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Apps: PDFpen, MP3 Sushi, RPGMapMaker, Myster, ...

01/05, 7:45pm

Apps: PDFpen, MP3 Sushi...

    Malia Software has just released MP3 Sushi 1.5 for Mac OS X. This new release is now compatible with Mac OS X 10.3, offers an updated Jukebox component, and new themes. MP3 Sushi allows any Mac to be turned into a network Jukebox or Radio broadcast station. [Download - 3.3MB]
    Francois Menneteau announced today the release of RPGMapMaker 3.1.0, a modest update to the tool for drawing maps with polygonal grids. These kind of maps are used in Role Playing Games, but can be designed for any other purposes. [Download - 5.7MB]
    Myster Public Release 7.5 is the latest version of the open-source distributed peer-to-peer system. This public release represents over four months of development, spread across 3 major developer releases. [Download - 962KB]
    Black Cat Systems has announced Audio Toolbox 1.4.0, an update to the $20 audio function generator for Mac. Using no additional hardware, users can produce sine, square, triangle, and sawtooth waveforms of any frequency up to 22 kHz. This new version adds an oscilloscope display. [Download - 294KB]
    Added: Maxwell's Dream allows users to calculate the field, the wave impedance and the capacity of Triplate transmission lines. The calculation is based upon a finite elements analysis. Maxwell's Dream is a free download, and is available for Mac OS X. [Download - 914KB]

EETimes: iPod construction, pricing details

01/05, 7:35pm

iPod manufacturing details

The EE Times offers a detailed analysis of the iPod's construction, including the costs of manufacturing the device: "Manufacturing cost is highly dependent on the hard-disk pricing Apple has negotiated with Toshiba. We estimate that the drive costs dominate a total cost-of-goods sold (COGS) north of $150. Including the simple but substantial docking base, headphones and charger, COGS approaches half the $400 retail price for the 30-Gbyte model."

SmileOnMyMac releases PDFpen, updates disclabel

01/05, 7:30pm

PDFpen, disclabel updated

SmileOnMyMac (booth SIP-3) has introduced PDFpen 1.0 (PP), which enables users take control of their PDFs, allowing them to split, combine, reorder, and augment PDFs with text and image overlays. The company has also updated disclabel 1.3 (DL), its CD labeling software. The update update includes linnks to a new disclabel NEATO store for buying new labels, an improved hierarchical label menu, and updates for improved image compatibility. A 30-day free demo of the $30 application is available for Mac OS X 10.2 or later. [PP, DL]

DCIT announces BusinessMind 4.2 for Jewelers

01/05, 7:10pm

BusinessMind for Jewelers

DCIT Corp announced it will unveil the latest version of its BusinessMind 4.2 for Jewelers software suite at the JA International Jewelry in New York City. This latest release adds numerous improvements. The new version 4.2 software is available as separate BMJ products for Jewelry Retailers, Wholesalers, and Manufacturers. Users of any BusinessMind (2002) and later software system with an active support & upgrades subscription can download this latest software release from DCIT's web site for free when the product is released in February.

RadTech debuts MacTruck, X-ScreensavRz, and PodSleevz

01/05, 4:55pm

RadTech products at MWSF

RadTech today announced new products at Macworld Expo (booth 2618). The RadTech MacTruck notebook case ($200) is a professional-grade enclosure designed to be the "most rugged and functional case" available for Mac notebooks, providing notebook protection under the "most severe conditions imaginable. In tests, the case survived intact and remained functional even after being run over by a full-size, four wheel drive truck." The company also updated the X-ScreensavRz, a new black version of its laptop screen with an elegantly debossed "X". RadTech will also showcase its new control-thru PodSleevz case for 3G (third-generation) iPods.

Kano to debut 4x dual-format portable Slim DVD drive

01/05, 4:45pm

4x dual-format Slim DVD

Kano will introduce its 4x dual-format portable Slim DVD drive, showcase its recently announced 8x dual-format DVD drive for the first time, and exhibit its complete line of FireWire 800 storage products (including its first FireWire 800 portable hard drive) at both MacWorld Expo (booth 722) and CES (booth 70531).

Runtime to demo new technology at Macworld Expo

01/05, 4:20pm

Runtime technology at MWSF

Runtime Revolution (booth 935) today announced that it will preview new technology, still in early development, at Macworld Expo SF. Revolution's user-centric approach to software development "brings the power of an advanced, multi-platform development tool to programmers and authors at all levels of expertise." These new capabilities include: industrial-strength data encryption; support for SSL; and more.

