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Apple expands iPod distribution in Australia

03/29, 10:05pm

iPods in Australia

Apple will expand distribution of the iPod in Australia , according to Digital Connect News: "From 1 April, iPods will be gradually rolled out and sold nationwide through Myer, Target, Megamart and Domayne stores. This greatly increases the retail presence of Apple's star product, which was previously only available through Apple Centres and resellers, David Jones and the on-line Apple Store."

4D version 2003.3 enhances Server\'s robust networking

03/29, 9:10pm

4D 2003.3 released

4D announced today that version 2003.3 of its Server software has been released. 4D 2003.3 is a significant release for current 4D 2003 users with many bug fixes and powerful networking protocol enhancements. "4D Server is increasingly being used in larger, more business-critical environments [...] this release enhances 4D Server's networking capabilities to allow our developers to provide even more robust and higher performing business solutions."

HP announces Officejet 9100 & LaserJet 3000 series

03/29, 5:40pm

HP 9100 & 3000

HP recently announced the HP Officejet 9100 series all-in-ones, three new cost-effective ink-based devices that are designed to increase workplace efficiency with their digital sending capabilities. Digital sending allows users to scan/copy directly to PDF and send paper documents without a dedicated computer. Documents can be printed, stored, forwarded or print to file. Pricing ranges from $600 to $1000 (available April 15).

Tech: Game creativity, virus impact, Intel roadmap...

03/29, 4:20pm

Tech: Virus impact...

The underlying architecture of Intel's notebook and desktop chip families will be reunited by 2007; The video game industry is facing a 'crisis of creativity' as aging gamers' tastes increasingly shift toward sequels and games based on movies, industry participants said this week; Internet viruses are overwhelming Europe's small business sector with 22 percent of these companies closing down operations to recover from recent attacks.

MacSoft ships Unreal Tournament 2004

03/29, 4:00pm

Unreal Tournament 2004

Destineer's MacSoft today announced that it is shipping Unreal Tournament 2004 for the Macintosh--less than two weeks after release of the PC version. MacSoft says that Unreal Tournament 2004 for Macintosh should be available in retail stores in the US by the end of this week and in Europe within two weeks: "With 95 levels, many with very large, highly detailed maps, Unreal Tournament ships on DVD only and carries a suggested retail price of $40. As an added bonus, owners of Unreal Tournament 2003 are eligible for a $10 mail-in rebate." It runs on a 933MHz G4 or G5 Mac running Mac OS X 10.2.8 or higher.

Bare Bones posts BBEdit 7.1.3

03/29, 12:45pm

BBEdit 7.1.3

Bare Bones Software today released BBEdit 7.1.3, the latest version of its HTML and text editor for the Macintosh. BBEdit 7.1.3 is a maintenance release to fix reported issues and add interface enhancements and refinements. It is available free of charge to all registered BBEdit 7.0 and 7.1 customers. The full version is available for $180. All registered owners of BBEdit 2.5 and later are eligible to upgrade to BBEdit 7.1 for $50 (registered users of BBEdit 6.5) or $60 (registered users of BBEdit 6.1 and older).

Omnis Studio 4.0 updates RAD application

03/29, 11:45am

Omnis Studio 4.0

Raining Data has released Omnis Studio 4.0. an update to the company's Rapid Application Development (RAD) application. It offers increased integration, productivity, and flexibility, including native access to MySQL, access to J2SE Java based objects, Studio applets that allow Omnis code to be published to other environments such as Windows CE, and JDBC connectivity. Version 4 also offers improvements to the development environment, which it says "greatly reduce the time required to write and debug code." It is available for $250.

GIPS VoiceEngine for Mac, cross-platform development

03/29, 11:35am

GIPS VoiceEngine for Mac

Global IP Sound today released a Mac OS version of its GIPS VoiceEngine, which provides developers with a complete toolkit for integrating voice-related components of soft client Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions into their own solution. GIPS VoiceEngine is a software plug-in designed to handle all voice-related tasks for VoIP soft clients in PC or PDA environments and is compatible with all IP telephony standards (G.711, SIP, H.323, etc.).

Extensis announces Portfolio 7 Server

03/29, 11:30am

Portfolio 7 Server

Extensis today announced Portfolio 7 Server, its enterprise-strength digital asset management solution that enables workgroups to organize, retrieve, repurpose, and distribute digital files quickly. Among version 7's new features is AutoSync, which allows users to assign tasks to Portfolio Server, enabling automatic synchronization; and a NetPublish Module, a dynamic, template-based tool that streamlines the process of publishing Portfolio content to the web. Portfolio 7 Server will ship in April for Windows and in May for Mac OS X for $3,500. NetPublish Server licenses will be available for $2,000. In February, Extensis announced Portfolio 7, which will also ship in May for $200.

Call of Duty, Space Colony games hit beta

03/29, 11:20am

Two Aspyr titles hit beta

Aspyr Media today announced that Call of Duty has hit beta and will be released in May. Pre-orders for the World War II-themed first-person shooter are being taken now for $50. On Friday, Aspyr announced that Space Colony also hit beta. The $30 game simulation game sees players building and managing their own space colony.

InfoWorld: Apple keeps its customer base segmented

03/29, 10:15am

Apple customer base

Tom Yager's most recent Ahead of the Curve column for InfoWorld tackles Apple's segmented customer base, which the company is able to capitalize off of. "Members of a core group feel recognized and protected, as though their preferred vendor exists to serve them alone. To those who only need PowerBooks, Apple is a notebook maker. If you make music or author DVDs, Apple is exclusively devoted to the needs of creative professionals. If you're in business, Apple puts high-density Unix servers and storage in the PC price range; they're a budding enterprise vendor. Pretty smart."

Molelcular Operating Environment coming to Mac OS X

03/29, 10:10am

MOE for Mac OS X

Chemical Computing Group today announced plans to release a version of its Molecular Operating Environment (MOE) for Mac OS X next month. MOE is a comprehensive system that integrates visualization, molecular modeling, protein modeling, cheminformatics and bioinformatics in one package. CCG decided to develope a Mac OS X version "in response to growing demand for life science software [for the platform]."

Apps: WinSwitch, dincFonts, RatMaster

03/29, 7:30am

Apps: WinSwitch, dincFonts

  • WinSwitch 1.0 (free) modifies Apple's Faster User Switching menu item by removing the name of the user from the menu bar, freeing up space. Additionally, it also prevents users from being listed who shouldn't be and properly aligns the icons of those who are.

  • dinc! Super Six Pack (free) is a new collection of fonts from dincFONTS. The new fonts include Joe College, One Inch Rock, Ya Ya Baby, Blondie, Sha La La, and Lower East Side.

  • RatMaster 1.0 ($20) is a new puzzle game that requires players to guide a rat through a maze to a piece of cheese by moving pieces of the maze to construct a clear path. The game has a range of difficulty levels to accommodate all kinds of players.

  • HandBrake 0.6.1 (free) is the latest version of the transcoding software that can rip a DVD into a MPEG-4, AVI, or OGM file. The maintenace update corrects a bug with the previous version.

Forums: G5 noise; PowerLogix case; 10.3 conclusions

03/29, 1:20am

Forums: G5 noise; iPod ...

Topics of discussion on the MacNN forums today include: Apple's reported correction of noise issues in the latest production Power Mac G5s; a new custom Power Mac G4 Cube case from PowerLogix; a user's PowerBook battery that reportedly exploded while in use; photos of members new 20" iMac setups; continued discussion of (premature) iPod battery wear; members' overall final impressions of Mac OS X 10.3, after several months of usage.


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