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Reelhouse FX introduces new products, deals

12/03, 11:20pm

New Reelhouse products

Reelhouse, a new independent royalty-free footage and video FX producer, announced today 42 new footage and FX libraries for Video editors and DVD professionals. Reelhouse is offering free overnight shipping. The company is also offering a free 8MM mask kit with purchases of a full kit, a purported $1000 worth of broadcast quality clips for $70, and the "Ultimate film FX library" coming next month.

New 2.5\" FireWire 800/USB 2.0 drive case available

12/03, 10:10pm

FW800/USB2 drive case

FireWire Depot today announced the Speedzter2-800, a new drive enclosure with both FireWire 800 and USB 2.0 ports. The 2.5" drive enclosure is slim (5" x 2.9" x 0.6") and is built with a rugged aluminum body. The drive is both FireWire- and USB- bus-powered on supported computers and uses the Oxford922 chip, which works with Microsoft Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP as well as Mac OS 9/X and Linux. The new Speedzter2-800 is available now for $150 and includes an enclosure with a footstand for vertical placement (it is also stackable horizontally).

ChronoSync 2.0 gets scheduling, notification options

12/03, 10:05pm

ChronoSync 2.0 sync util

Econ Technologies has released ChronoSync 2.0, an update to its automated synchronization and backup application for Mac OS X. Itt can now automatically mount/unmount volumes as well as improved scheduling, including the ability to sync when a volume is mounted. Version 2.0 also adds new scheduling options, new email notification (with complete logs), new multiple sync actions inside container documents, and execution of pre- and post-synchronization AppleScripts. The $30 utility is available for $10 off through December 15th.

Forums: defective G5; PDA/phones; iTunes jukebox

12/03, 8:55pm

Forums: defective G5...

Members of the MacNN forums today discuss a number of topics, including: one users difficulties experience with their apparently defective Power Mac G5; continued discussion of the mysterious "white spots" appearing on the displays of many new 15" PowerBooks; the merits of waiting to purchase a PowerBook after the next revision; a journalist's omission of important facts in an article on digital music players that mentions iPod battery life; the advantages and disadvantages of various PDA/phone combo devices; a popular jukebox/kiosk interface to iTunes for public venues.

Tech: HP music service; anti-spam backlash; ...

12/03, 5:25pm

Tech: HP music service

Evening tech news: Cellular customers recently gained the right to switch carriers and keep using their old phone numbers, but some now wonder about their old cell phones; anti-spam organizations are the target of a new Internet worm outbreak that tries to knock them offline with a crippling data barrage; a Norwegian who defeated Hollywood on piracy charges pleaded not guilty on Tuesday in a landmark appeal hearing that the movie industry is anxious to win to protect its DVD business; Hewlett-Packard plans to launch an HP-branded online music store and player, a company executive said.

Servoy R2 adds features to development environment

12/03, 4:20pm

Servoy R2 now available

Servoy R2 1.2 updates the developer tool suite for development and deployment with over 100 new features and enhancements. The company says that Servoy combines the easy-of-use of desktop databases such as FileMaker Pro together with development and integrated IDE and RAD tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio and Oracle JDeveloper. Version 1.2 offers solution protection (password on forms and method), HTML-based execution, Excel import/export, a Scheduler plugin, conditional recordsets, etc.

Dartware releases InterMapper 4.1.2 with SSL support

12/03, 4:05pm

InterMapper 4.1.2

Dartware has released InterMapper 4.1.2, an upgrade to its application that provides real-time view of a network, showing the health of servers as well as the traffic flows through and between critical wired and wireless network devices. Version 4.1.2 offers better cross-platform support for custom icons; improved security measures, including support for SSL connections; and other bug fixes and enhancements. A license (with 12 months of support and updates) to monitor unlimited devices costs $2,400. The companion InterMapper Remote ($250) allows customers to operate InterMapper from a remote location.

Canto ships Cumulus 6 with native Mac OS X support

12/03, 3:55pm

Canto ships Cumulus 6

Canto today began shipping Cumulus 6 in Single User, Workgroup and Enterprise editions. Version 6 brings native Mac OS X clients, a new Mac OS X Single-User version as well as focuses on ease-of-use improvements and a new server-centric architecture for its Workgroup and Enterprise solutions. Other new features include asset management from a single window, allowing to create virtual asset repositories; users also can now easily switch between different views with preconfigured View Sets as well as customize the information display.