Phoenix II USB Barcode Reader now available

01/05, 4:10pm

USB Barcode Reader ships today began shipping its Phoenix II USB Barcode Reader, a "plug and play" device that is compatible with Mac OS 8/9/X; it does not require drivers and will scan barcodes as text into any application. It ships with an enabler code for Peninsula QuickTrack Start V.2, a fully functional asset, collection, item and loan tracking software system, which automatically retrieve book, CD, video, DVD and game details via the internet. It also has new features to include pictures in databases and to instantly enter descriptions of repeated items. It supports all standard barcode types is available for $180.

AV Industries offers DVD Players w/ special OS X app

01/05, 3:15pm

DVD player includes Mac sw

AV Industries is selling DivX-Certified DVD Players that include custom software for Mac OS X for transcoding DVD Movies into DivX movies. The players are $180 and the software is included with every unit. The players offer strong compatibility, with support support for every current DVD format, every divx codec, Xvid, and future support for MP4.

Reader: Macs used in making of LOTR

01/05, 2:50pm

Reader: Macs in LOTR

MacNN reader Kim Peacock writes: "having received the Extended DVD sets of the first two episodes of Lord of the Rings for Christmas, I was interested to see that Macs were very prominant in the post production of LOTR [...] I'm surprised that Apple has not made any mention of the role of Macs in this epic-they're everywhere in post prod." An iPod was even used to transfer files when an Internet connection wouldn't suffice.

EZQuest to debut dual-format DVD-/+ FireWire drives

01/05, 2:30pm

DVD-/+ FireWire drives

EZQuest (booth 939) Tuesday will introduce two dual-format DVD-/DVD+ external FireWire drives at MacWorld Expo. The Boa 8x writes to DVD+R and DVD-R media at 8x; DVD+RW and DVD-RW at 4x; CD-R at 24x; and CD-RW at 10x speeds; and it reads DVDs at 12x and CDs at 40x speeds. The company's super-small Boa Slim dual-format drive comes with both FireWire and USB 2.0 ports as well as both Mac and PC authoring and backup software. It weighs less than a pound and measures 6-inches by 5.5-inches by .75 inch.

Contour releases Key Composer for ShuttlePRO V.2

01/05, 2:25pm

Key Composer macros

Contour Design (booth 1042) today released Key Composer, a new keystroke macro creation and management functionality for its $130 ShuttlePRO V.2 multimedia jog/shuttle controller. With Key Composer, Mac users can now assign multiple keystroke combinations, or macros, to execute from a single button on the ShuttlePRO V.2. These macros can be executed either all at once, or step by step, offering much more control over audio/video applications. Key Composer is built into Version 2.5 of the Macintosh driver for the ShuttlePRO V.2, which is available now from the company's website. Contour will be featuring the ShuttlePRO V.2 with Key Composer for Macintosh at this week's Expo.

Sybase to release ASE 12.5.1 for Mac OS X Panther

01/05, 2:15pm

ASE 12.5.1 for Panther

Sybase tomorrow will announce a new version of its relational database ASE 12.5.1 for Mac OS X Panther. With the latest release, Mac users will be able to deploy database-driven applications that "take advantage of one of the most cost-effective data management systems for business-critical computing." The update also offers self-management features and new DBA tools to reduce operational costs as well as greater system performance and scalability and faster, simpler application development.

CValley debuts Xtream Path plugin for Illustrator

01/05, 1:30pm

Xtream Path plugin

CValley today announced its new plug-in for Adobe Illustrator: Xtream Path offers more control for path editing and adds flexibility to a user's daily workflow: "Xtream Path was developed so that Illustrator users can have better control and manipulate paths in a more intuitive way. It boasts 36 tools and filters to facilitate your daily work in Illustrator.... With Xtream Path, you don't have to fiddle around with control points and direction lines anymore. Edit path segments just where you need to edit." Xtream Path will ship on January 15 for $140. A demo is available now.

Microsoft to unveil Portable Media Centers

01/05, 1:15pm

MS Portable Media Centers

Microsoft is expected to unveil a new line of portable devices at CES this week that "in the view of some analysts, could give the popular iPod an extra measure of competition" along with its previously announced music download service expected to be released later this year through its MSN Internet service, according to The Seattle Post-Intelligencer: "The hand-held devices, called Portable Media Centers, will store and play back video, music and photos. Unlike portable DVD players already on the market, the Portable Media Centers will come with built-in hard drives for storing media. They will work in conjunction with personal computers in much the same way music devices do, letting people move files back and forth between them."

