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Griffin delays RadioSHARK orders until April

01/22, 6:15pm

RadioSHARK delayed

Griffin Technology has delayed the shipping date RadioSHARK, which adds a software controlled AM-FM radio to any Mac computer as well as can record any AM, FM or Internet (streaming) radio broadcast. The $70 USB device also offers advanced scheduling and 'pausing' functions for live radio. RadioSHARK was announced at Macworld New York last year for $50 and originally expected to ship in Fall 2003. According to an email sent to customers, it is expected to ship in April: "Why the delay? To be honest, the software for the radioSHARK was a bit more of a challenge than we anticipated and it has taken far longer than expected."

NASA Langley releases TetrUSS for Mac OS X Panther

01/22, 4:20pm

TetrUSS for Panther

NASA Langley Research Center is announcing a new version of its TetrUSS computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software for Mac OS X 10.3 Panther. Version 010804 contains numerous updates and improvements for 10.3, and includes a revised version of GridToolCocoa (GTC), a general purpose CAD, geometry preparation, and grid generation tool.

eMedia offers value-priced music instruction software

01/22, 3:05pm

Music instruction software

eMedia has announced a new value-priced line of music instruction software for guitar, bass, piano and keyboard, including Guitar Basics, Piano & Keyboard Basics and Bass Basics. The titles feature an animated fretboard or keyboard that allows you to see the notes and follow along. They also offer variable-speed MIDI tracks as well as include an automatic tuner or digital metronome. It will be available for $20 in March of 2004.

No Starch Press releases \'Apple Confidential 2.0\'

01/22, 2:35pm

\'Apple Confidential 2.0\'

No Starch Press has released the second edition of Owen W. Linzmayer's Apple Confidential 2.0, which covers "everything of note in Apple's fascinating history, from its legendary founding in a garage to today's groundbreaking innovations. With over 60 pages of new material, including several completely new or greatly revised chapters, and hundreds of new photos, illustrations, quotes, and timelines, 'Apple Confidential 2.0' is required reading for Macintosh fanatics and anyone interested in the business of Apple." It is available for $20.

Scheduler 4.0 adds new search, hotkey support

01/22, 1:40pm

Scheduler 4.0 has released Scheduler 4.0, a $20 scheduling utility only available on the Mac. It adds a new search tool, optional hierarchical sorting, an improved sond manager, better hotkeys support and management, optional deferment of scheduled events, and an improved interface. The application offers a sophisticated reminder function with customizable pre-warnings, repeats, sounds, fonts and text size, etc. as well as the ability to schedule the launch of applications, AppleScripts, documents, URLs, and more. It runs on both Mac OS X 10.1 or later.

OWC offers Mercury G4/450-533MHz ZIF upgrade

01/22, 1:10pm

G4/450-533MHz ZIF

Other World Computing (OWC) today introduced the Mercury G4/450-533MHz ZIF upgrade with 1MB of L2 Cache for Apple's Power Mac G3 Beige, G3 Blue & White and G4 "Yikes" models. This new model replaces OWC's G4/450MHz, G4/500MHz and G4/533MHz models. Available now for $150, the new upgrade uses a Motorola G4/450MHz processor that is "tested and guaranteed for safe, reliable operation of up to 533MHz in all Power Mac G3 Beige models and G4/500MHz operation in all PowerMac G3 Blue & White and G4 'Yikes' PCI models." It ships with a two-year warranty from OWC.

Melodyne 2.1 audio app supports G5, Panther

01/22, 1:05pm

Melodyne 2.1

Melodyne 2.1 offers a "completely new" approach to the editing audio: it analyzes the pitch and time of monophonic audio files and "offers the opportunity to change whole melodies in a way only previously possible at MIDI-Level. Melodyne is able to change the musical parameters of voices or instruments without any actual influence on the character of the recording." It improves detection quality on non-44.1kHz files, improves performance on Mac OS 9, supports Mac OS X Panther, and G5 Power Macs (as well as many other changes). It is $450.

Apps: Smart Folders, FinderScape, Fluid, JustLookin\'

01/22, 12:45pm

Smart Folders, FinderScape

    Rage Software's Smart Folders 1.1 ($10) groups similar files together based on specified criteria and updates itself as new files are added (at custom intervals), creating aliases to similar files for easy organization/reference. Version 1.1 adds the ability to customize the settings of an already created Smart Folder and improves support for Mac OS X 10.3. [997KB]
    David Ahmed's FinderScape 1.01 offers a 3D environment in which users can browser through files on their hard drive. It also offers functions for previewing images, sounds, QuickTime media, and text with speech. A 7-day evaluation of the $15 shareware is available in both English and Japanese. It requires Mac OS 10.2.4 or later. [1.0MB]
    Fluid 2.6.1 is a Mac OS X screensaver that features a realtime fluid-dynamics. It adds the ability to use video feeds as the reflection for the churning liquid; now includes particle rendering, contour outlining, countour filling, and streakline rendering styles to make your; and now has liquid that is actually 3-dimensional and shows reflections. [2.2MB]
    JustLookin' 1.0 offers a drag & drop interface that allows users to easily bookmark songs/albums from the iTunes Music Store. The application will store information on the song, title, and artist as well the URL to the item on the music store. [1.0MB]
    xScope 1.01 ($15) assists designers in measuring, aligning and inspecting on-screen graphics and layouts. The software consists of six tools in one including Rulers, Screens, Loupe, Guides, Frames and Crosshair. It offers increased readability of the tool's dimensions against light backgrounds and other bug fixes. [928KB]
    Greppie 1.01 ($15) is "wrapper application" for the UNIX command "grep," allowing users to search any file on your hard disk for any text using regular expressions for flexible, powerful search options. It adds support for searching Mac text files, adds an Italian localization by Gabriele Callari, fixes a few bugs, and updates the PowerSearch interface. [1.0MB]
    X Overload 2.1.1 ($20 per year) offers several utilities that let you manage and maintain your Mac OS X and classic system folder. Users can manage system folder items (Contextual Menu Items, Fonts, Preference files, Preference Panes, Services, Screen Savers), delete unnecessary localization language files, and delete browser cache files. [2.4MB]

