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News Archive for 04/03/20

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Leechster, getTunes enable iTunes song sharing

03/20, 7:30pm

Leechster, getTunes...

Michael Thole has released a beta of Leechster 0.91, a small Cocoa application for Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) that will download songs via iTunes Rendezvous music sharing: "You can use it to easily transfer music files between your various computers on your home network (e.g. between your desktop and laptop). You can also use it share music with your friends at the coffee house, in the dorm, etc - all with little or no setup." It works on local subnets only and offers automatic iTunes import, iTunes playlist support, ID3 tag lookup, and the ability to toggle listening/downloading. (getTunes 2.1 offers similar functions.)

Apps: Mariner Write, Supergraphx, Azureus, tesl8...

03/20, 12:00pm

Mariner Write, Supergraphx

    Mariner Write 3.6 updates the $70 word processor for the Macintosh. The latest version introduces major architectural enhancements, along with several feature additions, incuding new advanced search functions, a spelling dialog with relevance rating, page numbering, live resizing, new french/Italian/Danish localizations, and other bug fixes. [form]
    Genicap Supergraphx is a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator that allows users to automatically create an unlimited number shapes, expanding the standard four shapes available in Illustrator to a complete library of customizable symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes. The $100 plugin is available for introductory price of $65. [455KB]
    Azureus is a peer-to-peer, Java-based BitTorrent client, with an easy to use graphical interface. The update brings stability, usability, and speed, including a new split-screen window to view all torrents, a customizable user interface, support for categories and seeding from read-only media, and advanced downloading / seeding / queuing rules for powerful and automated torrent management. [2.8MB]
    Freaky Trash Manager 1.0 ($20) manages files and folders inside of your user trash can and virtual trash folders which you select by deleting them based on rules, including how long the files have been in the trash, the size of each trash folder, available space on the volume, and how many files/folders are in the trash folder. [1.7MB]
    tesl8 1.1 updates Alien Sands' game with an alternative grayscale tile set that offers better contrast between the different tiles. The $12 puzzle game features 24 challenging levels: "The object of the game is to restore the puzzle to its starting form by flipping lines of adjacent tiles. Each puzzle is comprised of one of three tile shapes (triangle, square, or hexagon), one of four different tile sizes, and one of eight images or solid colored tiles." [3.5MB]
    59-8 is a $7 shareware that features a QuickTime VR-based interactive world map; it locates "every country (and important areas) in the world. Shows their coordinates, flags, continent and location." The interactive maps are based on NASA's Visible Earth photography and the facts are based on CIA's The World Factbook. [4.7MB]
    YAAF 1.1a8 is a a new release of the cross-platform Application Framework Library for Metrowerks Codewarrior v9.2. It adds improved support for writing software using the POP3 and SMTP mail protocols, as well as support for the HTTP protocol. It also includes a revised edition of the reference guide. The open-source software is available on CD for $15. [8.1MB]


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