CValley updates FILTERiT 4.1 for Adobe Illustrator CS

12/03, 3:40pm

FILTERiT 4.1 updated

CValley today released FILTERiT 4.1, which updates the plug-in suite for compatibility with the new version of Adobe Illustrator CS. FILTERiT features various exciting and unique distortion effects, including simple distortion, 3D transformations (spheres, spirals, donuts, cylinders, etc.), motion blur, and Fractalize, which "allows you to create the segments of the object appear rough and zigzag. This feature was evolved to improve the Illustrator9's "zigzag" and "rough" live effects combined together and to an even more powerful effect." The $130 plugin suite is available for Illustrator 8/9/10/CS.

Aspyr ships \'Law & Order\' game title for Mac OS X

12/03, 3:30pm

\'Law & Order\' now shippin

Aspyr today announced it is shipping Law & Order: Dead on the Money. The title is published for the PC by Legacy Interactive is now available for the Mac, with conversion done by Transgaming Technologies. Based on Wolf Films' hit NBC series "Law & Order" this interactive, 3D mystery game allows fans to realistically solve an original Wall Street murder case. Written by a freelance writer from the series, the "Law & Order: Dead on the Money" mystery game features the voices of "Law & Order" stars and is set in the realistic world of criminal investigation and legal prosecution, where crime and justice are viewed from a dual perspective. It is available for $40 for Mac OS X 10.2.6 or later.

Apps: ShapeShifter, Suitcase, Steam, SecuritySpy

12/03, 1:45pm

ShapeShifter, Suitcase

    Unsanity's ShapeShifter 1.0.1 ($20) allows users to easily and safely customize their Mac using themes. It lets you change the overall appearance of your Mac using 'themes' The update resolves several issues, adds a Japanese localization, a new Default Aqua Theme listing, and compatibility with older themes. [5.0MB]
    Steam 2.0 reads and stores the schedules for users' choice of BBC Radio stations and displays a list of what's on now in a small window. It will remind you when a favorite programme is about to start and allow you to quickly start that programme playing through RealNetworks' RealOne Player. [1.1MB]
    Ben Bird's SecuritySpy 1.0b36 updates his multi-camera video surveillance software with advanced features, such as FTP upload, pre-buffering, email notification, configurable compression, and web serving. It adds pan/tilt/zoom support for more network cameras and other minor bug fixes. Pricing starts at $50. [754KB] has released Archive 5.1.4, which improves the search engine and text functions to handle catalogs as well as fixes minor issues with Panther. Archive enables you to quickly catalog all your volumes/removeable disks. A 15-launch trial of the $20 shareware is available for Mac OS 9/X. [986KB]
    Extensis has released Suitcase 11.02, which brings Panther compatibility to the popular font management application. Pricing for the full version is $100, while upgrades are $50. Suitcase X1 requires Mac OS X 10.2.6 or later. [form]

IOGEAR ships BOSS all-in-one networking/storage unit

12/03, 1:20pm

BOSS for SOHO markets

IOGEAR today introduced BOSS (Broadband Office Storage Server), a network server appliance that combines networking, secure Internet access and data storage in a single unit. Designed for small and home offices (SOHOs), BOSS is hardware solution used to maintain and manage a small network and can be used to store files, music, family photos and even host a Web site. IOGEAR's all-in-one solution integrates Network Attached Storage (NAS), a cable/DSL router, an Ethernet switch and Web site hosting functions. BOSS also comes with a Firewall, built-in Virtual Private Networking (VPN) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server capabilities. It is priced at $400 (120GB) and $500 (200GB).

