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SRS Labs ships SRS Circle Surround VST Pro

01/16, 10:30pm

SRS Circle Surround VST

 SRS Labs today began shipping its SRS Circle Surround (CS) encoding software plug-in product: SRS Circle Surround VST Pro is a plug-in for for Steinberg VST. It features a Circle Surround encoder and decoder for encoding and monitoring surround mixes. It enables VST users to easily encode up to 6.1 channels of surround sound into stereo delivery formats for television and radio broadcasting, cable delivery or playback in surround using standard stereo CDs. The $500 software runs on Mac OS X and will be distributed exclusively by Wave Distribution.

Lemke releases CADintosh 5.0 2D CAD application

01/16, 10:15pm

CADintosh 5.0

Lemke Software has released CADintosh 5.0, a new version of its 2D-CAD program for technical and architectural drawings. Version 5.0 features a new automatic catching mode, fixes print issues on Mac OS X, offers an improved GUI for Panther, optimizes CLI functions, improves DXF import, and has other fixes. Other functions include interactive window redrawing; import/export of HPGL, DXF, and PICT; and extra filters and symbols with registration ($33). It is avaialble in German, English, French, Danish and Japanese. [Classic, OSX]

Reader: GarageBand requires DVD for install

01/16, 6:35pm

GarageBand requires DVD

A MacNN reader discovered that GarageBand (part of iLife '04 released today) cannot be installed without a DVD Drive. After speaking with a few Apple representatives the reader found that not only did the reps not know about the system requirements but had the same problems on their own machines. A closer look at the GarageBand system requirements reveals that having a DVD drive is indeed a requirement to install the popular audio program. Another reader provides a workaround for installing iLife on Mac OS X Server.

Forums: Outdated Macs; Apple stickers; 1.33GHz eMac

01/16, 5:25pm

Outdate Macs, eMacs

Forums Roundup: Some debate has started over how quickly Mac computers become outdated in comparison to Windows machines; there's a thread on the Apple stickers that come with the purchase of every Mac computer; the overclocked eMac is getting some looks; iPod owners are deciding that it is better to wear the iPod in-ear headphones upside down; the posts are buzzing with the release of iLife '04; and the Powerbook picture thread just keeps growing.

TestKit: unit testing tool for Objective-C

01/16, 5:20pm

TestKit for Mac OS X

TestKit is an open-source unit testing tool for software developers writing for the Mac OS X environment. It is an adaptation of JUnit for Objective-C and the Mac OS X development environment. TestKit shares much of the functionality of JUnit, and it adds functionality to help programmers with the problems and challenges unique to Objective-C. A quick-start guide and API documentation are available.

Tech: virus damages; music swapping; SCO...

01/16, 3:05pm

Tech: virus damages

Afternoon tech news: The sum of damages caused by computer virus attacks has skyrocketed to $55 billion, up from 2002, when damages from computer attacks cost businesses roughly $25 billion; after months of decline, music downloads over peer-to-peer services are on the rise, a new report shows; European firms are being urged to buy a licence for Linux to avoid legal action by SCO which claims the operating system unlawfully includes some of its computer code

NI announces Traktor FinalScratch 1.5 for Panther

01/16, 1:05pm

Traktor FinalScratch 1.5

Native Instruments today announced Traktor FinalScratch 1.5, a new Mac OS X Panther compatible version of its digital DJ system co-produced. The upcoming Traktor FS 1.5 software will bring FinalScratch to the Windows platform, offer much easier installation, incorporate enhanced ScratchAmp handling, include support for network and Firewire drives, and improve performance. Earlier today we noted continuing Final Scratch compatibility issues with Panther, which are expected to be resolved by the update.

Comixware 2.0 interactive storytelling for Mac OS X

01/16, 12:40pm

Comixware 2.0 preview

Yi.magination Studios announced a preview edition of Comixware 2.0, an update to its interactive storytelling apparatus that combines content and software in one integrated package. Version 2.0 features expanded file compatibility, user file sharing, user-definable scene lengths, copy/cut/paste commands, an improved GUI and Mac OS X compatibility. A final gamma build of version 2.0 is available now. The full release will be $40 for electronic download ($45 on CD) and will be released on February 21, 2004.

