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Propellerhead releases ReCycle 2.1

01/15, 10:55pm

ReCycle 2.1

 Propellerhead today released ReCycle 2.1, its suite of tools that include Reason Adapted, and the Reload utility for importing Akai samples. Version 2.1 now supports Mac OS X. It features multiple undos, true Mac OS X support and full 24-bit resolution. The three applications (ReCycle, Reason Adapted and Reload) provide the user with everything they need for working with loops, ripping Akai Cds, and Rewire-ing fully edited and treated loops into Cubase, Pro Tools, Logic and more. It is available for $230 or as a free upgrade to v2.0 users.

RealPlayer Music Store\'s a \"strong second\"

01/15, 10:30pm

Real a \"strong second\"

The Mercury News says the new RealPlayer Music Store "gets my vote as the second-best place to legally buy songs online," but "Apple Computer's iTunes Music Store is so elegantly crafted that it's hard to imagine anyone will do better in the near future." Launched Jan. 7, the RealPlayer Music Store follows a formula that's "now beginning to look familiar:" songs are 99 cents, most albums are $10. Users can burn the downloads to CD and transfer them to a set number of portable players.

Apple planning another retail store in SoCal

01/15, 10:15pm

New retail store in SoCal

A MacNN reader notes that Apple is planning to open another store in Southern California: "Just noticed the familiar white Apple logo on the black background surrounding a new store set to emerge on the ground level of the mall known as 'The Shops at Mission Viejo." The mall directory does not yet list Apple Computer as a tenant. The Shops at Mission Viejo is located at the intersection of Interstate 5 (San Diego Freeway) and Crown Valley Parkway in Mission Viejo, CA.

Mozilla 1.6 brings Mail improvements, security fixes

01/15, 10:00pm

Mozilla 1.6 released has released Mozilla 1.6, an update to the open-source browser for web browsing, email, HTML editing, IRC chat, and more. Version 1.6 adds several new mail features, vCard support, a new cross-platform NTLM authentication mechanism, instant translation functions, and several security fixes. Mail improvements include signature placement, separation recipient and sender columns, and remove mail from the pop server. It is available for Mac OS X.

Cycling \'74 launches Pluggo 3.1, M v2.6 for Mac OS X

01/15, 8:50pm

Pluggo 3.1, M v2.6

 Cycling '74 today announced the release of Pluggo 3.1, a new version of its native audio processing plug-in software. Pluggo 3.1 is now compatible with Mac OS X and adds Audio Units to the list of supported plug-in formats. It also released M v2.6 which adds compatibility with Mac OS X to its interactive composing and performing system that "takes notes and chords the user specifies, and manipulates them to create musical compositions that unfold during live performance."

UBS upgrades Apple to \"buy\"

01/15, 6:55pm

UBS: Apple a \"buy\"

UBS has upgraded Apple's stock from "neutral" to "buy." USB said "today's weakness is a buying opportunity given a number of positives at the company. While investors may be focusing on lower-than-expected PowerMac sales in Wednesday's earnings report, Apple has strong upside potential from sales of iPods and portables and new products due in 2004. 'The valuation now looks compelling, the shift to partnering is encouraging and retail profitability and sales momentum is encouraging." UBS raised its 2Q estimates to 9 cents from 8 cents, factoring in 20 percent sales growth to $1.8 billion and has a target price of $28.

Verbatim announces 8x DVD-R progress,

01/15, 5:25pm

Verbatim 8x DVD-R

Verbatim today announced a delivery schedule for its new 8x DVD-R media. Shipments of engineering samples of its new DataLifePlus 8X DVD-R media was sent to DVD writer manufacturers for compatibility testing. With the new 8x DVD-R discs, users can fill an entire 4.7GB disc in less than 10 minutes. Verbatim DataLifePlus 8x DVD-R discs will have an estimated street price of $4 and will be available through authorized resellers in the first quarter of 2004.

eShox 3.7 commerce solution supports QuickBooks

01/15, 4:40pm

eShox 3.7 for ecommerce

Secure.CC has updated eShox 3.7, its complete PHP Ecommerce solution for quickly deploying a storefront. Version 3.7 adds export of online orders to QuickBooks and MYOB (UK version) for accounting, international realtime FedEx shipping rates, new modules (2Checkout, viaKLIX, and eWay) payments, DHL shipping), performance improvements of 20%, and an improved administrative interface. Pricing starts at $100/year with hosting bundles, while a free 30-day eShox Express service is offered to allow store owners to try eShox before they purchase.

