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P-Edge announces GSC for SWJK: Jedi Academy

01/24, 1:30pm

GSC for SWJK: Jedi Academy

P-Edge Media has announced a new Mac OS X Game Server Configulator (GSC) application, which is specially made for Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy: "[It] allows the user to set up and run a dedicated Jedi Academy server, without knowing Terminal commands and editing all the variables in the configuration file. GSC Jedi Academy will have over 25 configurable options and the user can load and save several different server configurations." It will run on Mac OS X and be available in the first week of February. (Pricing not available.)

Sony posts beta of Panther-compatible Puppy Suite

01/24, 12:55pm

Puppy Suite for Panther

Sony has posted a Mac OS X 10.3 Panther-compatible version of its Puppy Suite for Mac OS X, software for its Puppy Fingerprint Identity Device. It allows you to login to your Mac system without using a password. The version also includes support for Fast User Switching, authentication services, and screen saver unlock. A limited-time, evaluation version of the software is available now as a public beta. The full hardware is $160 from Sony and also available retailers around the US such as Fry's and CompUSA.

GarageBand helps users make political statements

01/24, 12:20pm

GarageBand in politics

Though only available for less than a week, Apple's GarageBand is already making helping users make headlines, according to MacNN reader Brian Kim: "MSNBC has an article about the various remixes that parody Howard Dean's concession speech in Iowa. These remixes have been getting national airplay and media attention. The first 2 remixes that the MSNBC article links to appear to have been made with GarageBand. The blog of Jonathan Barlow, creator of one of the Dean remix spoofs, notes that Rolling Stone is working on an article on GarageBand and the interesting timing between its release and the sudden appearance of so many Howard Dean remixes."

Apple denys enterprise move, makes compelling case

01/24, 12:15pm

Apple in enterprise

Infoworld notes that Apple is officially denying any stragtegic enterprise move, but yet is releasing compelling Internet product line (G5 Xserve, Xserve RAID) and current hiring choices suggest otherwise: "here are a couple of other obstacles Apple faces in selling into larger markets. For one, enterprise customers don't like to buy version-one products. They need to be tested by time....Apple also needs to convince the enterprise that its products exist in an ecosystem. The server in itself has less value if the complementary products and applications aren't ported to go with them."

CNN: The Mac turns 20 (today)

01/24, 12:00pm

CNN: The Mac turns 20

CNN reports that The Mac turns 20 today, noting the the strength of the community and large base of passionate users: ""Macintosh users tend to be a very independent type, and they tend to be very loyal to their product," Wozniak said. "They've been threatened with [Macs] going out of business and being put out of their schools and out of their companies, and they've got to fight. There's so much passion for it."

\'Red tape\' delays European iTunes Music Store

01/24, 12:00pm

iTMS for Europe delayed

Red tape is delaying the European launch of Apple's Internet music store iTunes, according to Reuters report: " A maze of licensing contracts, music release dates that differ by country and incompatible billing systems have combined to sidetrack the service, which many recording executives still hope will make its European debut in the first half of 2004. 'We will be here this year. I'm not going to announce the date at this time, but we are working very hard,' Eddy Cue, vice president of applications and Internet services for Apple, said at the annual MidemNet music conference on the French Riviera."

KB: Safari autofill, Mac OS X 10.3.2, reset the iPod

01/24, 5:05am

Safari autofill, Mac OS X

KB roundup: Websites are able to disable Safari's autofill functions; Mac OS X 10.3.2 should only be installed on the startup disk to avoid problems; Apple describes how to reset the iPod and the default export options of iMovie 4 and minor export glitches and spurious font message errors in GarageBand and issues joining tracks in iTunes 4.


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