GarageBand: \'breaks new ground\' with simplicity

01/16, 12:20pm

GarageBand review

The Mercury News has a review of GarageBand, Apple music studio application: "Though GarageBand contains many of the advanced features that can be found in semi-professional programs such as Cakewalk Home Studio and Sony Acid, it hides the complexity, allowing you to manipulate music more like you change fonts, boldness and italics in a document." It is only available as part iLife '04, which we noted began shipping on January 14 (and today in the UK) and should be available in Apple Stores and resellers later today.

KB: Panther login, RealOne content, iPhoto printing

01/16, 11:25am

Panther login, RealOne

Knowledge Base: Apple notes that Panther's login window only shows an "Other" option if NetInfo is enabled; Mac OS X's FileVault may prevent some Safari users from viewing RealOne Player content; iPhoto ignores the Page Setup's scaling options to print pages; Mac OS X client computer account records created in Active Directory require additional access to certain attributes in order to work as expected.

Apps: Collage, EditiX, iPhoto utils, RadicalPhoto...

01/16, 11:20am

Collage, EditiX, iPhoto

    Trinfinity Software's Collage X 1.0.1 updates the freeware visual plugin for iTunes with performance enhancements and bug fixes. Collage X searches the Internet for images relating to the artist, track, and album that are playing and displays collage of these images. [Classic, OSX]
    EditiX ($40) is a Java-based XML editor supporting the latest XML and XML-related technologies such as XSLT / FO and XSD Schema. It has realtime XPath location and syntax error detection. [8.4MB]
    The freeware iPhoto Mailer Patcher 4.0 adds support for Claris Emailer, Mailsmith, Outlook Express, PowerMail and QuickMail Pro it iPhoto 4. The application can also restore iPhoto to the original state, limiting support to America Online, Eudora, Mail and Microsoft Entourage. [360KB]
    CloakIt 3.0 lets you cloak a folder and its contents. It features password authorization at startup and the ability to make folders invisible/visible. It requires Mac OS X and is $12 shareware. [886KB]
    RadicalPhoto 1.1 ($15) is a photo enhancer and image converter, offering options for Brightness/Contrast and Red/Green/Blue levels as well as Hue/Saturation and effects (Smooth, Sharpen, Emboss, Blur, etc). It adds rotate and flip options. [1.1MB]
    iPhoto Diet 2.1.6, not yet tested with iPhoto 4, adds a German localization and minor interface tweaks. The application scans through an iPhoto library folder and moves any undesired originals to the Trash (either manually or automatically). The freeware runs on Mac OS X 10.2 or later. ˛[306KB]
    The $12 shareware GPRS Script Generator 1.9.2 brings the number of supported mobile networks presets to over 200 carriers in the entire world. The software utility helps users create custom modem scripts to connect using a GPRS compatible mobile phone. [1.0MB]

TiVo Desktop 1.6 supports iPhoto 4

01/16, 11:00am

TiVo Desktop 1.6

TiVo Desktop 1.6 allows a networked TiVo Series2 DVR with the TiVo Home Media Option premium feature package to stream music and photos from any Mac to the device. Version 1.6 adds support for iPhoto 4, but does not (yet) support AAC audio files (including music purchased at the iTunes Music Store). It requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later.

Griffin includes Dock-to-FireWire cable with PowerPod

01/16, 8:05am

PowerPod iPod Auto Charger

Griffin Technology today announced that its PowerPod iPod Auto Charger ($25) now includes a separate Dock-to-FireWire cable. Recently redesigned, Griffin says the PowerPod is still the only iPod charger fully compatible with both original and new Apple iPods as well as the recently announced iPod mini. The new PowerPod now includes a new ultra-light ultra-flexible 48-inch Dock-to-FireWire cable. In addition to its use as a charger cable, the PowerPod's Dock-to-FireWire cable can be used for normal syncing and docking operation.

Final Scratch DJ/Panther compatibility issues

01/16, 12:30am

Final Scratch DJ/Panther

A MacNN reader reports a problem developing between Native Instruments, maker of FinalScratch DJ, and Mac OS X "Panther" users


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