Worldlabel releases Label templates 1.0

01/15, 4:00pm

Label templates 1.0 has released Label templates 1.0, a collection of free label templates for printing. The selection of templates includes CD, DVD, mailing, business CD cards and mini CD labels, address, shipping, media labeling and more. templates  can be used in graphic programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop,  Indesign, Quark Express, and several others.

PhotoshopWorld 2004 to be held in San Francisco

01/15, 3:25pm

PhotoshopWorld04 announced

The National Association of Photoshop Professionals announced today that it is bringing the 2004 PhotoshopWorld Conference & Expo to San Francisco's Moscone Center March 1-3, 2004. Sponsored by Adobe Systems, PhotoshopWorld is the largest Adobe Photoshop event in the world and provides three days of in-depth training from the world's top Photoshop authors and experts to several thousand digital photographers, digital videographers, and graphic designers. Admission is $500 before the end of the month.

Apps: Xtream Path, Authoxy, iPod Access, Balloons...

01/15, 1:25pm

Authoxy, iPod Access

    CValley today began shipping its new $140 plug-in for Adobe Illustrator, Xtream Path. The plugin allows you to have more control for path editing and flexibility to your daily workflow in Illustrator. [form]
    Mesa Dynamics has released Beholder 1.1, an update to its freeware Mac OS X application for quickly finding images on the web. In addition to several new features, a new online Search Engine Library and Search Engine Developer's Guide is available for those who wish to add search engines to the application. [564KB]
    Panther Cache Cleaner 2.2 ($8) provides access to numerous OS X maintenance and utility options, can tune internet and file caching settings, and implement RAM disks. Version 2.2 adds a new Process Manager, a new LCD Pixel Tester, and easy Finder access to hidden system folders. [3.1MB]
    Basasoft's BasaOne 1.0.1 (€120) updates the new Web Application Development Environment for creating Web Applications with database access (without "having to bother about different programming languages, server platforms, databases, etc."). It adds support for Panther, live window resizing, new properties, and other enhancements. [1.3MB]
    The $5 shareware set of Snarb's Controllers includes VLC Controller 2.3, MPlayer Controller 3.2, and DVD Controller 1.1. The controllers work with Salling Clicker, a remote control utility that allows you to use your Bluetooth-enabled phone or PDA to control your Mac.
    iPod Access v3.0 ($10) can transfer songs from your iPod to your Mac using the internal iPod database, offering access to playlists and other iTunes-specific info. Version 3.0 adds Panther support, support for multiple iPods, playlist cloning, AAC file support, and better performance. [1.4MB]
    Authoxy 3.0 ($10) runs locally as a proxy server to intercept HTTP and HTTPS requests, forwarding them on to your regular proxy with authentication details you define in a System Preference Pane. It adds NTLM support to enable users behind MS Proxies, or ISA Servers and also fixes a few bugs. [474KB]
    SetiManager provides a Mac OS X interface to the command line version of setiathome. It allows ordinary users to convieniently run setiathome without using a terminal window or using the screensaver version. It maintains a cache of workunits, runs multiple instances on multi-processor machines, and offers a progress display in the dock. [196KB]
    Ballons 1.0 is a free iMovie plugin that allows you to add voiceover "balloons" to to any iMovie project: "This is similar, but not identical to VH-1's pop-up videos." Options are available for text and background color and ballon location. [149KB]

Cycling \'74 debuts Sunflower, MODE plugins

01/15, 1:00pm

Sunflower, MODE plugins

 Cycling '74 today announced the release of Soundflower, a free system extension for Mac OS 10.2 and 10.3 that allows users to route audio between OS X Core Audio applications and also demonstrated MODE 1.0, a set of five unique instrument and effect plug-ins for Mac OS X designed by CreativeSynth Development. Due later this quarter, it includes three instruments and two effects units for VST, Audio Units and RTAS host applications that integrate features and performance controls typically found in rack-mount and workstation hardware.

