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EU fines Microsoft $613 million

updated 07:20 am EST, Wed March 24, 2004

EU fines MS $613 million

The European Union today for abusing its "near monopoly" with Windows to squeeze out competitors in other markets. Further, the EU said that because Microsoft's abuses are currently continuing, the company must change the way it operates in Europe, including offering a version of Windows to computer makers that doesn't isn't bundled with Windows Media Player and sharing its source code with rivals in server market. Microsoft has said it will appeal the verdict and will ask the court to suspend the order during the appeal, a process that could take years.

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  1. marzetta7

    Joined: Dec 1969


    It's About Time!

    I hope the EU gets every last penny out of Microsoft! They've been at this monopolistic behavior for way too long. The sad thing is that we (the U.S.) just gave them a slap on the wrist for their prior settlement. Heck, $613 million is still probably a slap on the wrist for them as I believe they profited billions last year.

    On another note, I just happened to finish watching an interview with Microsoft's General Counsel, Brad Smith. He had the flawed opinion that the EU's decision would put Microsoft's innovation at risk. Innovation? What the h***? What Microsoft have you really come up with that you didn't freakin copy off of someone else? Or buy through the acquisition of another company given your monopolistic strength? Possibly some, but hardly any. In my opinion, you're getting what you deserve.

  1. John Dwight

    Joined: Dec 1969


    EU = stones!

    EU = stones!
    USA = cowards!

    Go EU!

  1. loudgazelle

    Joined: Dec 1969



    that's it. I'm sick of this apple BS. I'm switching to windows.

  1. klinux

    Joined: Dec 1969



    No fan of MS but what OS does not ship with a media player?

  1. Clive

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Media player?

    It's not really about Windows not being allowed to ship with a media player, but about computer vendors being able to choose what that player is.

    As a for instance, they may be able to buy Windows licences cheaper, and bundle QuickTime or REAL Player, and still save money (making themselves some extra cash).

    Some may want to do this for strategic reasons - for example HP may choose to bundle QuickTime, because of the link to iPod.

    All this makes competition stronger - people can still buy an version of Windows bundled with WMP, but they can choose not to.

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