Panther editions of Mac OS X books announced

01/05, 1:05pm

Mac OS X Panther books

Scott Kelby will release the Panther editions of his Mac OS X Killer Tips and The Mac OS X Conversion Kit at the Expo this week. Attendees will have the exclusive opportunity to pick up advance copies at the Peachpit Press booth or the NAPP/Wacom booth where Kelby will be sharing Panther tips, answering questions, and signing autographs. Both books retail for $40; special discount pricing will be available at the Expo.

Kaidan debuts PiXiMation for creating QTVR objects

01/05, 12:45pm

PiXiMation creates QTVR

Kaidan will showcase its new application PiXiMation at Macworld Expo. PiXiMation creates 3-D rotational object movies by hand with any free-spinning turntable. It uses advanced image processing techniques to generate properly spaced and indexed image frames from a variety of video sources, such as Apple's iSight. PiXiMation creates and saves QuickTime VR object movies as well as individual still image files--useful for creating animated GIFs or importation into other object creation software. It supports most FireWire-based webcams and camcorders as well as most digital still cameras.

FileMaker showcase solutions for edu, small business

01/05, 12:30pm

FileMaker solutions

Apple's susidiary FileMaker (booth 817) will demo a wide variety of real-world FileMaker 6-based database solutions in separate areas for small business and education--each of the solutions will be running on Mac OS X Panther. Expo attendees can get a $50 instant rebate on new or upgrade versions of FileMaker Pro 6, and "show special" discounts on FileMaker Applications during the Expo. FileMaker also released FileMaker Recruiter 1.1, an application for Recruiting professionals to assist in building their business networks and tracking clients and candidates. Version 1.1 now offers a built in template for easy importing of Excel based data.

Diskology announces new DVR upgrade tools

01/05, 11:20am

DVR upgrade utilities

Diskology today announced a set of DVR software tools designed to allow Mac and Windows users the ability to easily and quickly upgrade the internal hard disk drives in their digital video recorders (DVRs) including DVR's taking advantage of the popular TiVo subscription service: "By upgrading the hard disk drives users can increase the amount of recording time with their DVRs by up to 6X. Diskology hopes to begin shipping the DVR upgrade tools in early February. The Disk Jockey will be on display at the Granite Digital booth (2625) at the Expo.

Stone offers Global Warmth, updates Stone Studio

01/05, 11:10am

Global Warmth 1.0

Stone Design has released Global Warmth, a new weather monitoring application that will utomatically receive the latest weather and forecast from Internet-based weather stations and display the info as either a menu extra, a floating command center (with "hot tips"), a classic thermometer view, in the dock, or in a central multiple station viewer. It is $20 and runs on Mac OS X. Stone Design also updated Stone Studio 2004-01-01, its $300 suite of graphic, web, and design tools for Mac OS X. It includes updates for Mac OS X 10.3 Panther, better support for CSS styles, PDF transparency during import, etc.

OWC offers 80GB high-performance portable FW drive

01/05, 10:45am

80GB 5400rpm/8MB drive

Other World Computing (OWC) today introduced a new 80GB version of its Mercury On-The-Go portable storage drives. The new drive uses a fast 5,400 rpm mechanism and features a 8MB data buffer. It is available with either a FireWire-only interface for $350 or with both FireWire and USB 2.0 interfaces for $360. The FireWire interface features two ports (one powered 6-pin and one unpowered 4-pin), while the USB interface on the combination drive supports both USB v2.0 and v1.1. OWC also lowered prices on other models.

Belkin debuts TuneCast II FM Transmitter

01/05, 10:30am

TuneCast II FM Transmitter

Belkin (booth 1229) today announced its TuneCast II FM Transmitter, an enhanced version of the TuneCast I that broadcasts iPod music to any car or home stereo using FM radio waves. TuneCast II scans all FM frequencies 88.1-107.9MHz and selects the best frequency (memorizing up to four FM frequencies). The battery-powered device features an unique Auto on/ff function for up to 10 hours of battery life on 2 AAA batteries. It will begin shipping later this month in North America and is available in two different models: the $50 gray version (F8V3080) ships with a Belkin Mobile Power Cord (car adapter) and DC power cable, while the $40 white version includes only the DC cable for iPods with Dock Connector.

