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Filter error responsible .Mac mail loss

02/05, 7:05pm

.Mac mail loss

Sources confirm that the emails not delivered during the type Apple's .Mac downtime have been permanently lost. A misconfigured filter against e-mail viruses caused the problem, which persisted for several hours on Monday. Apple has records of the sender addresses for all e-mail that were lost, but does not currently intend to release this information to .Mac members. Apple has not notified customers, and is reportedly deleting posts on its discussion board trying to convey information regarding the situation. (Apple did not respond to requests for comment or confirmation.)

UNOVA and Apple settle dispute

02/05, 6:05pm

UNOVA/Apple settle

UNOVA today announced the resolution of a patent dispute with Apple regarding patents held by both companies. UNOVA's patents principally involved its smart battery management portfolio. Smart battery management describes UNOVA's patented technology in which a portable computer incorporates a rechargeable battery that uses a processor chip to communicate data to the portable computer so that the computer can monitor and regulate battery use.

Iconfactory releases \"Carbon\"

02/05, 5:10pm

Iconfactory \"Carbon\"

The Iconfactory has announced the availability of "Carbon," the latest addition to the growing collection of ready-to-use icons at Carbon is a striking icon collection that's both "distinctive and flexible." Carbon will blend with Panther by default, but can also be easily modified with custom colors and gradients. A free sample is available for download; the full icon set costs $350.

Forums: shipping delays; mini iPod; Safari updates;

02/05, 3:35pm

PB revision, mini iPod...

MacNN readers have been discussing quite a few interesting topics in the forums recently, including whether delays in Powerbook shipping is a sign of a hardware revision; a comparison of the 15" and 20" iMacs; one forum member has concerns about the iPod mini and his large hands; the new version of Safari and iChat AV are getting a lot of attention; members are takeing sides on the Halo vs Piracy debate.

Apps: Unison, Booxter, SQLiteAddOns, Photologist

02/05, 3:35pm

Unison, Booxter, DivX

    Panic's Unison 1.01 ($25) updates the newly released Usenet reader. It contains over 35 bug fixes and improvements, including colored quote blocks for easier thread reading, improved posting and replying, better Favorites management, faster message reading, and stronger international support. [1.2MB]
    Booxter 1.2 ($15) is an easy to use application that helps you manage your book collection on Mac OS X 10.2. It gathers book information from various sources on the internet to allow you to view, edit, sort, categorize, export and print books in your collection. Version 1.2 adds smart lists, real-time searching feedback, interface enhancements to support smaller screen sizes, and more. [852KB]
    SQLiteAddOns ($40) for Mac OS X is "the first" AppleScript Scripting Addition to offer SQL database access and offers AppleScriptable applications full access to a SQL database using SQLite, an SQL92-compliant, embeddable, stand-alone database library. It offers on-the-fly indexing and ACID transactions ensure that databases built with SQLiteAddOns are both fast and free from corruption. [210KB]
    Brainchild's Picture Patrol Officer 1.1 ($13) updates the Usenet picture downloader for Mac OS 9/X. The free update adds decoding of single part yEnc encoded attachments, better handling of illegal characters in names of downloaded pictures JPEG images in MIME messages, etc.
    Photologist 1.6 is a versatile image management, manipulation, and presentation solution. It provides users with easy but powerful ways to work with digital photos. [Classic, OSX]
    DivX 5.1.1 updates the commercial application for encoding/decoding video. It offers performane improvements, cosmetic GUI changes, restored deinterlacing functionality, new bottom field first encoding, and removes Pass-through mode (due to video/audio sync issues). DivX is free for personal use, while DivX Pro, which includes an encoder, is $20. [Std, Pro]

TinkerTool utils access more hidden Mac OS X settings

02/05, 3:30pm

TinkerTool utils updated

TinkerTool System 1.2 allows you to change advanced operating system settings. The free update to the €7 application adds a feature to mute the startup chime of Macintosh computers, feature to set display preferences of the login window; the ability to hide/show specific user categories in the login window user list; the ability to display additional text in the login window; a feature to remove language support packages; and other enhancements. The freeware TinkerTool 3.2 offers access to additional preference settings in Mac OS X. The update adds option to set how Exposé controls hiding of windows, cursor-based window-focusing in the Terminal (Panther); a new option to control how the operating system handles application crashes (Panther), and other fixes. [TTS 1.2, TT 3.2]

Jobs rips Eisner, Disney; primed for Disney CEO?