CMS announces Panther compatibility for ABSplus line

12/03, 12:50pm

Panther update for ABSplus

CMS Products today announced a new Panther software update that makes its ABSplus complete backup/restore solution compatible with Mac OS X 10.3 "Panther." The new software update works with both portable ABSplus (prices start at $280 for 20GB) or the ABSplus for desktops (prices start at $280 for the 80GB). ABSplus hardware is integrated with software for automatic launch of the software when the drive is plugged in, incremental backups on custom triggers, scheduled backups, and startup from the drive using a single keystroke. [site not updated

Adobe releases two new free GoLive CS extensions

12/03, 12:35pm

Adobe GoLive CS extensions

Adobe has released two new free extensions for GoLive CS: the Advanced SWF Authoring extension (GSD) adds additional support to flexibly embed and deliver Macromedia Flash (SWF) content, automatically routing users to plug-in download pages or alternative pages. The SWF Detect extension adds an additional tab to the GoLive SWF inspector with advanced authoring options. The new GoLive Watchfire WebXACT extension (GWA) is a free online service that lets you test single pages of Web content for quality, accessibility, and privacy issues. The WebXACT extension provides an interface to the Watchfire WebXACT online service that lets you test the content of Web pages in GoLive CS. [GSD, GWA]

PageSpinner 4.6 offers live previews, improved CSS

12/03, 12:20pm

PageSpinner 4.6 released

PageSpinner 4.6 is a new version of the Web development package from Optima System. This new release lets users directly view how a page will be displayed in a web browser when editing the HTML. It also features better CSS support and CSS previews, compatibility with Mac OS X 10.3 Panther, improved AppleScript support, new mouse and keyboard shortcuts and several other enhancements. The $30 package contains examples, tools, hands-on kits, built-in help and tutorials on how to learn and master HTML, CSS and PHP.

Nikon to debut new D70 digital SLR camera next Spring

12/03, 12:05pm

Nikon D70 SLR: Spring \'04

Nikon today announced development of the D70, a new interchangeable-lens digital SLR camera featuring a new DX Zoom-Nikkor lens. The D70 employs the popular Nikon DX format sensor and Nikon F lens mount, which allows photographers to use high-quality DX Nikkor lenses, while providing compatibility with all AF Nikkor lenses and the D70. Designed exclusively for Nikon's D-series digital SLR cameras, DX Nikkor lenses are optimized to achieve outstanding center-to-edge-to-corner image quality. Both the new camera ($1000) and the new lense (pricing unknown) are expected to be available next Spring.

KeepAnEye 1.0 offers visual tracking, notification

12/03, 9:55am

KeepAnEye 1.0

Inferiis has released KeepAnEye 1.0, a multipurpose monitoring and notification utility that "lets you watch pieces of information by generating visual representations which can be freely organized on the screen. Moreover, it observes them and provides a general notification system upon dedicated events to warn you when something interesting happens. RSS feeds, pictures, web pages, disk usage, software updates, IP addresses... Taking advantage of a flexible plug-in architecture, various kinds of information can be supported within a single, homogenous application." The $12 shareware runs on Mac OS X 10.2 or later.

IntelliScanner Scanabout: new USB barcode scanner

12/03, 9:50am

IntelliScanner Scanabout

Intelli Innovations today introduced the IntelliScanner Scanabout, a multi-functional, flexible USB barcode scanner built for both tethered and portable use. Users can use the product at their desk as a wired reader that will enter barcode values into any Mac application, then snap on the included battery pack and take it to locations away from their computer. The Scanabout stores up to 3000 barcodes in its integrated memory chip, then allows the user to upload the stored values to their Mac by simply pressing a button. The $600 scanner works with both Mac OS 9/X.

Power Mac G5 is among top 25 best products of 2003

12/03, 9:35am

G5 is among top 25 best \'0

Apple's Power Mac G5 is among Fortune's 25 Best Products of the Year: "Why it's so cool: The G5's anodized aluminum enclosure isn't just an aesthetic home run: Its perforations keep the computer from overheating. Two sleek handles make the machine easy to move. And the G5's 64-bit processor is one of the fastest around."

