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Macs, FCP used for production of Academy Awards

updated 11:45 am EST, Fri March 12, 2004

Oscars used Macs, FCP

The opening montage in the 76th Academy Awards was cut and comped on the set with , according to Apple Hot News: "Director Troy Miller of LA-based Dakota Pictures shot much of the film against green screen backgrounds, using clever composites to convince the audience that Crystal was really 'there.' And to convince themselves that the illusions were working, the Dakota crew used PowerBooks and a Power Mac G5 editing station running Final Cut Pro to create and view the shots on the fly, on set, as the footage was captured."

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  1. fats277

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  1. z10n

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    I would expect apple to post this on their site in an effort to prove people love macs, but that still doesn't make this news.

  1. macimmortal

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    Re: Groan

    Troll elsewhere. I found this to be very exciting news. Macs are back and here to stay.

  1. klinux

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    I am not the original poster but seriously, all these "Guess what, a music artist is spotted with an iPod" type of story are just annoying space fillers.

    Forget that Mac is back and here to stay. Everyone reading Macnn already know that. What, you little ego has to be stroked every day just so you can feel good about using Mac?

  1. Monstermind

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    Sorry, Mom.

    I wonder if the Oscars people used a filter to make Michael Moore's flab-donut under his chin look smaller...

  1. iamnoone

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    You're all missing....

    the point. This is not about the mac being back or stroking of ego's. This is about final cut being used for this kind of work as opposed to AVID(and yes AVID runs on macs too for you PC trolls here). AVID is the microsoft of the editing world, so the fact that FCP was used for this is pretty big news in the world of professional video editing. I work in the biz and the industry is really starting to take to FCP due to it's price point and feature set. Showing that FCP was used for this kind of work just gives the program more credibility to those AVID holdouts. This is not a MAC vs PC issue!!!! I work on both and I definitely prefer FCP at this point in the game. As for both sides of the camp, trolls and zealots a like, don't post your stupid s*** if you don't know what you're talking about, especially the just makes you look even dumber than you already are......

  1. Xaqtly

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    Well I'd have to say

    that the industry is RIPE for FCP to take over.

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