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MacScan X 1.0 testers needed

12/02, 11:30pm

MacScan X testers needed

MacScan is seeking private beta testers to test the new version of its application for Mac OS X. Users must be running Mac OS X, and register to be a tester by visiting the MacScan forums. Those interested are asked to send a message to Moderator with their current system specs.

FileWave updates app for Mac OS X 10.3

12/02, 9:55pm

FileWave gains 10.3 support

FileWave Inc., a provider of Mac OS X systems management software, today released FileWave X 1.5, which adds support for Mac OS X 10.3. FileWave is a solution that enables the distribution and management of desktop software in enterprise-wide Macintosh networks. FileWave X 1.5 for OS X has been certified for Apple's Xserve and also supports Apple's Airport technology for mobile computing.

Symantec to offer Panther updates for NUM, NAV

12/02, 7:55pm

NUM, NAV for Panther

Symantec today told MacNN it will release updates to Norton Utilities 8.0 ($100), Norton AntiVirus 9.0 ($70) and Norton SystemWorks 3.0 ($130) to make these products fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.3 Panther. Current users of these products will be able to download the updates via Symantec's LiveUpdate at no cost on Monday, December 22, while product replacement CDs will also be available in mid-January. Users can request replacement CDs by completing an online form. Symantec also said it would release Panther compatibility updates for Norton Personal Firewall 3.0 ($70) and Norton Internet Security 3.0 ($100) at the end of January.

AAPL coverage initiated with \"neutral\" rating

12/02, 7:55pm

JP Morgan: AAPL \"neutral\"

Analysts at JP Morgan today initiate coverage of Apple with a "neutral" rating. In research published this afternoon, the analysts mention that Apple is poised for "robust margin expansions" in the forthcoming quarters on account of its new digital music product offerings. JP Morgan expects Apple's new professional products and the improving tech spending scenario to further boost the company's earnings growth in the forthcoming years. However, the current valuation of the company's stock already reflects its near-term earnings growth potential, the analysts believe.

Architectural Desktop plug-in for SketchUp

12/02, 7:25pm

ADT plugin for SketchUp

@Last Software today released its Architectural Desktop plug-in, which allows the import of SketchUp's native 3D geometry directly into AutoDesk's Architectural Desktop (ADT) program. In automatic mode, vertical surfaces are translated as walls, horizontal surfaces become slabs and sloping surfaces become roof slabs. A manual mode allows users to specify the exact method of translation for specific surfaces by using the material assignments within SketchUp, while method uses section slices from SketchUp to convert lines to walls or curtain walls in ADT. The SketchUp to ADT plug-in is available for free for a limited time.

Apple updates Soundtrack 1.1 music composition tool

12/02, 7:15pm

Soundtrack 1.1 released

Apple today released Soundtrack 1.1, an update to its music composition software. Users can create custom music for video, DVD or Web projects; the software includes pre-recorded Apple Loops which you drop into the timeline to start building a song, and it automatically syncs up the loops to your project tempo and key. Version 1.1 offers general improvements as well as automatic linking to relocated files on your volume. It is available via the Mac OS X preference pane. The full version is $300.

Apps: FTP Suite, AutoInstaller, SimpleSound, Phlink

12/02, 3:45pm

Apps: FTP Suite, Phlink

    Pyramid Design has released FTP Suite 3.0, a major update the FTP solution for REALbasic applications. Version 3.0 features Fine Transfer Sequence Control, Multiple Language Capability, Variable Send Buffer Size, and Status Events. Pricing starts at $30. [Download - site not updated]
    24U Plug-In AutoInstaller 1.1 helps simplify installation, registration and updates both 24U and other third-party plug-ins in any multi-user FileMaker environment. It offers an improved interface, a new interface for preparing version files, and includes MacBinary encoded copies of plug-ins. [Download - 2.4MB]
    24U SimpleSound Plug-In 2.0 is a cross-platform plug-in for FileMaker Pro that allows users to create sound-enabled databases. Version 2.0 lets users select sound files from any location, specify sound paths with absolute and relative paths, play all QuickTime-supported audio formats, and more. [Download - full, update]
    Ovolab Phlink -- a telephone answering suite -- has been updated to version 1.2. The latest version improves support for AppleScripts and for caller ID service in additional European countries. [Download - 457KB]
    Bitcartel has released RAW 1.1, an update to its $20 Internet audio recorder that records AAC files or MP3 files. This update adds MP3 encoding via iTunes, and introduces a progress window to monitor encoding. [Download - 400KB]
    OSXvnc 1.31 is a full featured VNC server providing remote access to the GUI, keyboard and mouse using any VNC client. Version 1.31 is a maintenance release that corrects several problems with the Startup behavior, a few crash bugs, a login problem for older clients, and performance issues. [Download - 267KB]
    iKey 1.0.5 gives beginners and advanced users the ability to create a hotkey that performs a series of actions which can control any aspects of the Mac OS. Version 1.0.5 introduces several new new shortcuts, and also offers a number of new examples for new users. [Download - 1.9MB]

