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News Archive for 03/12/21

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12/21, 12:50pm

MS RDC, PodWorks, DVDxDV

    Microsoft has released Remote Desktop Connection Client 1.02 for Mac, a free utility which allows you to connect to a Windows-based computer and work with programs and files on that computer from your Mac. (The Windows computer must be running Terminal Services or Remote Desktop Services.) Version 1.02 Mac provides improved stability on G5 Mac and under Mac OS X 10.3 Panther. [978KB]
    PodWorks 2.7 ($8) is a Mac OS X application that allows you to copy songs from any Mac iPod to any Mac running OS X 10.2 or higher (including Panther). It reads from the iPod's internal database, offers iTunes integration, offers iTunes-like sorting/searching, offers playlist recognition, and song previews. [262KB]
    DVDxDV is a program designed to extract video from a DVD. Version 1.067 adds real time audio preview and better audio mixing. It is available for Mac OS X; a 30-day trial of the $25 software is available. [550KB]
    iVisit 3.04X integrates audio, video, chat and messaging into a simple but powerful package that works on dial-up and broadband connections, PC and Mac computers. A "Lite" version is free with registration, while the "Plus" version is $40. [Classic, OSX]
    Carroacho X Preview 2 updates the client for the community messaging software with functions for chat, news, file downloads, and other features. Additionally, the Carracho Client allows you to resume downloads, send private personal messages and access all functions from a single window. [1.4MB]
    QIF Master 3.6 makes it easier to enter banking, credit card, and investment transactions into Quicken, with helpful functions for assigning categories to bank and credit card transactions and investment transcations as well as converting/exporting CSV files. The $30 shareware is available as a 30-day demo. [2.6MB]
    iPatch 2.0 ($7) will compare the resources of two applications and create a self-applying patch to update an older version of an application. It now includes Multi-patch option, is now Panther and Jaguar compatible, and can patch Carbon Applications and Resources Fork files. [1.7MB]
    Walter Ritter has released pearLabelizer 0.41, a free utility for printing addresses or other text onto specific labels of a label sheet. It adds adds drag & drop support for moving around individual labels (as well from the Mac OS X Address Book), support for deleting individual labels, vCard support, and other bug fixes. [195KB]
    Samba Message is a simple application that allows you to send a message to any Windows computer on your network: "A nice side benefit is that it also shows you the current IP of each share. Unless your Mac is on a Windows network, you will not find this application useful." [567KB]

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