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Tech: world billionaires, PC forecasts, Corel license

02/26, 10:45pm

World billionaires

Evening tech news: The founders of Web engine Google and "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling have made Forbes magazine's list of world billionaires, while Warren Buffet is still playing catch up--adding more than $12 billion his nearly $43 billion fortune, but still short of Microsoft's Bill Gates, the world's richest man for the 10th year running, with a personal fortune of over $46 billion; Merrill Lynch raised its forecast for worldwide PC shipments in 2004 from an 11 percent increase to a 13 percent increase, but says that steady price declines over the whole year will mean that revenue may increase by only 5 percent; and Software maker Corel announced a new Freedom Graphics License that provides access to all of Corel's main graphics applications--including CorelDraw Graphics Suite, Painter, and KnockOut for $245 per seat.

KB: Journaled file system; DHCP manual address...

02/26, 10:00pm

KB: Journaled file system

Apple Knowledge Base roundup: Mac OS X Server 10.3 allows you to use the Case Sensitive/Journaled file system for data volumes - it is not intended for use on startup disks; the "Using DHCP with manual address" feature is for connecting to routers that use the DHCPINFORM protocol - AirPort base stations assign addresses without using this protocol; Apple explains how to change the hostname without using the Mac OS X Server Setup Assistant, this document explains how; the symbolic link "/tmp" is required for printing in Classic, start file sharing, burn discs, update software, connect via PPP, repair privileges, or perform other activities.

PC Pro: Apple iPod features (disabled) WMA support?

02/26, 9:45pm

Apple iPod supports WMA?

PC Pro speculates that the iPod may already be prepped for support for Microsoft's Windows Media Audio format: "Not only does the PP5002 processor at the heart of the iPod support both decoding and encoding of WMA files, but there is even an icon ready and waiting in iTunes (in Mac OS X control-click the application to show package contents and navigate to Contents:Resources:iTunes-wma.icns). Currently Apple disables support for the proprietary Microsoft format, preferring instead to stick with the MP3 and AAC standards. Nonetheless the option remains, should content providers or consumers demand it."

British Pathe archive to use Apple technology

02/26, 8:30pm

British Pathe archive

Apple U.K. reports that the world-famous British Pathe archive is using Apple technology to adapt the first digital news resource of its kind, so that schoolchildren can "download high-resolution, original footage of the Titanic, the D-Day landings or The Beatles, and use it to bring their school projects to life." The Pathe archive is a vast collection of photographic and cinematic footage which was founded in Paris in the 1890s by moving image pioneer Charles Pathé.

Apple\'s WebObjects takes SYS-CON Reader Java awards

02/26, 7:55pm

WebObjects wins Java award

Apple's WebObjects 5.2 was the winner in the 'Best Java Class Library' and runner-up in the 'Best Java Component category' (behind Eclipse) in the SYS-CON Media Reader Choice Awards. WebObjects, however, did not finish among the top in the 'Best Java Application' or 'Best Java Application Server' categories. The recipients were selected through reader-submitted nominations, followed by online voting (from March 1, 2003, through December 31, 2003). Self-described as the 'Oscars of the Software Industry,' it draws readers from six different magazines; the full awards will appear in the March issues of JDJ, .NET Developer's Journal, Web Services Journal, XML-Journal, and ColdFusion Developer's Journal.

Apple Store San Francisco details at press event

02/26, 7:25pm

Apple Store San Francisco

Apple's "flagship" Apple Store San Francisco, expected to open this weekend, will have 70 employees, Johnson said, who speak a total of 15 different languages, including Windows: "'One language they all speak is Windows,' quipped Johnson. 'That's really important if you are trying to switch people to Macs.' Johnson said that half the customers at Apple's stores are buying their first Mac, helping fulfill part of the store's mission--to help attract Windows 'switchers,'" according to CNET The article notes that its retail segment accounts for one out of every seven dollars of the company's overall revenue.