Apple\'s 1984 among \'Super Bowl Greatest Commericals\'

01/22, 12:15pm

1984 TV ad voting

Apple's 1984 TV ad is among the ten finalists for's Super Bowl Greatest Commericals, which airs on Saturday, January 31st at 9 pm: "Join host Jim Nantz and the rest of the 'NFL Today' team for this special that takes a look back at the greatest Super Bowl commercials of all time. Since 1967, there have been 37 Super Bowls, containing approximately 60 commercials in each, which works out to more than 2,200 Super Bowl commercials in all! We've narrowed the field down to ten." Meanwhile, Pepsi will be advertising the iTunes song giveaway in one of its three spots--totalling 3 minutes--during in the upcoming Super Bowl XXXVIII.

Ovolab Phlink 1.2 adds personalized ringtone support

01/22, 11:50am

Ovolab Phlink 1.2

Ovolab Phlink 1.2 updates the innovative software/hardware solution that turns your Mac into a answering machine and telephone information center. Users can create multiple voice mailboxes, forward messages via email, create custom phone trees, play prerecorded audio messages, and report information by dynamically looking it up on the Internet or in a database. Version 1.2 adds personalized ringtones, better support for multiple voice mailboxes, and enhanced scriptability. It is available for $160 and requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later.

Infoworld: Office 2004 for Mac lags in XML support

01/22, 10:55am

Office 2004: no XML

Infoworld reports on lack of XML support in Office 2004 for Macintosh, which MacNN first previewed earlier this month: "Although Office 2004 for Macintosh will read and write Excel files saved in XML format, it won't support other XML file formats, including WordML, and won't have any equivalent to Office 2003 features such as XML data binding, 'smart' documents, schema libraries and XSL style-sheet support. Without better XML support, companies with mixed Macintosh and PC desktops could be faced with the choice of not adopting the XML features or limiting them to Windows desktops only."

Apple offers custom RSS feeds from iTunes Music Store

01/22, 10:25am

RSS feeds from iTMS

Apple is now offering a RSS generator for the iTunes Music Store. Users can get a feed for virtually anything, including the latest 10 Alternative releases, Top 50 Jazz songs, etc. Users can customize the feed length, the feed type, music genre, and the ability to display explicit content to instantly create a custom feed.

G4 installed into Tatra 613 car for GPS, audio...

01/22, 10:05am

G4 installed into Tatra describes a "complex overhaul of Tatra 613 car and installation of PowerMac G4 into this car. The built-in PowerMac G4 supports GPS navigation, audio and video playback as well as processing of telematics data, internet access etc. The system is using special simplified user interface, that can easily be controlled even when driving. Built-in circuits also allow some functions of the car to be controlled remotely using a mobile telephone. The article also addresses some specific hardware issues commonly encountered by authors of similar modifications."

Wine XT 1.7 offers wine cellar management functions

01/22, 10:00am

Wine XT 1.7

Edwin Buehler's Wine XT 1.7 is a wine cellar management software for wine enthusiasts. "You can manage your wines and your own wine tasting notes. You can note sight, smell, taste and the quality of a wine. Manage the wine cellar racks, reviews used wine with this wine accessory." Version 1.7 adds template-based reports, improved import functions, improved list printing, and a Japanese localization. The $50 application runs on Mac OS X 10.2 or later.

KB: iDVD with non-SuperDrives; GarageBand performance

01/22, 1:50am

KB: iDVD 4, GarageBand

KB roundup: Apple offers instructions on how to install iDVD on a Macintosh Without a SuperDrive; Apple also offers tips on how to optimize performance in GarageBand, including turning off FileVault, reducing the number of tracks, and copying the song directly to the hard disk; Windows ME does not work with iPod software 2.1 or later or with iPod mini software 1.0 (and requires restoral of an older version of iPod software).

CodeTek offers new VirtualDesktop 3.0 beta, pricing

01/22, 12:30am

VirtualDesktop 3.0b5

CodeTek VirtualDesktop Pro 3.0 beta 5 is the latest version of the multitasking software for Mac OS X to allow users to switch between multiple virtual desktops. Beta 5 fixes issues with iChat and Safari tooltips, Finder windows, X11, ichat, stability, performance, and more. A 25% discount on VirtualDesktop 2.x ($23) will expire on January 26. New purchases of version 2.x -- and those who have bought it since October 1st -- will be eligible to upgrade to version 3.0 for free, while upgrades for others will be $15. The (limited) Lite version will be $20, while the full version will be $40.


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