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Apple delays worldwide delivery of iPod mini to July

updated 09:15 am EST, Thu March 25, 2004

Apple iPod mini rollout

Apple today announced that is to July due to the much stronger than expected demand in the U.S., which it says is "far exceeding the total planned supply through the end of June." Apple says expects to ramp up its manufacturing of the iPod mini to meet worldwide demand in the July quarter. "The iPod mini is a huge hit with customers in the U.S. and we're sure it will be the same worldwide once we can ramp up our supply in the July quarter." The iPod mini was scheduled to be availabe worldwide in April, following the February introduction in the US.

by MacNN Staff




  1. Semantic Mike

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Terrible PR again!

    Once more Apple sends a 'the rest of the world doesn't matter as much as the US' message to it's foreign users. When will they realise that people who can't get iPhoto prints and can't buy online music for iTunes are going to end up going to a different supplier. C'mon Apple, wake up to the world!

  1. beeble

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Cry me a river

    Apple just can't please some people. Oh nobody will buy it, it's priced too high. They start selling like hot cakes and still are. No one on the face of the earth predicted this so don't blame Apple for the fact that once again they've produced a product that is so cool that everyone (and it would seem almost literally) wants one.

    Why was there such a delay in getting prints into Europe? Because they couldn't find a printer that met their quality standards. That's Europe's fault. They ended up having them printed in the US and shipping them to Europe.

    Don't blame Apple for things that aren't their fault or are beyond their control. This is good PR for the same reasons that it's bad PR. Apple's products are so hot that everyone wants them. Do you think the rest of the world isn't goint to buy them in a few months just because of a delay. Why do people still buy Windows which has never shipped on time? Windows has often not just missed it's ship month but it ship year and yet people still buy it.

    And before people rant and c*** on about arrogant Americans, I'm acutally Australian and in the same boat as everyone else. I'll wait and be happy that the firmware bugs are long gone.

  1. shawnce

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Well it doesn't matter.. that, does Apple go an spread iPod mini supplies across the world so that no one in any particular country can find one? No. That would be a bad move and would knock the steam out of the self feeding sales factor that a "trend" can have.

    So instead Apple insures that in the _largest_ _single_ market in the world that they do their best to have sufficient supplies to feed the fervor while they ramp up manufacturing so they can ship to other markets.

  1. njfuzzy

    Joined: Dec 1969


    You can only make so many

    If you can only make so many of something, and the demand is outstripping supply in the one place you have it available, you will piss off a lot more people by trying to sell it everywhere. Right now, some people in the US don't get iPods even though they are available. Launch it in the rest of the world, and people all over the world who believe the mini is available will be disappointed. It's a simple decision. Stop whining.

  1. frozenflat

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Apple asleep at the wheel

    Come on Apple, this is why you have 3% market share. Expensive products, promised ship dates that are missed by months!, products released with flaws and issues. Think Different Apple!

  1. shawnce

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Apple awake and driving..

    They have 3% of the world wide unit sales for personal computers.

    In regards to the iPods Apple is very much awake... The price concerns, etc. are obviously not a big issue since Apple is dominating the player market. They hold about 90+% of the market for hard drive based (large storage) players and this was before the release of the iPod mini. This yielded them about 30% of the overall player market (numbers from January).

    With the iPod mini they are targeting the mid range flash based players (which I believe account for about 40+% of the market) and so far appears to be making strong in roads into that segment.

    I would expect to see at least a 10% increase in their overall player market share but it could be much larger then that.

  1. nickgold2012

    Joined: Dec 1969


    this makes no sense

    But wait -- I thought nobody was going to buy a mini? They're too expensive, right? But now they can't make enough of them...


    Why do some people think products can be manufactured in limitless supply at the snap of a finger? They are pumping out thousands and thousands and thousands of them EVERY HOUR, as many as can possibly be made. The other microdrive-based digital music player manufacturers would also be having this problem -- if they were selling them in any quantity, that is.

    BTW, I've had my gold mini since they were released, and it rocks.

    The techno-mediated cultural conspiracy

  1. Mevv

    Joined: Dec 1969


    not good

    it owuld be better to send a little to every market. the "lucky few" will act as ambassadors and their envious friends will start saving money. Why piss off a whole market? Europe is already paying more for the iPods so why not let supply and demand take care of the pricing?

  1. mikerally

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Big Deal

    Big Deal,

    I can just import the iPod from the USA, and it would still be cheaper than what Apple intended to sell it for here in the UK (130 as opposed to 199).

    I know people in the USA who would buy it for me and send it to me as long as I pay them back.

  1. eswinson

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Grow Up People

    Nobody rides Sony's a** about the stuff they launch in Japan months sometimes years before it makes it to the US in a watered down form. I waited 6-7 months to purchase a Canon Digital Rebel in the US after it was already avaialable in Japan and Europe as the 300D. Was I angry at Canon? No, I was just anxious to get my hands on one. It's not like I was going to go out and buy another "lesser" digital camera when I already knew what I wanted. I waited patiently and bought one as soon as it became available.

    Most people are not as uptight, impatient and demanding a we are in america. If they want a quality product they will wait. If not they will buy what ever is available to fit their needs. Most likely a standard iPod in this case. It is not like everybody that is ever going to buy an Mp3 player is going to buy them in a 6 month time frame. Apple will be selling iPods and there successors for years to come to first time buyer in the US and the world alike.

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