Adobe FrameMaker 7.1 not available for Mac OS

01/15, 12:40pm

FrameMaker 7.1

Adobe earlier this week announced FrameMaker 7.1 for Windows and Solaris, but did not announce an update for the Mac or even a Mac OS X-native version. The software currently runs on Mac OS 9 or under classic in Mac OS X. Adobe told MacNN that it had not announced plans for Mac OS X version, while PrintIQ reports that the company "has no plans to port FrameMaker 7.1 to Mac OS X." Version 7.1 is due later this month and will offer enhancements to its XML and graphics functions and will be able to import PageMaker and QuarkXpress files more easily.

AAPL down on Power Mac sales concerns

01/15, 12:30pm

AAPL down on G5 concerns

Apple's stock was lower as Credit Suisse First Boston detected a "worry" that the computer maker's fiscal first-quarter PowerMac sales of 206,000 units were below the fourth-quarter level of 221,000 units, according to Forbes: "CSFB also noted that some positive aspects of the company's first-quarter earnings report were already known to investors: "'The PowerMac and cousin iMac desktops account for a third of the company's revenue, versus 13% for the iPod,' CSFB said. 'The battle for the household will become fierce, and Apple needs to maintain high investment rates in research and development, marketing and store rollouts to stay visible/ it will take several years of flawless execution for Apple to return to its historical peak profit margins.' The stock was down $1.20 at $23."

Corel discontinues CorelDraw Graphics Suite for Mac

01/15, 12:25pm

Corel axes CorelDraw

Corel has discontinued its CorelDraw Graphics Suite product for Macs, according to Macworld UK: "Chairman Derek Burney revealed the news during a meeting last night. The product consisted of CorelDraw for illustration, page-layout and vector drawing; Corel Photo-Paint for digital imaging; and Corel R.A.V.E. for motion-graphics creation."

Random Video releases Media Mover for Mac OS X

01/15, 12:15pm

Media Mover for OS X

Random Video has released Media Mover for OS X, its utility for Avid Media Composer: "Speed up your Macintosh OSX based Media Composer, Xpress and Xpress DV. Get control of your media files so backing up a project's media or deleting it from your system is quick and easy. MediaMover OSX is written especially for Avid systems running the OSX operating systems and is fully compatible with al Jaguar and Panther releases." It costs $150 per system.

NI releases Mac OS X version of Spektral Delay

01/15, 11:45am

NI-Spektral Delay for OS X

 Native Instruments has released its unique effects processor NI-Spektral Delay 1.5.5 for Mac OS X. The new version fully supports the modern technologies and interfaces of Mac OS X, including AudioUnits, RTAS, VST and standalone operation with CoreMIDI and CoreAudio: "With this, the complete NI product range is now available on Apple´s most recent operating system." Version 1.5.5 is immediately available to all registered users as a $30 download or on CD for $50. Customers who purchased NI-Spektral Delay after November 1st, 2003 can download the update for free or receive an update CD for $20.

Cross Culture updates MergeMill 3.5 with more tags

01/15, 11:40am

MergeMill 3.5

Cross Culture today releaed Mergemill 3.5, an update to its software that merges templates with content source files to generate the desired output, enabling users to quickly create web pages from a database or spreadsheet, or reformat data into readable form for publishing. Source contents may easily come from FileMaker Pro, Microsoft Access, 4th Dimension, Microsoft Excel, AppleWorks, or any text editor. Version 3.5 expands the IF tags and adds a new set of CASE tags. It is a free upgrade to the $100 application for Mac OS 9/X.

