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Apple posts Security Update 2004-01-26 [Updated]

01/26, 11:55pm

Security Update 2004-01-26

Apple today posted Security Update 2004-01-26, which it says delivers a number of security enhancements for Apache 1.3, Classic, Mail, Safari, and Windows File Sharing. Additionally, Security Update 2003-12-19 has been incorporated into this security update.

EiffelStudio 5.4 offers OS X development environment

01/26, 9:35pm

EiffelStudio 5.4 for OS X

EiffelStudio 5.4 for Mac OS X is the latest version of its development environment based "on the carefully designed programming language, Eiffel. Backed by the efficiency of the language and the powerful tools in the environment, EiffelStudio's users continuously produce 2 to 10 times as much quality software in the same amount of time as can be achieved using other languages and toolsets." It includes improved compiler speed, better support for multithreading, improvements to the GUI Builder, standardization process of Eiffel through ECMA, and more. A free edition is available for Mac OS X.

Apple releases AirPort 3.3 with WPA support

01/26, 9:25pm

AirPort 3.3 available

Apple today released AirPort 3.3, an update to its wireless networking software update, which provides "support for the Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) specification for the AirPort Extreme base station and AirPort Extreme and AirPort clients. Also included in this release is v5.3 of the AirPort Extreme base station firmware. Instructions for updating the base station firmware can also be found in AirPort Help. The AirPort Extreme base station and AirPort Extreme client are Wi-Fi Certified for 802.11b and 802.11g interoperability." It is available via the Software Update in Mac OS X.

Apple settles Mac OS X class-action lawsuit

01/26, 9:25pm

Mac OS X lawsuit settled

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge on Monday gave final approval for a class-action settlement that will allow some Mac owners to receive a refund for their Mac OS X purchase, according to CNET "Under the terms of the deal, owners of certain older Macs can get a refund if they return their copy of Mac OS X or, if they want to keep Mac OS X, they can obtain a coupon for $25 off a $99 purchase at the Apple Store. Apple also agreed to pay $350,000 in legal costs to King & Ferlauto, the law firm that brought the suit."

ProjectOmega offers free Panther PDF book

01/26, 7:25pm

Panther PDF book

ProjectOmega has announce the availability of an electronic book titled "Mac OS X - Panther for developers," as free download. The 88 pages cover information on many topics, spread across three chapters -- "A Unix Called Mac OS X," "The Xcode Revolutions," and "Major New APIs."

FWB announces sale of Hard Disk Toolkit source

01/26, 6:00pm

FWB to sell source

FWB Software officially announced today that the complete source code for its Hard Disk ToolKit, CD-ROM ToolKit, and DriveUp! 98 products is for sale (as noted earlier today), but says that company is committed to offering both sales and support on the products until any sale occurs. Update: Readers note that auction has now been pulled from eBay: "The seller ended this listing early because of an error in the listing."

Using an Xbox Controller with Mac OS X

01/26, 3:35pm

Xbox Controller on OS X

A MacNN reader notes a Webpage that describes using an Xbox Controller under Mac OS X: "Although I've only tried this with an Xbox controller, I think you can do the same with PS2 and probably Gamecube controllers, but I like the double triggers of the Redmond unit. The other controllers are something to look into, but as for me I'm going to play some Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4."

Apps: Nascar Racing, CG Invoicer, MultiMode, wKiosk

01/26, 3:30pm

Nascar Racing, CG Invoicer

    Aspyr has released Nascar Racing 2003 Season Mac 1.2.7 Update, which has several fixes and brings Nascar 2003 up to date with the latest PC patch. Along with this update Aspyr is releasing Mac specific installers for several popular Project Wildfire user mods for Nascar 2003. [265MB]
    Creative Manager Pro announced today that it is currently in the final stages of development of Creative Manager 6.0, which will contain a new sync and sharing tool allowing users to take their web-based calendars and contacts on the road (as well as integration with iCal and AddressBook).
    appMac has released wKiosk Browser 3.1, a full-screen web browser for internet or intranet kiosks in public spaces. It adds new interface options, new buttons, more print options, French (and English) localization, and better stability/performance. It is $100 for Mac OS X 10.3 only. [2.3MB]
    CG Invoicer 1.7 ($70) is a small business invoicing/billing solution that "helps with your administrative needs so you can focus on driving the growth of your business. Entrepreneurs can benefit from this product, from personal trainers to wedding planners to online auctioneers." [8.0MB]
    The freeware Mac Sweeper 3.0 executes UNIX maintenence and optimization scripts and tools that are not readily available in OS X. A GUI is provided for every tool and script. [323KB]
    MultiMode OSX 4.5 adds reception of SITOR-A transmissions, as well as adds a shift display to Bit Rate mode. MultiMode allows your Macintosh to decode and transmit several different modes of non-voice communication often heard on shortwave and ham radio. The standard version is $90, while a "lite" version is $30. [1.2MB]
    QPict 6.02 is a fully featured, easy-to-use media asset manager for images, movies, fonts and sounds, offering functions to view, organize, search and batch process media files and supporting standards such as ANPA, EXIF and XML. It adds a new Mac OS 9-compatible version. [Classic, OSX]

Vidvox releases GRID 1.3 video DJ application

01/26, 3:00pm

GRID 1.3 video application

Vidvox has released GRID 1.3, a video instrument designed for live performances: "The thumbnail grid interface allows you to instantly see and access 128 QuickTime movies in one unified window. But don't let its simplicity deceive you, because GRID takes full advantage of G4 Altivec and OpenGL hardware acceleration, giving you full resolution playback capability and the creative freedom to perform, rather than spend hours and hours preparing for your show." It is $25 and runs on Mac OS X 10.2.4.