Boris FX announces Continuum Complete 3

02/26, 6:25pm

Continuum Complete 3

Boris FX today announced Version 3 of the Continuum Complete product line. Continuum Complete is an expansive plug-in filter set that lets users create effects directly in a video editing interface. Version 3 includes over 50 new dynamic filters, OpenGL acceleration, powerful integration features, and new plug-in support for Adobe Premiere Pro. Continuum Complete 3 is expected to ship in Q2 2004 and will be priced at $800.

Jumsoft releases Mailhere 2.0 revision

02/26, 4:50pm

Mailhere 2.0 released

Jumsoft today the release of Mailhere 2.0, the latest version of its e-mail notification application for Mac OS X, which can check your POP3, IMAP, and .Mac accounts. When a new message is available it displays an QuickTime animation, the sender's name and the message subject on your desktop. Version 2.0 offers compatibility with Address Book, much lower CPU/memory usage, smoother QuickTime animations and improved stability. MailHere is $10 shareware (15 days trial).

Praevius debuts SoftBooks 1.0 business application

02/26, 2:35pm

SoftBooks 1.0

Praevius today announced SoftBooks 1.0, a full-featured business management application designed for small- and medium-sized service and sales business: " SoftBooks helps you track your income and expenses, create custom estimates and invoices, maintain your inventory, access your customer information, keep a running ledger and have access to powerful time billing capabilities." Until March 15th, all users can purchase SoftBooks 1.0 for the introductory price of $50 ($30 off).

Apple offers company details during analyst symposium

02/26, 2:10pm

Apple at GS Symposium

During Goldman Sach's Technology Investment Symposium 2004, both Apple CFO Fred Anderson and Apple Corporate Controller Peter Oppenheimer spoke about Apple's growth over the past few years, including its retail segment, research and development, software development, education outlook, and other issues.

Novell to offer Mac support with GroupWise 6.5 client

02/26, 12:40pm

Mac GroupWise 6.5 client

Novell will offer Mac support with the version 6.5 of its GroupWise Cross-Platform client, which will ship with the upcoming GroupWise 6.5 for Linux, according to Novell representatives. Due "in a month or two," it will require Mac OS X.3 and JVM 1.4.2. Other features of the release include multi-user and multi-session support, integrated zip/pdf tools, integration with antivirus software, user-definied startup attributes, integrated SMS messaging, logging, address book import/export, and SSL security for sending and receiving messages. The GroupWise Cross-platform Client is now in Extended Authorized Beta.

FileWave offers FileWave X to education institutions

02/26, 12:30pm

FileWave X for education

FileWave earlier this month announced a new initiative for the US market in which it will provide U.S. school systems with its flagship desktop management suite free-of-charge: FileWave X supports Mac OS X 10.2 and Mac OS X 10.3 (legacy support of Mac OS 9 clients is available from the FileWave Classic Server), giving IT staff the ability to deploy, configure, support and update software across a Mac-based network. The initiative is open to all K-12 schools and universities through December 23, 2004; the software is offered free-of-charge to qualified academic customers that sign up for a two-year support contract.

MacSoft offers more info on Unreal Tournament 2004

02/26, 12:10pm

Unreal Tournament 2004

Destineer's MacSoft today updated its Website with more information on Unreal Tournament 2004, the sequel to last year's hugely popular Unreal Tournament 2003. UT04 takes gladiator combat to a new level with the "addition of land and air vehicles, an arsenal of new weaponry (including mines, rocket-propelled grenades and stationary gun turrets), daunting new arenas, epic battlefields and the challenge of the Assault and Onslaught game types." It is slated to release simultaneously with the PC version of the game sometime next month; a demo was released earlier this month.