Microsoft, Apple to offer music services in Australia

12/02, 3:05pm

ITMS for Australia

An Australian version of Apple's iTunes is due in the first quarter of 2004, while Microsoft's Ninemsn joint venture has announced plans to offer music downloads beginning early next year, according to Australian IT. The article notes that the "Ninemsn's music service will sell music from BMG, EMI, Festival Mushroom, Sony, Universal and Warner Music in partnership with European music distributor OD2. The partnership will also provide music from independent labels such as Ministry of Sound and Beggars Banquet as part of a 250,000 track catalogue. Tracks will be available in Windows Media format. Ninemsn managing director Martin Hoffman said the company would also attempt to secure agreements with Australian-based independent labels."

RealViz announces Stitcher 4.0, offers discount

12/02, 2:35pm

RealViz Stitcher 4.0 debuts

RealViz today announced Stitcher 4.0, an update to its industry-standard application for creating panorams. Stitcher can create panoramas in a variety of formats--up to full spherical panoramas, which can easily be displayed using QuickTime 5 or 6. Stitcher combines overlapping photos easily into wide-angle, high-quality images. The software integrates with Photoshop, offescustom interpolation method for the re-sizing, has a 'Best Rendering' option, includes interactive QuickTime VR previews, and offers an improved interface as well as workflow enhancements. Version 4.0, scheduled for worldwide release in January 2004, will be a free up-grade for v3.5 owners and the company is offering a $50 savings on all first-time purchases of Stitcher 3.5 through the end of the year. The full version is $400 (before savings).

North Plains offers asset management for Adobe CS

12/02, 2:25pm

TeleScope Enterprise 7.1

North Plains today announced that it an integrated enterprise digital asset management solution for Adobe Creative Suite, allowing users to design and collaborate, while ensuring that the organization can manage, protect and distribute each asset. North Plains' integrated support of the Adobe Creative Suite includes three new components for TeleScope Enterprise 7.1, including management of both Adobe CS and InDesign assets as well as on-the-fly graphics conversion. The TeleScope I-Pieces for Adobe Creative Suite will be available later this month.

Apple: Can Sex Appeal Counter Sticker Shock?

12/02, 2:05pm

Apple vs. Linux pricing

Information Week's Apple: Can Sex Appeal Counter Sticker Shock? discusses Apple's pricing versus other competitors, noting that while Apple leads its competitors in technology, only 15% of business-technology professionals say advanced technology is their most important criterion for choosing a PC vendor; and that 83% of respondents choose cost as the number one priority: "Problem is, Linux users can get similar capabilities for even less, says Gordon Haff, an analyst at research firm Illuminata. 'The challenge Apple has is they're not just competing against Windows in the server space. They're also competing against Linux,' he says 'And I don't see Apple having a clear knock-down punch against Linux.'"

Apple take No. 34 spot in 100 CE retailer survey

12/02, 1:55pm

Apple ranks No. 34

The latest TWICE Top 100 CE Retailers ranking has Apple in the No. 34 spot behind other PC vendors such as Dell, Sony, and Gateway: "For Apple, a 471.6% sales surge born of a near doubling in store count (to 51 units) delivered the Macmeisters to 34th place on the TWICE rankings with $383 million in volume under their belt." Dell was in fourth place behind Circuit City, buoyed by some $5.3 billion in consumer product sales, representing a mighty 18.8% leap in volume over 2001, while Gateway broke into the Top 20 with $2.1 billion in sales, landing in 13th place amid a 30% drop in revenue.

OWC debuts value-driven Neptune FireWire 400 drives

12/02, 1:45pm

Neptune FireWire drives

Other World Computing today debuted its new OWC Neptune line of external FireWire storage drives. The "value" drives are available in 60GB to 250GB capacities and use the Oxford911 bridge solution as well as offer two 6-pin FireWire 400 (1394a) ports, a 7200RPM drive mechanism, and either a 2MB or 8MB data buffer. All drives include a FireWire cable, Intech Hard Disk SpeedTools and Dantz Retrospect Express, as well as a one-year limited warranty. OWC says that the 1.5" x 9" x 5.5" drives are highly portable, weighing only 2.7 pounds, and boast an extremely compact and shock resistant design for maximum portability. Prices for OWC Neptune storage solutions start at $110 (60GB), $130 (80GB), $160 (120GB), $190 (160GB), $240 (200GB) and $300 (250GB).

Group Logic releases MassTransit 4.2 for Mac OS X

12/02, 10:55am

MassTransit 4.2 for OS X

Group Logic today released MassTransit 4.2, an update to its Mac OS X file transfer software for the print media and graphic arts industry. MassTransit 4.2 provides an integrated workflow solution that delivers improved performance, stability and reliability, new options for hosting its unique, web file transfer workflows, integrated security for web-based file transfer workflows, and enhanced flexibility in designing file transfer system architectures. It is a paid upgrade for Mac OS 9 users. Group Logic say it will continue to provide maintenance for the Mac OS 9 version of MassTransit until the end of 2004.