Discreet ships combustion 3 for Mac OS X Panther

01/26, 1:35pm

combustion 3 for Mac OS X

Discreet, a division of Autodesk, announced it has begun shipping combustion 3 for Mac OS X. Unveiled at Macworld San Francisco earlier this month, the latest version of Discreet's motion graphics, vector paint, visual effects and 3D compositing desktop software offers improved creative tools, speed and interactivity. It includes Mac OS X Panther support, integrated editing, JavaScript-based expressions, Flash output, RE:Flex warper and morpher plugins, and other features such as customizable brushes, savable presets, and timeline markers. It is available for $1000 with upgrades priced at $200 for v2.x.

Iomega ships Micro Mini USB 2.0 Drive

01/26, 12:25pm

Micro Mini USB 2.0 Drive

Iomega today announced that it is shipping the new Iomega Micro Mini USB 2.0 Drive, a fast solid-state USB 2.0-enabed drive in an ultra-small package that offers transfer rates of up to 8MB/sec: "Lightweight at only 0.3 ounces (9 grams), the new drive fits in the smallest places and includes three snap-on caps in three different colors, a keychain, and an illuminating USB cable and dog tag lanyard (128 MB model only), that gives users the choice of carrying an Iomega Micro Mini drive or wearing one." The bus-powered drive is now available in 64MB ($50) capacity, while the 128MB model ($70) will ship in March. [photo/link updated]

Dantz ships Retrospect 6.0 for Mac OS X

01/26, 10:00am

Retrospect 6.0 for OS X

Dantz today began shipping Retrospect 6.0, the latest version of its backup and restore software. Version 6.0 of the Desktop Edition ($130) features Panther support, "significantly" improved backup performance, and protection for up to three networked machines. The Workgroup ($500 for 20 clients) and Server ($800 for 100 clients) editions add support for backing up Xserve and Xserve RAIDs, supports for SCSI or Fibre Channel tape libraries. It is available for $800. Upgrades are $60, $200, and $350 for the Desktop, Workgroup, and Server editions. Electronic downloads are available immediately, while the boxed product will be available in mid-February.

PGP releases PGP Universal with Mac OS X support

01/26, 9:35am

PGP Universal for OS X

PGP Corporation today announced PGP Universal 1.1, an update to its enterprise security solution for email which it says "shifts the burden of securing email messages and attachments from the desktop to the network in a way that is automatic and entirely transparent to users." It includes S/MIME and X.509 support, Microsoft Exchange MAPI support, PGP Universal Satellite Mac OS X, LDAP directory synchronization, PGP Universal Web Messenger Inbox, sending/receiving of attachments, display of HTML and inline images, automatica internationalization, and load balancing. Pricing starts at $20,000 for a 500-seat license.

FWB source code available for sale on eBay

01/26, 9:00am

FWB sells source code

A MacNN reader notes that the source code to FWB's commercial products is available on eBay with a starting bid at $65,000: "This is the complete source code to the following FWB commercial software products: - Hard Disk ToolKit 4.5 - CD-ROM ToolKit 3.0 - DriveUp! 98 1.0. This collection includes the complete source code for all three commercial products. These retail products can be seen at: Hard Disk ToolKit is the Macintosh industry-leading utility for managing hard disk drives. All code is fully functional and ready to be ported to OS X. This private party sale includes all sources. It does *not* include the right to use the product names nor the FWB brand, name, or logo. This sale is by FWB Software, Inc. and is the legitimate sale of this Intellectual Property."

\'Analysts should focus on profits, not marketshare\'

01/26, 5:15am

Apple goes beyond Macs

Apple's worldwide marketshare was 1.8% in the fourth quarter of 2003 and may even fall more according to some analysts: "Salomon Smith Barney analyst Rich Gardner expects Apple to post PC unit growth of 6% in 2004 this year, vs. 11% for the entire PC industry. One reason is price. Gardner says the average price of a Mac is $900, although half of PC buyers now spend less than $600...[However] Steve Jobs says analysts should stop worrying about market share and focus on profits."

Meanwhile, a BusinessWeek interview, Steve Jobs talks about its rapid rise to the top of the digital music biz, Pixar, and what tunes he's listening to today, while BusinessWeek's cover story titled "Show Time!" says that "just as the Mac revolutionized computing, Apple is changing the world of online music. If Steve Jobs plays his cards right this time, Apple could end up with a big chunk of the digital-entertainment market."