02/05, 2:50pm

Jobs as Disney CEO?

Reuters reports that Apple CEO Steve Jobs ripped into Disney CEO Michael Eisner on Wednesday evening "with all the intensity of an unrepentant sharkAlthough professing some regret over Pixar's decision to end the company's distribution deal with Disney, Jobs made clear his disdain for Eisner and much of the rest of the Disney organization, and made it clear there was minimal chance of extending Pixar's current deal with Disney, under which Disney will distribute two more films over the next two years." Meanwhile, Ex-Disney Board members Stanely Gold and Roy Disney think Jobs would be just dandy as the head of Disney.

Redstone offers Panther updates, new edu pricing

02/05, 1:25pm

Eggplant, OS9vnc released

Redstone recently released OS9vnc, a Mac OS 9-version of its VNC server providing remote access to the GUI, keyboard and mouse using any VNC client. The company also released Eggplant 1.4.2 offering support for Mac OS X 10.3 Panther. Eggplant can automate tasks on any computer system as well as remotely control any computer. It also will include a new Eggplant Execution Engine, which will address all aspects of executing automated scripts, including multiple execution streams, scheduling, web-based reporting, test system resource management, and security. Redstone said also recently launched a new Education Partner program, which provides special pricing for educational organizations.

Apple pushes QuickTime for 3G phone networks

02/05, 1:15pm

QuickTime for 3G networks

QuickTime has a bright future, according to Frank Casanova II, senior director of QuickTime, who was in Asia meeting with local telcos to drum up support for use of the core technology in 3G networks expected later this year: "QuickTime was already recognized as the standard for video streaming and music CDs, he said. The multimedia architecture, launched in 1991, had also become part of a file format for the GSM network. QuickTime was also MPEG-4 ready, a format that developers use to create video clips for 3G handsets. Japan's NTT DoCoMo and KDDI were among them."

BW: OS X security does good job at protecting users

02/05, 1:10pm

Mac OS X security

BusinessWeek examines Mac OS X's security: "While it's still very early in the game -- OS X is only three years old -- I submit that Apple has actually done a good job of protecting its unsuspecting user base. The Mydoom virus underscores one key difference between the two systems. OS X comes with a default setting that requires a login name and password before it allows any new software to be installed on a given computer. With this default, no Mac user needs to worry about inadvertently clicking on e-mail attachments carrying virus software."

iTunes leaves classical music fans singing the blues

02/05, 12:55pm

ITMS needs (some) help

The Wall Street Journal writes "iTunes site leaves classical music fans singing the blues," noting organizational and searching issues: "But there's bad news, too, and not just bad--disastrous, even disgraceful. The music that showed up when I searched for 'Beethoven' wasn't properly sorted, so the only way I found those Ninth Symphonies was by watching them appear, apparently at random, as I browsed, with increasing disbelief, through 1,500 Beethoven tracks. I stopped after 1,500, but in fact there's still more Beethoven with, for all I know, more Ninths buried there."

Apple Bluetooth 1.5 supports headsets, printers

02/05, 11:55am

Bluetooth 1.5 update

Apple today released Bluetooth 1.5 for Mac OS X, which provides support for Bluetooth enabled headsets and printers: "Headsets must support the Bluetooth headset profile and printers must support the Bluetooth HCRP profile. In order to configure and use a Bluetooth headset, the Bluetooth module must have the latest Bluetooth firmware from the Bluetooth Firmware Updater application version 1.0.2 or later." It is available via the Mac OS X Software Update Control Panel.

Apple iChat 2.1b supports Windows videoconferencing

02/05, 11:55am

iChat 2.1 public beta

Apple today released iChat 2.1 public beta, which supports videoconferencing with the new AOL Instant Messenger 5.5 for Windows: "This means you now have immediate access to the millions of people in both the Mac and PC communities." It requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later (and a FireWire-based video camera and 600MHz Mac for video).