MacsDesign updates Java-based Web Help Desk v7

01/15, 11:35am

Web Help Desk v7

MacsDesign Studio today released an update to its Web Help Desk v7 technical support software. Designed for education and enterprise customers, version 7 introduces an integrated calendar, tech permissions and an automated backup as well as email greeting options, a new login interface, improved preferences and better documentation. The Web Help Desk is built using Java, is accessible from any browser, and runs on Mac OS X. Pricing starts at $3,500 for 2 seats.

Apple launches Logic Pro 6, Logic Pro Express

01/15, 11:20am

Apple launches Logic Pro 6

 Apple today announced Logic Pro 6 for professional musicians and Logic Express 6 for students and educators. Logic Pro 6 consolidates 12 pre-existing, groundbreaking products into one comprehensive package for $1000, while Logic Express 6 provides a basic set of professional tools to allow students and educators to compose and produce music with sophisticated results for $300. Both titles are expected to ship in March.

Apple releases Soundtrack 1.2 update

01/15, 11:10am

Soundtrack 1.2 update

  Apple today released Soundtrack 1.2, an update to its $200 music compoosition tool. The update features new MIDI functionality, allowing Soundtrack to synchronize with other audio software and hardware. In addition, fixes and improvements to searching, timeline workflow, handling of long audio files, project compression, and other interface elements are included. Soundtrack 1.2 is strongly recommended for all users of Soundtrack. It is available via the Software Update. Apple also lowered the price of its Soundtrack software.

Apple previews next-generation audio technology

01/15, 11:10am

Apple\' audio technology

  Apple today previewed its next generation professional audio technology that will be incorporated into future versions of Apple's Logic audio production software. New software instruments demonstrated include Sculpture, a new component-modeling based synthesizer, and UltraBeat, a deep and rich percussion synthesizer that provides multiple synthesis techniques for generating every type of electronic or acoustic drum sound imaginable. Apple also demonstrated Guitar Amp, a new full-featured guitar amplifier simulator, and support for enhanced Apple Loops, the powerful open-standard file format for real-time matching of audio loops and sound effects.

Navicat 5.0 offers database management for MySQL

01/15, 8:35am

Navicat 5.0 released

Navicat 5.0 (MySQL Client) for Mac OS X from PremiumSoft is a graphical database management tool for MySQL server. In addition to the normal database administation functions, it includes other advanced features such as import/export, backup, and data transfer. The new version includes Visual Query Builder, a View Table Structure function, bug fixes for file imports, and interface improvements. Navicat runs on Mac OS X 10.1 or later; a 30-day demo of the $95 application is available online.

Apple posts $63M profit on more than $2B in revenue

01/15, 8:30am

Apple posts $63M profit

Apple yesterday posted a $63 million profit or $0.17 per share for the December quarter (including a one-time post-tax gain of $3 million) on revenues of more than $2 billion. The 36% year-over-year sales increase was driven by record sales of iPods and PowerBooks as well as strong Panther software sales and a strong quarter by its retail segment. Our Conference Call highlights has full details of the quarter.

Apple posts AppleWorks 6.2.9 update for Mac OS X

01/15, 8:15am

AppleWorks 6.2.9 update

Apple has posted AppleWorks 6.2.9 for Mac OS X, which supports mice with scroll wheels and improves the performance and reliability of AppleWorks' presentation and spreadsheet environments. It also offers improved printing and resolves issues using web based templates and clip-art on networks using proxy servers. It requires that Mac OS 8.1 or Classic be installed on your computer. Apple also posted AppleWorks 6.2.8 for Mac OS 8.1-9.x enhances the reliability of AppleWorks' spreadsheet environment and resolves issues with web based templates and clip-art on networks using proxy servers.

