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Australian resellers express concern over David Jones

12/04, 11:35pm

AU retail controversy

An interesting article appeared in this week's Computer Reseller News -- an Australian IT Retail magazine -- where a number of Apple resellers raised grievances regarding Apple's decision to sell through the retail chain David Jones, a MacNN reader reports.

Runtime Revolution Seminar At Macworld SF

12/04, 10:05pm

RunRev MWSF seminar

Runtime Revolution today announced a two-day seminar for Revolution developers from beginner level to advanced. The seminar will be held on the 9th and 10th of January, during Macworld SF 2004. Revolution is a user-centric multi-platform development tool for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Unix. The sessions will cover a range of hot topics, including: Database implementation, table objects, Report Generator, Creating Internet applications, Building and using plug-ins, and a feedback session. A one-day seminar pass is priced at $250 for either day.

TheDailyGrind updates \"Kimdom Come\" game

12/04, 7:10pm

\'Kimdom Come\' updated, publisher of numerous satirical freeware titles, has released a major revision of our DPRK arcade game, Kimdom Come. Version 2.0 adds muffins as a "new type of foreign aid," and the ability to "kidnap South Korean film personalities to make propaganda."

Apps: BasaOne, Export Artwork, iPulse, MSN, ...

12/04, 5:25pm

Apps: BasaOne, MSN

    Basasoft has released BasaOne 1.0, its new Web Application Development Environment. It creates Browser independent applications that look the same and work on all supported browsers. Promotional pricing is $120. [option-click]
    Export Artwork 3.0 is the latest version of the $8 shareware AppleScript Studio application for use with iTunes on Mac OS X. This release adds compatibility with Mac OS X 10.3, improved indexing, new tools accessible through the menu bar, support for processing tracks or playlist from iPod, improved HTML log output, and more. [605KB]
    iPulse 2.0.1 "graphically displays the inner workings of Mac OS X" on the desktop or in the Dock. Version 2.0.1 correctly reports uptime, fixes a swapfiles bug, improves Panther support, and offers Dutch and Italian localizations. Registration is $13. [605KB]
    Microsoft has released MSN 2.0.1 for Mac OS X, an update to its popular Internet suite for Mac OS X. Version 2.0.1 is a maintenance update that addresses compatibility with Mac OS X 10.3. [26.0MB]
    Harris & Baseview's ProductionManagerPro -- its asset-management and ad-tracking software -- is now available for Quark 6 on Mac OS X. ProductionManagerPro is also compatible with Multi-Ad Creator and InDesign. [26.0MB]
    Eudora 6.0.2 is an update to the popular $50 alternative email client for Mac OS X/Classic. Version 6.0.2 fixes the following bugs: Attach Dialog "Attach" button not enabled; spinning cursor for network-reachability check; failure to add SSL certificate to Keychain; and a crash while mail using MX Records. [OS X, Classic]

Contour Design debuts NoteRiser for laptops

12/04, 2:55pm

NoteRiser for laptops

Contour Design today announced NoteRiser, which enables the laptop/notebook user to position the computer for optimal ergonomic integrity: "Doing so promotes improvements in body posture, during use, minimizing - if not eliminating - the risk of neck and back pain and discomfort. It allows the user to situate the screen at the appropriate height and angle to help decrease eyestrain." The NoteRiser is compact and portable; it is made from space age aluminum alloy and weighs less than 14 ounces, while its dimensions are 11.8"x 10.6" x .17" (when flattened for portability). The NoteRiser is $130 and will be available in mid-December.

Rampell Software looking for product ideas, helpers

12/04, 1:55pm

Product ideas solicited

Rampell Software is looking for a few Mac users to work with the company to "help brainstorm and come up with new products (and work with our developers in that capacity) and also to better market the products we currently have. Help us form partnerships with other companies, for example. This would be somewhat of a part-time job....We have a lot of really cool resources we've developed internally, like an advanced anti-piracy system, that a lot could be done with. Some general experience with graphics and programming, as well as other technologies like PHP/mySQL, is a plus but not at all required." Users can email for more info.

Higoto debuts two new iPod accessories

12/04, 12:40pm

Two new iPod accessories

Higoto today debuted two new iPod accessories: the SimpleSpeaker ($10) is a small and light stereo loudspeaker which works without batteries. It can be connected directly with the headphone jack of your iPod without using any audio cable. "The foldable design of SimpleSpeaker allows it to use the ipod both in horizontal and vertical position. The SimpleSpeaker packs and travels easily and enables to use the iPod even as a travel alarm clock." The iPodSaver Art Edition is a 1.37" thick neoprene sleeve for any model iPod and is handmade in Germany; the limited art edition is $25 and available from MadsonLine in the US.

Freeverse ships Burning Monkey Casino for Mac OS X

12/04, 11:55am

Burning Monkey Casino

Freeverse Software today announced it is shipping Burning Monkey Casino for Mac OS X, its electronic gambling simulator. The OpenGL-enabled gaming title features five high-stakes games of chance and skill. Players select from up to eight animal avatars, and gamble with imaginary dollars or bananas in five addictive games, including Blackjack, Poker, Slots, Scratch n' Win, 3-card Monty: "And what Casino game would be complete without a Lounge Act and a bad Borscht-Belt comedian?...Finally, as an easter egg, a basic pachinko simulator is also included." It is $20.

simpleDays 3.0 updates time, personal info manager

12/04, 11:55am

simpleDays 3.0

simpleDays 3.0 is a major update of the integrated suite of personal information and time management tools. Features include: a perpetual calendar, "to do" management, a day planner, contact management (URL, emails, etc.), and more. Version 3.0 now offers a new reminders module, a separate UI for personal journal entries, scrollwheel support, Panther compatibility, and other enhancements. It is a free update to the $15 shareware and runs on Mac OS X only.