El Gato updates EyeTV DVR software application

12/02, 9:30am

EyeTV 1.3.1 update

El Gato Software has updated EyeTV 1.3.1, its software for its EyeTV digital video recorder (DVR). EyeTV 1.3.1 now provides integration with Roxio Toast 6 Titanium and also adds support for the new program guide TVTV by FAST TV Server AG, which it says "makes finding and automatically recording programs significantly more comfortable." It is a free update for users of the $200 USB-device. Last week we noted new FireWire-based EyeTV DVRs for the European market.

Intuem 1.1 audio application gains Panther support

12/02, 9:25am

Intuem updated for Panther

Companion Engineering and Design Corp today released Intuem 1.1, an update to its audio application with support for AudioUnit instruments, AudioUnit effects and an integrated audio and MIDI mixer. Version 1.1 adds support for Mac OS X 10.3 Panther, includes a UI-facelift, and offers a new toolbar with improved graphics and controls. Other improvements include adjustable quantise strength, advanced preferences for buffer size customization, more MIDI options, and other enhancements. It is a free upgrade for v2.0 owners and $50 for others. The full application is $80.

Apps: Reference Miner, Make Icon, SQLGrinder...

12/02, 9:10am

Make Icon, SQLGrinder

    Reference Miner 1.1 for Mac OS X 10.2 is a free utility that can search PubMed for biomedical literature and Amazon for books. It adds an Amazon power search feature, can save book cover images as JPEGs, and allows user to open multiple search windows simultaneously. [1.6MB]
    Monkeybread Software's Make Icon 1.0 is a utility to create file icons based on the file content. It uses the first page of PDF files and the default image on non-PDF files (TIFF, JPEG, BMP, Photoshop, GIF, PNG, etc.). It is freeware. [Classic, OSX]
    Cross Culture's Mergemill 3 ($80) merges templates with content source files to generate web pages from a database or spreadsheet, or reformat database data into readable form for publishing. It adds support for content source files in XML format and performance improvements of up to 700 percent. It is a free upgrade and runs on Mac OS 9/X. [6.9MB]
    Advenio has updated SQLGrinder 1.2.6 for Mac OS X 10.3 Panther. The $50 SQL utility offers an SQL Editor that features syntax coloring, the ability to browse database schemas, save/organize created queries, and import/export table data, query data and database schemas. [1.3MB]
    dSoft's ResellerPower 3.7 updates the integrated database system with functions for quoting, order entry, purchase order, price list management, and accounting features. It now supports privleges for cost/price/level, invoice enhancemens, split commissions, email ship notices, custom HTML emails, improved scheduling, and other functions. Pricing starts at $350 (single-user version).
    Wormhole 1.07 is a utility for moving files between networked machines, including Mac and Windows computers. IT requires that each computer be running a licensed ($15) copy of the application to create an instant connection. This release fixes some overlapping controls on Panther and bugs under both Mac OS 9/X. [1.3MB]
    Redcort Software has released version 4.9 of Virtual TimeClock, which adds support for Panther as well as improved reliability on Mac OS 9: "[It] can easily and accurately track worker arrivals and departures, hours worked, overtime and wages." Upgrades are $90, while new licenses are $180. [Classic, OSX]
    OwlView 1.1 ($35) is a simple inexpensive thematic mapping application. It allows a user to combine data from a spreadsheet, database or text file with geographic boundaries to produce maps which visually display patterns of spatial distribution within the data. It can now create a map directly from an open Excel or FileMaker Pro window. [582KB] has updated its $20 shareware, iEvents 2.0.8. The client-side tool quickly creates custom calendar websites that can then be easily uploaded to any internet server or iDisk. It fixes graphic export issues as well as some minor UI issues under Mac OS X 10.3 Panther. [1.0MB] debuts CipherDisk for data protection

12/02, 8:15am

CipherDisk protects data today announced CipherDisk, which offers on-the-fly data protection on any internal or external volume. SubRosaSoft CipherDisk provides "driver level" 448-bit transparent encryption for Mac OS X volumes: "Once you convert a plain volume to an encrypted volume, it will be inaccessible to anyone until you enter a password to unlock it. When unlocked, the drive will run and behave normally like a regular volume." It supports both Panther and Jaguar and uses either Blowfish (448-bit), TEA (128-bit), or SRS (128-bit) encryption. It is available for $80.

Eisner says Jobs, others have \'extreme\' views?

12/02, 7:55am

Eisner takes jab at Jobs?

In an hour-long interview with LA Times on Monday departing Disney board members Disney and Gold, Gold claimed that 'Eisner called him and others -- including Pixar Chairman Steve Jobs -- 'Shiite Muslims,' according to The Drudge Report: "Gold took that to mean that Eisner believed his critics were extreme in their views. [However] a company spokeswoman said Eisner 'categorically denies' calling anyone a 'Shiite Muslim.'"


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