Apple offers workaround for OS X DHCP vulnerability

12/03, 9:15am

DCHP vulnerability fix

Apple in a Knowledge Base article describes how to protect your Mac from the DCHP security issue under Mac OS X (noted here last week), noting that users can configure Directory Access to protect your Mac from a malicious DHCP server: "In many cases, your Mac is protected from this kind of exploit because the malicious DHCP server has to be part of your local network, or "subnet". If your computers are the only ones on your local network and you have a broadband connection (DSL or cable service) with a Network Address Translation device--such as an AirPort Base Station--this exploit is not possible."

iOrganize 5.3 improves search options

12/03, 9:05am

iOrganize 5.3 updated

Bruno Blondeau today released iOrganize 5.3, a new version of his organization tool for Mac OS X. Uses can store and organize notes, ideas, text extracts and web links. etc. This new version features a greatly improved search engine, which is now faster and will automatically highlight found words. iOrganize 5.3 also introduces several new functions, such as the ability to import the content of a web page using the Safari engine. The dock and services menus have also been improved to better support styled text and web links. The $20 shareware is available for Mac OS X 10.2 or later.

Apps: Volume Logic, pro Fit, iPod Launcher, mailMaker

12/03, 9:00am

Volume Logic, pro Fit

    Octiv has now released Volume Logic beta2, a new beta of its iTunes plugin that provides real-time digital remastering for improved quality of sound. It is now compatible with Mac OS X (Jaguar and Panther), adds a volume slider, displays retaltime metters, improves the UI, and adds window size options. [1.5MB]
    A Better Finder Select 3.3 ($10) is a contextual menu plugin for the Finder that allows power users to filter file selections based on a range of criteria. It can be used as a file selection gateway for A Better Finder Rename, Attributes and Creators & Types. It also tweaks the user interface for Mac OS X 10.3 Panther. [1.8MB]
    QuantumSoft today released pro Fit 5.6.6, an update to its $95 tool for the analysis and presentation of numerical data and mathematical functions. The update provides various bug fixes in the application and its 3D plotting plug-in, and is recommended to all users of pro Fit 5.6.x. [Classic, OSX]
    ZappTek's iPod Launcher 1.4 adds a number of usability enhancements to the preferences pane and updates the sample AppleScripts in the $5 utility that will launch applications and scripts whenever you connect an iPod to your Mac: rhe backup script only copies updated/changed files and a new script has offers of folders between multiple Macs." [135KB]
    MISoftware has released mailMaker 1.0 a $15 Mac OS X program for the creatingof personalised e-mails (newsletters), which can be sent via the users default e-mail client to friends, family, clients, classmates, or society/club members. [323KB]
    The $8 shareware WallStreetMenu 1.2 is a customizable Mac OS X menu item which enables users to keep track of Stocks, Mutual Funds and Indices. Data is supplied by Yahoo! Finance and has a 15 minute delay from realtime. Version 1.2 offers customizable for printing. [204KB]
    iTunes Monitor 1.1 is a freeware utility that allows you to monitor connected iTunes 4 users, displaying a list of currently connected users (by hostname or IP address) and their current status with a colored indicator as well as files in the local music library which are currently open. [188KB]
    Hotline Client X 1.9.2 updates the free client for the popular community/file sharing software application. The client allows users to preview multimedia files, post news and participate in online chats. [1.9MB]

Freeverse ToySight game title goes \'GM\'

12/03, 5:40am

ToySight goes \'GM\'

Freeverse Software today announced ToySight, the first camera-controlled entertainment software for the Mac, has reached 'Golden Master' status and will be available for the holiday shopping season. ToySight features a dozen interactive games and toys for one or two players: "Instead of using a joystick, mouse, or keyboard, players maneuver themselves in front of an iSight or other firewire camera to control the action. The players are superimposed transparently onto the game screen, and must use arm and hand motions to play the games." The $35 game title requires Mac OS X and a FireWire-based videocam (e.g. Apple's iSight).

New carry case released for the 20\" flat-panel iMac

12/03, 5:25am

20\" flat-panel iMac case

Willow Design has released a new carry case for Apple's 20" flat-panel iMac. The $340 Wedge 20" iMac Carry Case features convenient, protective compartments for the iMac, keyboard, speakers and other accessories. The 20" iMac case offers excellent protection and is quick and easy to pack up, reasonably lightweight and comfortable to carry, according to the company. The case weights 8.5lbs and features rigid protective external walls, and dividers throughout to separate and protect all the components of a desktop system, including a set of soft foam spacers which mirror the outer perimeter of the display to completely isolate it from the foam and double layered corrugated plastic outer wall.


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