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Jobs inseparable from the Apple saga

01/18, 1:10pm

Jobs, Apple intertwined

The Mercury News says that Steve Jobs' personality and values are inseparable from the Apple saga: "Just as it was 20 years ago, it's impossible to talk about the Macintosh today without discussing the two faces of Steve Jobs. the company's identity, direction and culture are indelibly wed to the personality and values of its leader. In that sense, Jobs is the last in a long line of Silicon Valley visionaries. William Shockley. Gordon Moore. Robert Noyce. Jerry Sanders. Andy Grove. Be they control freaks, bullies, gamblers or statesmen, their personalities were etched into the corporate motherboard from Day One."

Meanwhile, "20 years of thinking out of the box" says that Apple's products are always head-turners because Apple is an art form to Jobs: "[He] has always regarded Apple as a religion and an art form rather than a business. That's why Apple products are always head-turners. They capture people's imaginations and are doing a good job of it."

Apple store coming to \"Dell\'s Backyard\" in Austin

01/18, 1:00pm

Apple store in Austin, TX

A MacNN reader notes that The Austin-American Statesman offers a few more details of Apple's upcoming store in Austin, Texas, after MacNN first published a report on new job openings in the area last week: "It looks like Apple Computer Inc. is about to open a store in Dell Inc.'s back yard. Apple's Internet site currently lists several job openings for an Apple store at Barton Creek Square mall, including a store manager, assistant manager and several salespeople."

LiliPod protects iPod during water activities

01/18, 12:55pm

LiliPod iPod case

Eroch Studios has introduced the LiliPod, a new water-tight iPod case: the LiliPod allows "you to safely listen to your iPod during activities never previously possible--from skiing to sailing mountain biking to beach bumming, and everwhere in between. The watertight future of iPod protection has arrived. And it's arrived in swanky style." It offers an 1/8-inch watertight stereo connector, a Sterling Rope lanyard (made of moisture-resistant DryCore and with cord lock), a compression clamp, and rubber o-ring. It is available now for $35.


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