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Apps: HyperEdit, Booxter, Red Pill, VChat...

12/29, 8:35pm

Apps: HyperEdit, Booxter

    Tumult HyperEdit 1.0b3 is an update to lightweight HTML editor for Mac OS X. There are several new features including Code Snippets for creating shortcuts to commonly used text, better syntax highlighting, startup items, more. [Download - 294KB]
    Deep Prose Software has released Booxter 1.0, an easy to use application that helps users manage their book collections. It gathers book information from various sources on the Internet to allow you to view, edit, sort, categorize, export and print books in your collection. [Download - 700KB]
    Mac OS X HTTP Mail Plugin gives Mac OS X's Mail application the ability to fetch mail stored on a httpmail (Hotmail) server. The plug-in is a part of the SourceForge open-source development community. [Download - 723KB]
    Red Pill is the official "Matrix Reloaded" screensaver for Mac OS X. It features detailed scrolling 3D characters that mimic the scrolling computer code featured in the movie. Also available is SnowSaver, a screensaver that features slow falling snow flakes. [Download - Red Pill; SnowSaver]
    VChat is a CU-Seeme video conferencing client. With VChat users can participate in group conferences by connecting to a CU-SeeMe reflector or one-on-one conferencing with another person. It works with any Web cam, including Apple's iSight. [Download - 947KB]
    MAKI Enterprise has released Kids GoGoGo 8.0.0, an updated version of its popular $30 parental control program for Mac OS X. Changes in version 8.0 include improve Mozila handling, Camino support, improve handling of Safari cache, a better Screen log, enhancements for Panther, and bug fixes. [Download - 4.7MB]
    Conversation allows users to chat in channels or with your friend, via a simple interface. Knowledge of IRC text commands is not needed to operate Conversation. However, it offers a comprehensive set of IRC features, some unique to Conversation. [Download - 1.5MB]

Jon Stokes examines G5 in new book

12/29, 4:55pm

Jon Stokes on G5

Jon Stokes of Ars Technica has posted the draft of Chapter 5 of his new book," Understanding the Computer." Chapter 5 focuses on the PowerPC 970 processor, used in Apple's Power Mac G5. In addition to new content, the chapter summarizes information from many of Stokes' articles on Ars.

Jobs: \'Exec of the Year\' for Pixar, Apple success

12/29, 12:30pm

Jobs: \'Exec of the Year\'

Steve Jobs has been named the Executive of the Year by The San Francisco Business Times for his "balancing performance at Pixar, innovation at Apple...Both companies where Jobs is CEO -- Apple and Pixar Animation Studios -- notched profitable years despite continued anemia in the larger tech economy. Much more importantly, each broke ground in its respective industry, and in a way that heralds a razzle-dazzle z future."

NI releases Metaphysical Function sound generator

12/29, 12:25pm

NI Metaphysical Function

Native Instruments has released Metaphysical Function, a free sound generator based on Reaktor 4 technology: "a fascinating self-playing sound generator, usable as a stand-alone application for Mac OS X and Windows XP/2000. This unique instruments blurs the distinction between sound and vision - combining multiple waveform visualization with dynamic parameter automation. Thirty-two presets, ranging from soothing ambience to disturbing soundscapes are included, and a progressive randomization function allows for limitless sound generation possibilities."

DVD Capture 2.3 brings Mac OS X 10.3 Panther support

12/29, 12:20pm

DVD Capture 2.3

DVD Capture 2.3, updated for Panther compatibility, is a helper application for the Apple DVD Player. New features include enhanced DVD Player controls, improved settings retention and improved file saving. It enables the user to take screen captures of the DVD Player Viewer in full screen mode. The captures can be saved to a file or placed on the clipboard. An AppleScript is provided for the DVD Player script menu that launches DVD Capture. Select "File" or "Clipboard" to assign a location for the capture.

iPod Battery FAQ offers tips, solutions

12/29, 12:05pm

iPod Battery FAQ

A new iPod Battery FAQ attempts to counter the "incorrect and misleading information and news articles, rumors of class action lawsuits, and other ridiculousness surrounding the iPod battery...It contains concise, correct, up-to-date information dealing with questions people may have about iPod batteries. Comments, suggestions, corrections, and updates welcome at"

AppleScript for Creative Professionals at Macworld SF

12/29, 11:55am

AppleScript at MWSF

An "AppleScript for the Creative Professional" session will be held at MacWorld Expo in San Francisco on Thursday, January 8th, 2004 from 3:30 - 4:30 PM. This session will feature Benjamin S. Waldie, President of Automated Workflows, LLC, and will be opened to all registered Users Conference attendees. During this session, creative professionals will learn the importance of AppleScript automation, what types of production tasks may be automated using AppleScript, and steps to implement AppleScript automation in a workflow.

Apple places twice in Yahoo!\'s Top 10 Searches

12/29, 11:50am

iPod: top tech searches

MacNN reader Keith Russo notes that Apple has placed among the Top 10 Yahoo! Searches of 2003 in two different categories: "The iPod is listed No. 6 in the 'Top 10 Tech Searches' and No. 5 in the 'Top 10 Rumor Searches' for 'Apple Rumors'. I think it an important milestone that the iPod is listed by its product name. In this regard, Apple has successfully branded a product to be synonymous with the category. Very few products have ever reach this level of branding like Walkman and Kleenex."

Open Door President to present MacIT keynote

12/29, 11:35am

MacIT Keynote Presentation

Open Door Networks today announced that its president and founder, Alan B. Oppenheimer, will be delivering the keynote address at the MacIT conference taking place at this year's MacWorld Expo in San Francisco. The keynote talk is entitled "A History of Macintosh Networking", which is designed to coincide with the Mac's 20th anniversary: "At Apple, Alan was a co-developer of the AppleTalk network system, a co-author of the book 'Inside AppleTalk' and the engineering lead for a number of key networking products, including AppleTalk Phase 2, Apple Remote Access, and the Apple Internet Router." free email client with POP, IMAP support

12/29, 11:30am 1.1.2 is a fully featured mail application that uses he GNUstep development framework or Apple Cocoa. It is licensed under the GPL and uses Pantomime as its mail handling framework. Version 1.1 supports multiple POP3 accounts, multiple delivery agents, a mail spool file, personal file preferences, IMAP support, and GPG (PGP) support. Version 1.1.2 features improved integration with the Address Book, new Mailboxes Import bundle supporting Microsoft Entourage X and standard mbox files, POP and IMAP optimizations, and other changes.


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