OWC offers Mercury Extreme G4/1.25GHz CPU Upgrade

01/05, 10:20am

G4/1.25GHz CPU Upgrade

Other World Computing (booth 2233) today announced a new Mercury Extreme G4/1.25GHz processor upgrade that is guaranteed by the company to run at actual clock speeds of up to 1.467GHz. This addition to its line of AGP processor upgrades replaces OWC's older 1.25-1.26GHz Mercury Extreme model and uses Motorola's new PowerPC G4 7455B 1.25GHz processor. The Mercury Extreme G4/1.25GHz processor upgrade is immediately available online for $430.

XtremeMac to demo wireless Bluetooth audio streaming

01/05, 10:15am

Bluetooth audio streaming

XtremeMac (booth 2137) will be debut its extended distance, high-fidelity, wireless audio streaming technology at the Expo this week. The company will demo wireless audio streaming from an audio source such as the iPod to an audio playback device at line-of-sight distances in excess of 300 feet using Bluetooth standards. XtremeMac says it is developing several products based on the technology, including compact transmitter/receiver units, which are due in Spring 2004: "The transmitter is battery operated and small enough to be comfortably carried as an iPod accessory.

Roxio debuts Toast with Jam 6

01/05, 10:05am

Toast with Jam 6

Roxio today unveiled Toast with Jam 6, a new version of its CD and DVD burning software that features enhanced studio quality audio tools. Toast with Jam 6 combines Toast 6 Titanium with Jam 6 mixing and mastering software, BIAS Peak Express stereo editing software, and Dolby Digital sound encoding software. It is due in March for $200, while Jam 6 upgrades will be $100 for Toast 6 owners. A $30 rebate is available to other registered owners.

Yazsoft to update Speed Download 2 utility

01/05, 9:50am

SD2 update coming

Later this week YazSoft announced it will release a major update to Speed Download 2, the company's popular download manager. The new release is optimized for Mac OS X 10.3.2 Panther and will offer several new features, including an updated "Watch Lists" for your favorite applications, a 15% performance increase, the ability to download content from Web sites (jpgs, gifs, etc.), and more. The new version of Speed Download 2 is priced at $20 for single license, $30 for two licenses; it will be a free update to all previously registered users.

Epson unveils Epson P-1000 photo organizer

01/05, 9:45am

Epson photo organizer

Epson today unveiled the Epson P-1000, a new device for viewing, storing and sharing photos. The device features a 3.8" VGA LCD screen, an integrated CompactFlash media reader, a 10GB hard drive, and USB interface; it can also print directly to select Epson printers. Users can also zoom in and rotate images as well as play back the images as a slideshow. The $600 device also features a video interface--NTSC or PAL--that can connect directly to a television, monitor or projector with video input.

Earthlink launches TotalAccess 2004 for Macintosh

01/05, 9:35am

TotalAccess 2004 for Mac

EarthLink today launched TotalAccess 2004 for Macintosh and announced that it has become the first major ISP to provide a Web accelerator, free-of-charge, to Mac users. The Web accelerator allows users to surf the Web up to five times faster than typical 56K dial-up speeds, according to the company and is available for both dial-up and broadband customers.The software also provides Mac OS X AddressBook synchronization with Earthlink email, integration with EarthLink's spamBlocker, an improved Task Panel, a menubar item, a location manager, server-based email previews.

Parliant debuts PhoneValet Message Center

01/05, 9:25am

PhoneValet Message Center

Parliant Corp. today announced its PhoneValet Message Center (PVMC), a new Mac OS X-based voicemail product which builds on its existing multi-line computer telephony solution. It adds a multi-line answering machine, multiple voicemail boxes and call recording. Other functions include inbound/outbound call histories, automated number dialing, Mac OS X AddressBook integration, AppleScript support, etc. The PVMC hardware/software solution will ship in the first quarter of 2004. Introductory pricing is $200 for pre-orders; upgrades are are e $70 for PhoneValet owner.

Expo keynote available via QT Webcast, Satellite

01/05, 9:15am

Expo keynote details

Apple will broadcast Steve Jobs' keynote via satellite in addition to its Internet-based QuickTime Webcast of the event (exclusively in QuickTime and MPEG-4). The Expo keynote takes place Tuesday, January 6 at 9am PT. Apple says that most Apple Theater Stores will show a live broadcast of the Macworld San Francisco keynote presentation as well as many universities.

