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Apps: Macabinet, Curvus Pro X, MacPilot, Mail Scripts

12/27, 2:35pm

Apps: Macabinet, Curvus Pro X, MacPilot, Mail Scripts

    Radical Breeze has released Macabinet 1.5 ($10), a free update to its file organization utility for MacOS X which adds support for systems with multiple monitors. Macabinet help organize the desktop by offering convenient place to put files. [1.4MB]
    Curvus Pro X 1.10 ($40) updates the equation graphing software designed for Mac OS X. It offers an equation editor and real-time 3D manipulation, recognizing explicit and implicit equations, parametric curves and surfaces, differential equations, vector & scalar fields, logical relations, discrete series, etc. [4.4MB]
    MacPilot 1.1.1 enables a ne Picture-in-Picture Exposť effect as well as options to clear the histories/caches of several new applications. The $10 shareware also offers advanced system optimization scripts, the ability to enable hidden options and features, and more. It is $10 and runs on Mac OS X 10.3 Panther only. [770KB]
    Black Cat Systems has released DX Toolbox 1.2.1, a radio propagation and conditions analysis and forecasting tool for amateur radio operators. This version adds the ability to view solar images from the SOHO satellite. The $20 application gathers a variety of solar and geomagnetic information from real-time online sources. [Classic, OSX]
    Andreas Amann has released a major update to his freeware scripts collection Mail Scripts 2.0, a collection of AppleScript Studio applications for Mail and Address Book offering additional features or simplified workflow. Version 2.0 has been udpated for Mac OS X 10.3.x, offering a completely revamped interface (with both English and German localizations). [945KB]
    Portraits & Prints 1.3.2 adds a couple of features to and fixes several bugs in the personal photo studio for Mac OS X. It lets you easily enhance and print photos. The update adds a contextual menu to the Red-Eye mode that allows the aperture size to be controlled and other enhancements. [1.1MB]
    appMac's xTime 1.5 for Mac OS X is an innovative way to manage and view projects and integrates with iCal and AddressBook. It offers better integration with Mac OS X AddressBook, better 'Resources' management, better calendering features, improved cost management, and improved printing. It is $130 and runs on Mac OS X 10.2.3 or later and is available in French and English. [4.1MB]
    Mindlube Software's Slacker 2.1.6 is a todo list, outliner, calendar and notepad. Features include reminders, notes, multiple document support, export functions (XML and text), custom icons, printing support, category support, and drag & drop support. A demo of the $25 software is available online. [1.2MB]

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