Media reports on the 20th Anniversary of the Mac

01/26, 5:10am

Mac 20th Anniversary

    iPod may define new era of open strategy (CNET "As the Macintosh celebrates its 20th anniversary Saturday, this diplomacy appears to be a defining element in Apple's strategy. Technology companies face a broad market shift away from traditional computing products and toward consumer electronics."
    From 'insanely great' to 'think different': "PC World asked many longtime industry players, including some involved in the Mac's early days, what the Macintosh has taught the PC--and, essentially, the computing industry. And, on the flip side, what has the PC taught the Macintosh?"
    OK, Mac, Make a Wish (Newsweek): ""The Mac-user interface was a 10-year monopoly," says Jobs. "Who ended up running the company? Sales guys. At the critical juncture in the late '80s, when they should have gone for market share, they went for profits. They made obscene profits for several years. And their products became mediocre. And then their monopoly ended with Windows 95."
    The Apple Mac is 20 (The Register): "Will Apple introduce a 20th Anniversary Macintosh* on Monday, two days after the platform's 20th birthday? Suggestions from some quarters suggest it might well do so, and it's hard to imagine the company not wanting to commemorate this significant milestone."
    What will become of Apple in the next 20 years? (ZDNet AnchorDesk): "If Jobs were at the helm for the next 20 years, I would give Apple a good chance of succeeding with its digital hub strategy. He has the imagination, savvy, and guts necessary become a 21st century digital-media mogul. As a business machine, the Macintosh is barely on the radar, however."
    The machine that changed the world (SF Chronicle): "'I think if you were to ask the Macintosh division employees today are you disappointed in the results of the Macintosh, we would say we really thought it would be the predominant operating system in the world today,' Kawasaki said. 'On the other hand, it has made millions of people happy and has lasted 20 years.'"
    Steve Jobs on the Mac's 20th Anniversary (Macworld): "We don't think that televisions and personal computers are going to merge. We think basically you watch television to turn your brain off, and you work on your computer when you want to turn your brain on."

Apps: Cocktail, Cyberduck, Netflix, iPhoto Buddy

01/26, 4:35am

Cocktail, Cyberduck

    apulSoft WormHole 1.1 ($25) is an audio plugin that can transmit 32-bit audio over any network. Version 1.1 adds VST support to the existing AU version. A demo of the $25 application is available online. It requires Mac OS X 10.2.3 or later and one or multiple Audio Units/VST hosts. [1.2MB]
    Cocktail 3.4 updates the $12 shareware for Mac OS X 10.2 or later that offers a combination of mix of maintenance tools and interface tweaks. Version 3.4 allows you to easily view and manage log files, modify hidden Login Window settings and browse entire file system, and check the status of SMART compatible hard drives. [1.5MB]
    Netflix Freak 1.1.1 is a $10 application for managing your rental queue. The free upgrade adds AppleScript support, the ability to view and assign star ratings directly from any of your queues, recent search tracking, improved display, and other enhancements. [475KB]
    Cyberduck 2.2b3 is a new version of the open-source SFTP (SSH Secure File Transfer) and FTP browser licenced under the GPL. New features include Keychain integration, full Unicode suport, a transfer manager and public key authentication over SSH. It is now also available in Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch and Spanish. [2.5MB]
    Random Sequence has released Scrap Book 1.0, a utility for organizing, editing and retrieving plain, rich text scraps and images using OS X system services. Selected Text in services aware applications can be added to Scrap Book with a keystroke, or be replaced with the content of a matching scrap. [372KB]
    iPhoto Buddy 1.18 brings iLife '04, iDVD, and better support for long library names to the freeware utility that allows you to use more than one photo Library with Apple's iPhoto as well as with it's companion programs, iMovie and iDVD. [2.6MB]
    The $9 LoginManager 6.3 is a native MacOS X utility that helps to manage the time frame for accessing the computer for each user (including network access). The preference pane can set designated times, offers monitoring options for each user, and can separately limit network access during certain times. [445KB]
    JFBRowser offers access to Rendezvous-based services via the Mac OS X Dock. Version 0.4 adds quick-service additions and some well-known preset services. [202KB]

More than 600 people at Apple Store opening

01/26, 4:10am

La Encantada opening

"Tucson's first Apple Store opened Saturday at La Encantada with more than 600 people in line before the 10 a.m. opening. The first person got in line at midnight, said Christina Sanchez, store manager. The store logged 1,400 customers by noon, when management stopped counting. By 11:30 a.m., 1,000 free T-shirts were passed out," according to the Arizon Daily Star.

Washington Post reviews iLife, GarageBand

01/26, 12:20am

iLife, GarageBand reviews

The Washington Post has posted a review of iLife '04, offering a rundown of new/useful features in the $50 suite of applications as well some missing features. A separate review of GarageBand concludes: "The GarageBand name hides a certain irony -- it's hard to make a song sound any way but slick and seamless in this program. But this same relative sophistication (especially all the effects-processing options) opens up some fascinating possibilities for anybody with a keen ear for sampling and hip-hop production values. You can have a lot of fun here."


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