PC Mag reviews the 20\" iMac, Infoworld praises the G5

01/05, 9:10am

20\" iMac, G5 reviews

PC Magazine has posted a review of the 20" flat-panel iMac: "iMacs are always beautifully designed, but the latest, a $2,199 (direct) system with a gorgeous 20-inch flat screen (up from 17), is almost too striking to relegate to a desktop....The 20-inch iMac is not a powerhouse under the hood--it's for those who want to get the big, beautiful picture." Meanwhile, Infoworld says that the Power Mac G5 is Apple's best work yet with "the ideal balance ofcompatibility, performance, usability, and value. It has serious number-crunching capabilities, but this machine most clearly outshines Intel-based systems when performing complex operations on massive disk and/or RAM-based data sets."

CodeTek announces VirtualDesktop 3.0

01/05, 9:00am

VirtualDesktop 3.0

CodeTek Studios today introduced the latest version of its flagship product, VirtualDesktop 3.0, which designed to increase productivity by offering environment organization/customization for multiple projects and allowing users to switch between desktops. It also offers support for Mac OS X 10.3 Panther, Apple's X11 windowing system, Mac OS X's Expos, mouse-based "focusing", and user-defined hotkeys. It is due later this month in both standard and lite (reduced functionality) versions, while a beta is available now. Licenses are currently 25% through January 20th.

Apple adds General Mills CFO to Board of Directors

01/05, 8:45am

Apple adds Board memeber

Apple today announced that Jim Lawrence, executive VP and CFO of General Mills, Inc., has joined its Board of Directors. "With his deep financial and international experience, Jim is going to be a great addition to our Board of Directors," said Steve Jobs. "Jim is the seventh member on our Board, and we're all looking forward to working with him."

Discreet announces combustion 3 for Mac OS X

01/05, 8:40am

combustion 3 for Mac OS X

Autodesk's Discreet today introduced a Mac OS X version of combustion 3, its visual effects and 3D compositing desktop software designed for web content, professional video motion graphics, and effects creation for independent feature films and HDTV content. Version 3.0 offers customizable brushes, savable presets, timeline markers, and DV capture and output. It also features the new Editing Operator for integrated editing; support for JavaScript-based expressions; and support for Flash Output. It will ship "early" this year for $1000. Upgrades from combustion 2 are $200.

SASIxp 6.0 student info system supports Mac OS X

01/05, 8:30am

SASIxp 6.0 for Mac OS X

Pearson Digital Learning today announced a Mac OS X version of its flagship student information system, SASIxp 6.0. SASIxp offers a comprehensive student performance management solution suite in the K-12 education market, with functions for student information, instructional management, curriculum and instruction, assessment, and data analysis and decision support. The company says version 6.0 offers new administrative functions, supports Mac OS 8.6/9, and features reporting, scheduling, attendance, and grading functions.

Nikon announces new Coolscan desktop film scanners

01/05, 8:20am

Coolscan desktop film scan

Nikon today announced a new generation of Coolscan desktop film scanners: the Coolscan V ED, Super Coolscan 5000 ED and the Super Coolscan 9000 ED. The new film scanners offer new Applied Science Fiction's Digital ICE4 Advanced technology, Nikon's exclusive Scan Image Enhancer and other 'one-button-simple' solutions, 4,000 dpi resolution across the product line, a greater optical density range, either USB 2.0 and FireWire connectivity and an enhanced version of Nikon Scan 4. The scanners are expected to ship this month.

podboard: new iPod stand made in Switzerland

01/05, 3:20am

podboard iPod stand

podboard is a new iPod stand. The stainless steel stand is made in Switzerland. It supports all iPod models and lets owners create their own skin (i.e. with calendar, ruler, phone numbers) and share it with others. It is available for pre-order for 44 Swiss Francs (about $35) and will begin shipping on January 20, 2004.

CE Software sells QuickMail to Outspring startup

01/05, 2:15am

CE Software QuickMail sold

CE Software (Booth 1342) has announced the sale of its QuickMail e-mail application to Outspring Software, a new startup company in California started by Jeff Baudin of Micromat: "I've been wanting do something in the email client/server market for sometime", said Baudin. "Since I want Micromat to remain focused on what it does best, which is disk utilities, starting a new company seemed like the most logical step. Baudin will remain President and CEO of Micromat as he takes the reigns of Outspring.

