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DL-C announces monitor, scanner calibration tools

02/21, 1:50am

Monitor/scanner tools

Digital Light & Color has announced two new color calibration products -- Profile Mechanic Scanner and Profile Mechanic Monitor. 'Scanner' allows users to calibrate the color settings for a scanner or camera. 'Monitor' is a complete system including a monitor colorimeter and software. 'Scanner' will costs $60 while 'Monitor' will costs $180. Availability is set for March 1.

Comixware 2.0 interactiving storytelling for Mac OS X

02/21, 12:00am

Comixware 2.0

Yi.magination Studios today announced the release of Comixware 2.0, the latest version of its "interactive storytelling apparatus." Version 2.0 is a major update that introduces expanded file compatibility, user file sharing, better editing functions (cut, copy, paste, and insert), multiple selections, and Mac OS X compatibility. Customers who order Comixware before April 2nd will receive a $10 discount off the $50 price.

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