Apps: Image Manager, CW Keyer, XRG: X, Diet Sleuth...

02/05, 10:25am

CW Keyer, Diet Sleuth

    Bare Bones Software today released TextWrangler 1.5.1, the latest version of the $50 general-purpose text editor for Mac OS X. It fixes some reported issues and minor bugs. TextWrangler offers robust editing capabilities for system administrators, writers, and programmers. [7.7MB]
    EOS Image Manager 0.9.2 is a pure Cocoa application that enables users to quickly view, thumbnail, rename (add/remove chars, change case, re-series), and manage (move, copy, and delete) all of their image files from a single interface. [210KB]
    Black Cat CW Keyer 1.0.1 ($20) lets you send morse code from your computer. USers can type out the text to be sent (immediately or buffered) as well as create and send from one key macros. You can also send from text files. [Classic, OSX]
    Digital Point Solutions has released Optigold ISP 3.3.2 which is a powerful online billing tool. Version 3.3.2 adds new broadband number assignment options, new gateway support, support for self-signed SSL certificates, email manager improvements, and a few other feature requests.
    XRG: X Resource Graph 0.5 is an open source system monitor application for Mac OS X. XRG will monitor your CPU usage, memory usage, battery status, network activity, disk activity, local weather, and stock market data. Version 0.5.0 includes many new features and bug fixes. [933KB]
    Black Cat Systems announced that Diet Sleuth 4.1.3 ($35) is a nutritional database and personal health logbook that allows you to keep track of what foods you eat each day, and their nutritional value. This version adds calculations of net carbohydrates, useful for people on low-carb diets (Atkins). [Classic, OSX]

KB: AirPort/AOL issues; iPod Disk Mode/reset...

02/05, 10:05am

AirPort/AOL; iPod notes

Apple Knowledge Base roundup: Apple notes that an updated version of AOL Sofware may be needed to access some websites when using an AirPort to connect to AOL; another article describes how to put an iPod/iPod mini into Disk Mode: "Press and hold the Play/Pause and Menu buttons until the Apple/iPod logo appears. This resets iPod." Apple also offers a brief overview of iPod controls. Finally, Apple acknowledges that opening an AppleWorks template file in the Finder creates a copy of the file.

Apple CFO Anderson will retire, join Board

02/05, 9:40am

Apple CFO to retire

Apple today announced that Fred D. Anderson, Apple's executive vice president and CFO, will retire on June 1, 2004 and Peter Oppenheimer, Apple's senior vice president of Finance and corporate controller, will succeed Anderson as CFO at that time. The company intends to appoint Anderson to its Board of Directors upon his retirement. "Fred has been one of my closest partners at Apple, and has earned the reputation as one of the finest CFOs in the technology industry," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "We're going to have a smooth handoff to Peter, who will be a great CFO for Apple, and we'll continue to benefit from Fred's contributions as a member of Apple's Board."

URL Manager Pro 3.2 supports Mozilla, Mail

02/05, 8:30am

Manager Pro updated 3.2

Alcom Blom today released URL Manager Pro 3.2 ($25), adding a handful of new features. The new update adds support for Mozilla, Mail, and Apple's Address Book. Version 3.2 also has a new validate engine, support for longer file names, and a redesigned export bookmarks command. URL Manager Pro requires Mac OSX 10.2 or higher and is localized for English, Japanese, Spanish, German, French and Italian.

IntelliScanner Collector 1.1 adds Palm sync, more

02/05, 8:10am

IntelliScanner Collector

Intelli Innovations today updated its consumer Personal Barcode Reader for Mac OS X, adding a multitude of new features. Designed as an integrated hardware and software solution, IntelliScanner Collector 1.1 utilizes barcode technology to automatically input and organize books, DVDs, CDs, tapes, video games, and other media collections. Version 1.1 includes new features such as a Palm handheld component, printing tools, and support for media items worldwide. It requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later (Palm Synchronization requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later, Palm OS 3.0 or later, and Palm Desktop 4.1 or later.)


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