pricing not available.)
    Summary 2.5 ($60) is a final version of Jason Linhart's web server log analyzer. Version 2.5 adds traffic spike detection and 27 new reports, including state/province analysis (using GeoIP), search phrase/engine reporting, and search phrases by entry point. The SP Lite ($500) and SP ($700) editions also offer customized overviews and free-form custom HTML reports.
    xBack 3.0 allows you replace your desktop with a screen saver or xPaks (custom collection of images for playback). It offers options to quickly start/stop the desktop screen saver, easily change the desktop screen saver, configure screen saver preferences without having to open System Preferences, preview screen savers without having to open System preferences, and menubar-based control. [1.2MB]
    UpdateGenie 2.0 ($83) is a development tool for creating update packages for FileMaker solutions. Version 2.0 features FileMaker 7 compatibility, comprehensive documentation outlining the conversion process, easier use and setup, logging, better handling of Runtime solutions, etc. Upgrades are $50. [form]
    iBlog 1.3.6 ($20) is a desktop weblogging application that can easily preview and publish weblogs to Apple's iDisk with a single click of a button. It offers extended support for hyperlinks, support for image attributtes, UTF-8 character encoding, "top stories", and more. It runs on Mac OS X 10.2 or later. [4.4MB]
    Ircle 3.1 ($20) is a final version of the popular IRC client for Mac OS 9/X. The new version now now uses small scrollbars in the userlist, connections, faces, channel list windows under Mac OS X, adds the correct end of line characters on OS X, fixes /dcc send 'path to file', resolves a number of crashing problems with audio or video streams, etc. It is available in English, German, Italian and French. [Classic, OSX]
    Alco Blom has posted a public beta version of his $20 Web Confidential 3.7b4 utility for securely storing PINs, passwords, and other confidential information. It brings a new Panther-optimized look, a new Search toolbar item and new Action toolbar as well as an optional brush metal interface. [3.6MB]
    VolumeInfo 1.1 (freeware) offers a menubar-listing of mounted volumes and disks as well as related information. Dock Switch 1.1 is another menubar tool that offers users the ability to create and switch between multiple dock configurations. It can create an empty dock or recreate the standard Apple dock. [VS, DS]

Absoft offers IBM XL C/C++ Compiler for Mac OS X

04/13, 10:05am

IBM XL C/C++ Compiler

Absoft today released IBM's high performance XL C/C++ Compiler, Advanced Edition V6.0 for Mac OS X" "through its expanding OEM relationship with IBM. By adding XL C/C++ to its extensive line of products, Absoft further strengthens its position leading the software development industry by offering the most comprehensive and powerful line of compilers and related tools for desktop and workstation customers using Macintosh, Windows, and Linux operating systems." XL C/C++ Compilter is an optimizing command-line compiler derived from IBM's family of compilers used in larger AIX systems.

ComicBase for Mac canned

04/13, 9:40am

ComicBase for Mac canned

Human Computing, developers of the ComicBase comic book collection management software, has ceased development of the Mac version of the software. "As longtime Macintosh supporters, this was a heartbreaking decision for us," Peter Bickford, ComicBase's creator said in a statement. "But it was becoming all too clear that the Macintosh version wasn't going to remain viable unless we could somehow make it run natively under Mac OS X. Unfortunately, Apple has effectively mothballed the development environment that ComicBase was built in, preventing us from creating an OS X-native version of ComicBase without rewriting it completely in another language. Given the size and scope of ComicBase, that was a development effort we just couldn't justify financially." Instuctions for transitioning Mac users to the Windows version are provided here.

Virtual Grand Prix game ships

04/13, 9:15am

Virtual Grand Prix ships

Virtual Programming has started shipping Virtual Grand Prix 2, an advanced open-wheeled race car simulation game. Developed exclusively for Mac OS 8/9 and Mac OS X, the game features a state-of-the-art OpenGL 3D engine, 20 cars, 15 tracks, a network game mode, and a track editor. Virtual Grand Prix 2 sells for £17 ($30 or €25).

Kingston ships 1GB CompactFlash Elite Pro card

04/13, 8:50am

Kingston 1GB CF Elite Pro

Kingston Technology has introduced a 1GB version of its CompactFlash Elite Pro card. The Elite Pro line of cards are aimed at imaging professionals and feature faster transfer speeds with lower power consumption. The 1GB card is capable of writing data at up to 5.2MB/sec and reading data at up to 6.1MB/sec. The card is available now for $350 and ships with Kingston's standard five-year warranty.

Apple revs eMac to 1.25GHz

04/13, 8:40am

Apple updates eMac

Apple today released an updated eMac featuring a 1.25GHz G4 processor, 256MB DDR333 SDRAM, 32MB ATI Radeon 9200 graphics card, and USB 2.0 connectivity. The $800 model features a 40GB hard drive and a 32x DVD/CD-RW combo drive, while the $1,000 model features an 80GB hard drive and an 8x SuperDrive. A new, optional built-in Bluetooth module can be purchased for $50.

iTunes Music store not a catch-all

04/13, 8:15am

iTMS ignored 18-25 group

In an article that analyzes the ever-changing media industry and the influences that a younger, more savvy generation is having on age-old stalwarts, Apple VP of applications Eddie Cue tells The Financial Times that in launching the iTunes Music Store, Apple largely decided to ignore the 18-25 age group that media companies often cherish. "We thought the 18-25 age group was a lost cause because they've been downloading [music] for free for years. The under-10 crew and the over-25 crew is where we're aimed." While Apple has sold over 50 million tracks since the music store's inception, Apple does not disclose demographic information about those customers.

Toshiba introduces new projector

04/13, 8:00am

New Toshiba projector

Toshiba today introduced a new mobile projector, the TLP-S71U, targeted at educators and budget-conscious professionals. The projector combines Toshiba's detachable document camera, which allows users to add photo samples, printed material, or almost anything else to their presentations. Other features include 2,000 ANSI lumens of brightness, SVGA (800x600) resolution, and a 400:1 contrast ratio. The projector is available now for $1,700.

Some iPod mini users experiencing audio issues

04/13, 7:30am

iPod mini audio issues

Some iPod mini users are reporting issues with the device's headphone jack that leads to distorted audio during playback, according to posts on iPodlounge. One user with the issue has put together a more detailed page covering the problem, which apparently stems from a fragile connector. Apple says it is aware of "a few, isolated" such incidents and that the problem does not represent a fundamental design flaw that will be inherent to all users. Reuters and BBC News have both picked up the story.


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