Tech: CD labels, Sony\'s 2GB MP3 player, Intel delays

01/15, 3:00am

CD labels, 2GB MP3 player

Tech news: HP's new LightScribe technology will future drives to burn a silk-screen-like, high-contrast CD/DVD label on the topside of media; Sony's Giga Pavit, due in April, is a forthcoming version of its Windows-only HD-based MP3 player, which offer a 2GB drive and USB 2.0 connectivity in a compact form factor; Intel will delay the launch of its next Pentium M notebook processor by several months in order to make changes to the chip's circuitry.

Apple finishes \'03 as No. 5 PC vendor with 3.2% share

01/15, 2:40am

Apple No. 5 in 2003

Apple finished 2003 as the No. 5 vendor in PC shipments with a US market share of 3.2% for 2003; however, it was not among the top 5 US vendors in the fourth quarter of 2003 or the top 5 vendors in worldwide sales during the entire 2003, according to IDC data. Apple last year shipped 1,675,000 units compared with 1,679,000 in 2002, a 0.2% decrease from the year ago compared with a 10.8% increase in the overall sales experienced by the industry. IDC reports that worldwide PC shipments grew 15.2% year-on-year to 44.6 million units.

Speck debuts new Mini iPod Skins

01/15, 1:10am

New Mini iPod Skins

Speck Products tody announced a newly designed rubberized skin for the recently announced iPod mini: "The new Mini iPod Skins will provide protection for the new Mini iPod against dust, knocks, and scratches, while minimizing the bulk that most cases add... The case features a special shock-absorbing Dynaflex rubberized plastic construction, cutouts for the headphone, FireWire port, and hold switch, and will be introduced in translucent colors inspired from the 5 new Mini iPod." The Mini iPod Skins, due in mid-Febraury, will be sold in 3-Packs for $30 and individually for $20.

Second Apple Store coming to Miami, Florida?

01/15, 12:05am

2nd Apple Store in Miami?

Apple may be bringing a second retail store to the Miami area (in addition to Apple Store The Falls), according to MacNN reader Pär Wännman: "When shopping at Aventura Mall, Miami the other day, I noticed that they have blocked off a large section in the north end of the store next to the soon to close Lord and Taylor department store....The blocked off area had the standard store signs for a new tenant saying Apple Computer coming soon, but no date or any Apple-designed signs anywhere." The mall's Website says that Apple was scheduled to open a store in 'November 2003.'

Apps: HyperSpell, JellyfiSSH, Pepper Keeper ...

01/15, 12:05am

Apps: HyperSpell ...

    HyperSpell 1.1 ($10) is a menu item that gives quick access to Mac OS X's built-in spellchecker. Version 1.1 marks the return to development, and is built with XCode, allows rich text, and offers an extended evaluation. [Download - 493KB]
    JellyfiSSH is a simple bookmark manager for connecting to *NIX boxes such as BSD and Linux via Telnet or SSH 1/2. The latest release offers a simplified interface, more terminal options, unlimited Dock menu items, iTerm support, and update checking. [Download - 146KB]
    Synch iPod-iTunes Data synchronizes select data between your iPod and iTunes. The data that can be synchronized are "Date Last Played," "Play Count," "Rating" and "Comments." The data can be transferred from iPod to iTunes or the reverse, or can be synchronized between the two. [Download - 171KB]
    Pepper Keeper enables consumers to instantly share files and collaborate via IM (instant messaging) or e-mail. With the Pepper Keeper consumers can create and communicate any digital content -- photo albums, music lists, journals, scrapbooks -- "instantly without ads or Web sites." [Download - 11.2MB]
    copyrightInserter 1.5 can take any image and watermark it onto folder full of images, with user-selectable position and transparency. These images are saved to another folder, thus retaining the originals. [Download - 239KB]
    MMISoftware has released updates to quickWebAlbum and JPEGCleaner ($5 each). Memory efficiency and bugs have been addressed. JPEGCleaner removes unnecessary data (meta-data, resource forks) from jpeg and gif files; quickWebAlbum creates photograph albums from a folder of JPEG files. [Download - JPEG, quickWebAlbum]


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