FCPUG to offer sessions, showcase work at MWSF

12/04, 11:45am


IDG World Expo today announced that Final Cut Pro User Group (FCPUG) members from around the world will provide educational sessions and showcase the work of the network's top filmmakers at the upcoming Macworld Expo in San Francisco: "In a series of presentations on the Macworld expo floor, these experienced power users will demonstrate tried and true techniques for getting the most out of FCP and DVD Studio Pro." FCPUG members will be available throughout the event to answer attendees' questions about FCP 4 and DVD Studio Pro 2, while Macworld's North Hall Theater will also screen works by some of the top artists, filmmakers and broadcast professionals.

Group Logic ships ExtremeZ-IP 3.1.1

12/04, 11:45am

ExtremeZ-IP 3.1.1

Group Logic today released ExtremeZ-IP 3.1.1, a free upgrade to its file and print server product line. Version 3.1.1 offers improved file transfer performance with Mac OS X clients, better Unicode character support, and other bug fixes. This upgrade follows the September release that delivered major advancements in the product's compatibility with Mac OS X and Windows 2003. The company says that ExtremeZ-IP is currently the only Windows-based AppleShare IP file server product on the market being actively enhanced to maintain compatibility with Mac OS X."

Intech debuts SpeedTools Utilities 1.0 for Mac OS X

12/04, 7:25am

SpeedTools Utilities 1.0

Intech Software has launched its new flagship product for Mac OS X: SpeedTools Utilities 1.0. The suite consists of several disk utiliies managed by single application which controls the launching, documentation and version control of each individual component utility. It includes Device Tunder (modify attributes of FireWire drives), Disk Defrag (disk optimization), Drive PC (setup/partition volumes), Integrity (check drives), Media Scanner (detect/map bad drive sectors), QuickBack (full-featured backup utility), and QuickBench (benchmark utility). The utility is available for $90 for a limited time and offers automatic internet checking for updates.

4th Quarter Accounting releases Job Costing module

12/04, 7:20am

4th Quarter Job Costing

Job costing is now offered as part of the new version 8 of Braided Matrix's 4th Quarter Accounting software. Job costing is an addition to the multi-user 4Q Accounting Business system, supporting multiple pricing options, multiple job phases and analysis codes, on-line analysis and custom reporting. "With the release of Job Costing 4th Quarter has reached maturity. 4th Quarter enterprise solutions now aggressively compete in the mid-sized manufacturing and service software market." The full 4Q system, which runs cross-platform on Mac (Mac OS 9/X) or Windows (XP/2003) is priced at $6,500.

Netopia releases Timbuktu 7 with Panther support

12/04, 7:15am

Timbuktu 7 released

Netopia has released Timbuktu 7, an update to the industry-standard remote control software application. Version 7 features support for Mac OS X 10.3 Panther, including Fast User Switching. Timbuktu Pro can now execute Apple System Profiler on a remote computer and return the results. Other new features include an enhanced screen sharing window, a new lockout option to suspend local control of the remote machine, improved log activity, support for multi-button and scroll wheel mouse commands, and an improved Internet Locator Service that adapts itself to frequently-changed IP addresses, allowing users to find users with only an email address. The full version is $80.

Apps: Kensington, GraphicConverter, SiteSucker...

12/04, 7:00am

Kensington, GraphicConvert

    Lemke Software has released GraphicConverter 4.9.2, an update to the popular graphics utility for Mac OS 8/9/X. It offers improved display speed of EXIF previews, sorting functions, new contextual menu items, batch functions for changing the creator, live resizing, colorblindness simulation, and other enhancements. [Classic, OSX]
    Kensington has released final updated drivers for Mac OS X 10.3 Panther, including MouseWorks 2.4 (MW) as well as new Keyboard 1.2 drivers (KD) for its Wired Multimedia Keyboard and Wireless Desktop keyboards, although the Website has not been updated. Version 2.4 of MouseWorks also adds support for Safari, horizontal scrolling, etc. [MW 2.4, KD 1.2]
    mac:method has released f(x) 3.0, a major new release of its desktop RPN Scientific Calculator application. It includes a new scripts palette (along with expanded scripting), a new "choose and compute" command, enhanced numberic input, resizable windows, and a new German localization. [894KB]
    DockFun! 4.08 ($20) can organize commonly-used applications and documents into multiple dock configurations. It also features Dock switching, autolaunch, hot keys, hide/show specific Docks, Donelleschi Docks, and other functions. Version 4.08 is compatible with Panther. [861KB]
    Simon Slavin has written BBC News Feeds 1.1.1, a Mac OS X client that offers access to all of the 68 RSS feeds provided by BBC. It offers custom selectable feeds, color options for headlines, and an option to display market information. [124KB]
    DX Toolbox 1.0.1 updates Black Cat Systems' radio propagation and conditions analysis/forecasting tool for amateur radio operators that gathers a variety of solar abnd geomagnetic information from real-time online sources. The free update to the $20 shareware adds user interface enhancements. [Classic, OSX]
    SiteSucker 1.5 is a Macintosh application that automatically downloads web sites from the Internet, copying the site's HTML documents, images, backgrounds, movies, and other files to your local hard drive. The free application runs on Mac OS 9/X. [145KB]


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