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StarBrite pulls \'pBop\' iPod clone software

updated 03:25 pm EST, Mon March 15, 2004

StarBrite pulls pBop

In response to legal pressure from Apple, StarBrite has stopped distributing , its $20 iPod simulator for PocketPC. pBop (originally 'pPod') enables owners of PocketPC devices to access their music library via an iPod-like interface. The interface was designed to look like an iPod, and offered an identical navigation method.

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    Kind of a slimy thing for Apple to do; it's difficult to see how creating a software representation of a physical thing (barring any trademarked logos etc) is any sort of infringement. I doubt they could have won a case, so it comes down to their usual legal bullying.

    At the same time, I thought the pPod/pBop was a dumb idea. If you want to create a good touchscreen interface to an MP3 player, then create a new one. There's no way simulating all the real-world constraints of an iPod is going to produce the best interface possible. The iPod is the way it is because it needs to be - similarly, different needs would guide a pure touchscreen interface.

    If they'd come up with something new and interesting that employed some of the concepts of the iPod, they'd have been legally untouchable, and they'd have had a better interface to boot. Doing it the way they did just makes it seem like they want to ride on the iPod's coattails, which is lame (but note that this doesn't excuse Apple's bullying - both parties are ethically in the wrong here).

  1. faizon

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    Pbop was RIPE to get a phone call from apple legal .

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    Apple, not the pBop guys...

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    RE: Lawyers

    Why blame Apple for protecting their image? Are you one of those that wants everything on the cheap? Apple has put lots of $$ into their R&D to create top quality and user friendly products. Why shouldn't they contact the makers of pBop? I mean they have the right to protect their image and the maker of pBop as the right to defend itself if they believe they didn't infring on Apple's design. They gave up that right and pulled the product, so I would assume they were worried about something.

    I agree they should try to come up with something new and innovative, but most just try to copy and live off of someone elses hard work.

    Oh, by the way RIPE GUY, go get a LIFE!

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    Protection of Software

    So Apple's hardware guys are able to protect their hardware (the look and physical characteristcs of the iPod which were only partly emulated) but the software guys aren't allowed to protect their hard work in designing one of the cleverest user interfaces ever seen in a portable device. You can't be serious.

    These guys copied the iPod operating system look, feel and function quite blatantly and you defend them. Pathethetic. They deserve to have heavy legal pressure applied. They are concept pirates, stealing someone eles's (Apple's) ideas for profit. I have no sympathy for them and I have no sympathy for their ignorant defenders.

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