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Cheetah3D 1.2 offers preview of hardware renderer

02/01, 12:30pm

Cheetah3D 1.2

Cheetah3D 1.2 is a fast and elegant 3D modeler for Mac OS X with "an easy learning curve. It offers many tools from simple polygon editing over advanced subdivision modeling to boolean operations and Beziere splines." Version 1.2 adds jigsaw and scalpel tools, improves ring cut and point slide tools, and adds a status view to the main windows (as well as other enhancements). It also includes the first public preview of Cheetah3D's OpenGL hardware renderer. The $60 application runs on Mac OS X 10.3 or later (only on G4-based Macs).

iPod, Macs used in making \'Rings\' trilogy

02/01, 12:25pm

iPod used in \'Rings\'

Several readers note that Apple's iPod played an important role in the making The Two Towers and The Return of the King: "Compact, sweet by design and capable of delivering precious goods to far-flung destinations, Frodo is to Middle Earth what Apple's iPod is to modern-day digital media. Just as Frodo exists basically to transport that precious ring to where it needs to go, 'Rings' master Peter Jackson found a way to make Apple's iPod all about helping him get his digital dailies where they need to go, namely halfway around the world."

Apple\'s 1984 voted No. 4 in all-time Super Bowl ads

02/01, 5:00am

1984 takes No. 4

Apple's 1984 TV ad was voted the No. 4 Super Bowl commerical of all time behind Coke's "Mean Joe Greene", Annheuser-Busch's "Zebra", and McDonald's "Michael Jordon vs. Larry Bird." The Super Bowl Greatest Commercials aired on CBS on Saturday, January 31 at 9 pm: "since 1967, there have been 37 Super Bowls with approximately 60 spots each, totaling more than 2,200 Super Bowl commercials." Meanwhile, NPR this morning took at the look the history of the 1984 commercial--the audio of which should be available later today.

KB: Firewall settings, iDVD 4 settings, OS versions

02/01, 4:50am

Firewall settings, iDVD 4

Apple Knowledge Base roundup: Apple offers a short primer on Firewall settings and logging; a list of Mac OS Versions/Builds included with Macs since 1998; a note about choosing best quality vs. best performance in iDVD 4, including the inability to burn a disc on dual processor Power Mac G5 computers if 'Best Performance' is selected; and getting the best audio quality when using Apple In-Ear Headphones.

Apple posts official Pepsi iTunes Giveaway details

02/01, 1:55am

Pepsi iTunes Giveaway

Apple has posted the official Pepsi iTunes Music Giveaway page that offers official rules, a FAQ, a redemption form, and other details on the promotion. The iTunes Music Store has a new Pepsi logo that offers a convenient method to check the redemption coupon on Pepsi product bottle tops (new users must register). All Pepsi-iTunes promotion song credits must be redeemed by April 30, 2004.


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