Toon Boom to preview Toon Boom Studio 2.5

01/05, 2:10am

Toon Boom Studio 2.5

Toon Boom will offer a sneak preview of Toon Boom Studio 2.5 this week at the Expo. The new release will include new features, such as sound scrubbing in the Timeline, the ability to draw in Sceneplanning, and support for scanning. Toon Boom offers 2D animation tools creative professionals, including powerful drawing tools, time-saving lip sync tools, and innovative 3D camera and scene planning tools. Versio 2.5 will ship in Spring 2004 and will be offered as free upgrade to registered owners of version 1.2 or later. Toon Boom will be exhibiting in the Digital Media Pavilion, L.A. #8, North Hall.

PocketMac Smartphone Edition syncs Macs, Smartphones

01/05, 2:00am

PocketMac Smartphone Ed

PocketMac Smartphone Edition is described as "the first ever solution to allow Mac users to synchronize data between their Mac and their Microsoft Smartphones." It offers Mac users the ability to sync iCal calendars, iCal "to-do's/tasks", and Mac OS X AddressBook data as well as Microsoft's Entourage data (calendars, tasks and contacts). The software supports synching data over Bluetooth or AirPort and can install third-party applications, themes. Other features include iSync support, internet connection sharing, desktop mounting, custom file copy, etc. It is available for Mac OS X for $30.

Adobe debuts Adobe InDesign CS PageMaker Edition

01/05, 1:50am

InDesign CS PageMaker Ed.

Adobe today announced Adobe InDesign CS PageMaker Edition, an extension to InDesign CS to help PageMaker users "make a quick and successful" transition to its InDesign layout and design package. It includes a full version of Adobe InDesign CS software as well as a new PageMaker Plug-in Pack, templates, and training materials. It will ship in the first quarter of this year for $350 to registered users of PageMaker and will run on Mac OS X. Adobe will cease further development of PageMaker.

Chronopath releases Library 2, Chronoscan 2 reader

01/05, 1:30am

Library 2, Chronoscan 2

Chronopath today released Library 2.0, a new upgrade to its $15 library solution for Mac OS X. It features a new faster core database along with support for games, music, and movies (as well as books), a friendly "iApp" look, improved "borrowing" features, more view options, etc. Chronopath also a new revision of its barcode scanner built for Mac OS X: Chronoscan 2 now works in all applications, offers a new lightweight design for easier gripping and scanning, features a new two-color visual indicator, and adds support for additional symbologies. It is $150 and includes a full version of Library 2.

Reader spots PowerBooks on NASA Rover site

01/05, 1:20am

PowerBooks at NASA

MacNN reader "Mike" observes that the NASA site showcasing the landing of the "Spirit" Mars Rover features a photo with three Apple PowerBook G4 laptops. The photo is of Rover team members at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, taken after confirmation of the landing.

Macromedia introduces Director MX 2004

01/05, 1:15am

Director MX 2004 debuts

Macromedia today announced Macromedia Director MX 2004, the latest version of the industry standard multimedia authoring tool. The new version adds support for JavaScript, Flash MX 2004 content, DVD-Video, and the ability to create projector files for both Mac and Windows platforms. Other features include custom names for channels and sprites, support for Windows Media, significant Flash performance improvements, Stage docking, an improved Lingo syntax, new XML parsing, and many other features. It expected to ship in English in February for $1,200; upgrades will be priced at $400 (from Director 8.5 and Director MX).

Impression 2.0 sports new UI, bookmarking features

01/05, 12:50am

Impression 2.0

Babel Company has released Impression 2.0, an update to the backup application for Mac OS X. It offers a completely redesigned UI, allows scratch space to be selected for disks other than the startup drive, allows individual files to be added to the backup list, improves Unicode file parsing, and fixes a few bugs. Version 2.0 also offers new bookmark-based backup management features and full compatibility with Mac OS X 10.3's 'FileVault' feature. A demo of the $25 shareware is available.

MacSpeech iListen update offers OS X services support

01/05, 12:50am

iListen 1.6.4 released

MacSpeech today released an update to iListen 1.6.4, its flagship speech recognition product. In addition to addressing a couple of small bugs, the new version adds the ability to address items in the Mac OS X Services menu and adds support for Hierarchical Menus in its built-in Script Editor. Users of upcoming ScriptPaks from MacSpeech will need this new version in order to use all of the commands in those ScriptPaks. The iListen 1.6.4 update is free to users of iListen 1.5 or greater and can be downloaded from the MacSpeech Update Center.


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