Tech: Japan MS offices raided, Opera IPO, iPod in UK

02/26, 11:00am

Japan MS raided, Opera IPO

Morning tech: Officials from Japan's fair trade watchdog raided the Japanese unit of Microsoft on Thursday on suspicion of anti-monopoly law violations; Opera will issue between 12.5-16.1 million new shares in relation to its announced Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE) on March 11; New that a UK high court judge owns an Apple iPod may alter our view of the judiciary forever, according to the BBC, but neither side objected to his ownership; and Momentum Computer is offering a dual 970FX 1.4GHz ATX-style motherboard for embedded solutions.

Apps: Cheetah3D, SimplyProjects, iListen ScriptPak

02/26, 10:50am

Cheetah3D, SimplyProjects

    Basasoft has released AFDragHandler 1.0, a plugin for REALBasic that adds translucent drags, drag tracking and drag to the Finder, as well as other features. It is available for €20 or as a 14-day demo. [1.0MB]
    Version 1.9 of Intaglio adds the ability to convert most PDF images under Mac OS X 10.3. The $90 application offers a simple drawing environment for drawing and illustration, featuring support for AppleScript, Apple Type Services, ColorSync, QuickTime and other Mac OS X technologies. It runs on Mac OS X 10.2 or later. [2.2MB]
    DVDpedia 1.2 is an Internet-based cataloging tool that offers function to organize, print, and export information about your DVD collection. Users can now add multiple DVDs at once, download large image covers for DVDs already in the library, edit/add two new custom fields, etc. It is $14 and run on Mac OS X 10.2. [1.3MB]
    Productive Computing has released Entourage Manipulator, a new FileMaker plugin that provides two-way data exchange between FileMaker Pro and Microsoft Entourage. It can create/delete records, set field data, verify field data, move mail, send mail with multiple attachments, and retrieve/archive attachements. [607KB]
    Cheetah3D 1.3 ($60) is a "lean, fast and elegant" 3D modeler and renderer for Mac OS X that includes tools such as simple polygon editing over advanced subdivision modeling, boolean operations and Beziere splines. Version 1.3 adds a raytracer as well as an improved UI. [9.2MB]
    SimplyProjects 1.2 ($25) is a project management system for small-scale and shareware software development that can be used to enter and track feature requests, to-do tasks and bug reports on a per-project basis as well as export project information either as plain text (ASCII) or HTML files. [2.3MB]
    MacSpeech has released ScriptPak for TurboTax 2003, which adds 60 voice commands for controlling the 2003 edition of Intuit's TurboTax, including commands moving around in TurboTax's Easy Navigator, getting help, and moving between fields. It is $10 and requires iListen 1.6.4.

stupidFish launches DesktopMagik

02/26, 10:15am

DesktopMagik 1.0

stupidFish programming has released DesktopMagik, a desktop enhancer for Mac OS X Panther. Version 1.0 allows images, webpages or movies to be played on the desktop, without an obtrusive interface. It offers a customizable hotkey for launching its preferences, the ability to launch the application on login, and other options. DesktopMagik is shareware and a single user license is $13, a group user license for up to ten Macs is $25.

Findlaw offers complete Eminem vs. Apple lawsuit

02/26, 7:25am

Eminem vs. Apple papers

The complete Eminem vs. Apple lawsuit is available on the Web in PDF format, including an email from TWBA/Chiat/Day that specifically asks for licensing information from Eight Mile Style, Eminem's publisher--acknowledging that Eight Mile Style representatives had declined to license Eminem's "Lose Yourself" and offering to purchase the rights to "The Real Slimshady" for $300,000.

Apple makes \'minor\' job cuts in education unit

02/26, 12:40am

Apple makes job cuts

Apple recently laid off people from its education division, due to decreased state budgets and increased competition from other PC vendors, according to Dow Jones Newswires: "An Apple spokesperson confirmed there were 'minor work-force reductions' but declined to say how many jobs were cut, or which area they came from. The spokesperson did say that headcount at the company continues to grow overall. ...A former employee said cuts have occurred in recent weeks, coming largely from the education unit."


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