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Apps: iSynCal, Mail Toolbox, iStopMotion, Carrara

updated 11:20 am EST, Tue December 16, 2003

iSynCal, Mail Toolbox

  • ($15) is an update to its chemistry reference software. It now includes info for 4th ionization energy, atomic volume, metal cluster type datasets; major ores of elements dataset (under Sources & Uses), plotting of atomic number as graphs and gradient tables, new gridlines preferences, and an improved Bohr model window. [Classic, OSX]

  • Mail Toolbox 1.0 is a new shareware ($21) that combines Mail Siphon and Mail Watcher. The new Cocoa application supports POP3, APOP, IMAP, and SMTP protocols and can be used as an online mail client, a mail watcher, a tool to delete SPAM, etc. Users can monitor multiple accounts, alert users of new messages, preview messages, and other features. Upgrades are $11. [3.3MB]

  • K-werkx today released updates its file distribution and storage management utilities for Mac OS 9/X. Version 2.0 offers speed increases and large file (over 2GB) support. Fast File Saw 2.0 ($10) breaks up larger files (MPEG, Dv, sit, zip archives etc.) into smaller pieces, while Fast File Joiner 2.0 ($15) joins .001 .002 etc. file pieces. A bundle is $20.

  • Boinx iStopMotion 1.2.1 brings improved performance to the popular stop motion animation and time lapse capturing tool for Mac OS X. "Time lapse recording with 1 second intervals is now possible even on moderately equiped Macs like the iMac G3s. The new version is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.3 Panther and QuickTime 6.4." It is available for $40. [540KB]

  • Eovia has released Carrara 3.02, an update to its 3D software for web, print, and video. Version 3.02 offers Eovia News Service, improved Booleans, OpenGL work support for ATI cards, and over 60 fixes and improvements. The Eovia News Service allows you to immediately learn about important updates and availability of a patch, a new version, technical support and plug-ins. [form]

  • iSynCal 2.4 is built to synchronize events and todo from iCal calendars between two or more Mac computers using the standard Apple File Sharing shipped with Mac OS. It also supports syncing calendars with your iPod or between multiple users on the same Mac. A 15-day demo of the $17 application is now available. [404KB]

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